‘You’re Not A Reporter’: Watch O’Reilly Rip Into Jorge Ramos Over Illegal Immigration

Bill O’Reilly confronted Jorge Ramos tonight on his recent face-off with Donald Trump and repeatedly told him he is an an activist, not a journalist. They argued over whether a border wall would work, which Ramos insisted it wouldn’t, calling it an “absurd idea” and telling O’Reilly that while he’s disturbed by the death of Kate Steinle, his proposed “Kate’s Law” to punish return offenders who cross the border is a bad idea. O’Reilly called Ramos “outrageous” and an “enabler” for his position. But things really got heated when O’Reilly confronted Ramos for being more of an activist than a journalist. He told Ramos to either “recuse yourself” or “become like me.” Ramos shot back, “I don’t think you are the right person to lecture me on advocacy and journalism.” O’Reilly insisted that he’s no longer a newsman, but Ramos insisted it’s the job of journalists to question authority.

via Mediaite

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