‘You’re Nothing!’: Geraldo Gets Into Another Heated Confrontation With Baltimore Protester

Geraldo Rivera has been a prominent presence in Baltimore this week, nearly finding himself in a physical altercation Wednesday night when protesters attempted to block his Fox News camera. On Thursday, again during a post-curfew segment on Hannity, it took less than 30 seconds for Rivera to start confronting a man off camera. “What’s your problem?” he asked the protester, who began to walk away. “You’re only brave when the camera’s turned?” he asked, taunting the man. “Hey you anarchist, you’re nothing, you ain’t nothing!” When another man asked Rivera why he thinks he receives so much hostility, the reporter insisted that people have always been “wonderful” to him before this week. “That’s a thug right there!” he said, pointing at a man giving him the finger. “That’s a white thug.”

via Mediaite

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