“You’re An Evil SOB!”: Hannity Slams Radical Pro-Sharia Imam For Justifying Paris Shooting

At the end of a day in which terrorists in Paris killed 12 people at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Fox News’ Sean Hannity faced off with his frequent sparring partner, British Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary, who was arrested in a UK terror raid last fall. Following this morning’s attacks, Choudary sent out a series of tweets that could be seen as defending the motives of the terrorists, who presumably objected to the magazine’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. “You’re justifying this!” Hannity said to Choudary after he started to reiterate those points on the air. “So what you’re basically saying is freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the prophets of Allah, whatever your views on what happened in Paris. So you’re saying you do not believe in freedom of speech, you don’t believe in freedom of religion, you don’t believe in freedom of expression. You believe in Islamic fascism that people must abide by your laws.” Unsurprisingly, Choudary saw his views differently and the two men shouted over each other for several minutes without ever really hearing what the other was saying. At one point, Hannity began listing off some of the most damning sections of the Qu’ran and confirming that the Muslim activist agreed with things like stoning adulterers and homosexuals. “I still think you’re an evil SOB,” Hannity said at the end of the interview, “but I really want people to hear you.”

This is Hannity’s 3rd confrontation with Anjem Choudry, you can watch these here and here.

via Mediaite

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