‘You’re Desperately Wrong On This!’ O’Reilly & Krauthammer Clash Over Bergdahl-Gitmo Trade

Bill O’Reilly led his show tonight with why he believes liberals don’t want Bowe Bergdahl prosecuted: because it hurts President Obama. He said, “The liberal media knows that President Obama’s foreign policy is a catastrophe… If Bowe Bergdahl is put on trial, it will be an acute embarrassment for the president.” O’Reilly then brought on Charles Krauthammer to discuss the case, and, to O’Reilly’s surprised, Krauthammer actually defended the trade of five Taliban commanders from Gitmo for a deserter. He said so last year, but O’Reilly probably didn’t know because Krauthammer really surprised him tonight. Krauthammer argued that while he would have made the deal, he would have done so while publicly expressing regret and calling it a “terrible day” for the United States because of the unpleasant deal that had to be made. O’Reilly said, “You’re desperately wrong on this.” He pointed out how Americans might die at the hands of the released detainees, but Krauthammer said the U.S. always makes trades with the understanding that there’s a price to pay. We do it, he said, to show every single servicemember that we have their backs, even if they desert.

Do you agree with Krauthammer or O’Reilly?

via Mediaite

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