You Won’t Believe The Reason This Cop Arrests A Firefighter Trying to Help Victims Of A Crash

Federal court jurors awarded $17,500 to a fire captain arrested by a Hazelwood, MO police officer in a dispute over where a firetruck was parked during a 2003 car crash rescue.
Juror Betsy Vennemann said after the verdict, “We wanted to make a statement that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.” Capt. David Wilson won $7,500 in compensatory damages and $10,000 in punitive damages. Jurors, including a nun, said they went easy on the defendant, Officer Todd Greeves, because he has a family and they weren’t sure who would pay the bill. Wilson testified that the Robertson Fire Protection District truck was parked in a way to protect rescuers working to free a victim from wreckage along Interstate 270 at McDonnell Boulevard. Greeves ordered that the truck be moved to accommodate passing traffic and arrested Wilson for ignoring him.

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