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You Might Be a Gun Control Hypocrite If…

  • Shadowwolf78

    It’s not the guns that need regulation/control. It’s the people who use them. I believe that you should be allowed to own any type of firearm with any size magazine you want. As long as you are not a person who is likely to use that weapon in committing a crime, own whatever you want. I, personally, would be one of the first people to sign up for a firearms licence. Besides, one of the worse things you can have, besides one of these people loosing it and shooting up a school or mall, is some yahoo who thinks they’re John Wayne or Rambo, and since they’re carrying a gun, then need to shoot back and don’t care who they hit. I’ve known many many gun owners in my life. Very few of them would I trust in a stress/combat situation. Most of them would be more of a danger to innocent bystanders, than they would be to someone shooting up a mall or school.

    • patriot2

      I think you need to meet more gun are using some of the exact same language that anti gun rights people use when they try to convince others they need more gun control.I feel safer at my gun club with all the other shooters I addition,I know of few people that defend others by aiming at bystanders.

      • Shadowwolf78

        A gun club is fine. That is after all a group of people who spend a fairly decent amount of time getting to know their weapon, and more importantly, training to hit their target every time. They are not the people that I would be worried about.

        And when I said the other kind of people would be a danger to innocent bystanders, I did not mean that they would be aiming at them. I meant that they will be aiming at the target, hopefully, but due to the stress/excitement/call it what you will, of the situation, they may not pay attention to the people running in front of them, or those people behind the target that they would stand a good chance of hitting if they missed.

  • Richard Helsel

    Mr Noir. Your alright. Keep the vids coming!

  • Always_RIGHT2

    This is good. It’d be nice if there were a written version of it, too. Btw, the only statement I didn’t like was the one about magazine vs. clip. Where does the word clip come from? I used to use that word sometimes. Is there such thing as a clip, and if so, what’s the difference between a clip and a magazine?

    • Shadowwolf78
      • Always_RIGHT2

        Thank you. I knew I should be using the term magazine, but never knew the difference. I have been educating my friends/family/media about the terms semi-automatic and “assault weapon” – I cringe when I hear everyone misusing these terms. The anti-gunners love using those terms because it makes them sound more dangerous. I heard Jesse Jackson today on CNN say that assault weapons are capable of taking down an airplane! And I can’t count the times idiots on tv have implied/said that a semi-automatic can shoot “30-100 bullets with a single pull of the trigger” – idiots. And don’t get me started on that dufus Piers Morgan!

        • Kenneth Kirkham

          You just demonstrated the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives attempt to learn which you did by asking and liberals…well they already know everything so they can’t be taught.

        • mogul264

          “Assault” weapons are ANY used to attack another human, for whatever purpose! This starts with a rock, a stick, spear, attlatl (look it up), sword, bow, and on up! These fools like to use inflammatory words to get the desired reaction!

          • patriot2

            it’s nice to know that we will always have idiots like pelosi & sara brady to explain all of this to us.if it weren’t for cbs & pelosi it would have taken me ages to figure out what assault pistols(cbs) & assault clips(pelosi)barrel shrouds(mccarthy)bullets that kill & barbecue(incendiary/tracer) at the same time were.thank god for the so called experts trying to save us from ourselves.

    • Rustytruck

      Always, I can tell you the difference, the magazine is what you load intoa weapon and a clip is what’s used to load the magazine. It attaches to the top of a magazine with rounds in it and then you push down on the rounds to install them in the magazine. I hava an M-1 Carbine with multiple magazines and multiple clips. After reloading rounds, I put them in the clips. It keeps them in order so you don’t have to load rounds one at a time from a box of ammo. The Military sends them out this way also, they take up less space and are ready for the troops to load. Hope this helps, sorry for going on so long, just trying to help educate.

  • Sol of Texas

    Very good points!

    • patriot2

      yes they are good points,they’re also things that came out of the mouths of actual gun control morons.I recognized quotes from feinstein,obama,piers morgan,rosie odonnell.&’s ok if they have protection but not the rest of’s no wonder the country is in such bad shape when the idiots that think they can run the country better than we can have no idea what it’s like to have a real job & live without vacations that cost 4 million.

  • Inspector Gadget

    This would be very funny, if it werent so sadly true.. amazing how these supposedly educated people are so amazingly UNEDUCATED when it comes to something that they coould so easily Learn about as firearms. Oh Well, as P.T.Barnum said “No One will ever go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People”

  • John

    Right wingers have become even more irrational and unglued than before. Paranoid.

    • Mort Leith

      You are probably one of the naive idiots who either live in a Gated Community or are ignorant enough to THINK that it will never happen to YOU (armed robbery or home invasion or car jacking)…

      I pray that you have to choose between a butter knife and a shoe to protect yourself or your daughters,, and know that the cops will be there,, just in time to identify your dead body and tag n bag you…

      For THAT is what you SOW….

      • mogul264

        This person is what the progressives (AKA communists) call, “a useful idiot”! These can be relied upon to irrationally fly completely off the handle when cued by a rehearsed catch-phrase, in this case, “Gun-Control”! They develop diarrhea of the mouth, spewing the party line and ‘talking points’, not even taking a breath, certainly not allowing any responses! Absolutely NO rational discussion can be had when the catch-phrase of the month is uttered! “Global Warming”, “Racism”, “Freedom From Religion” (strangely, this doesn’t include “Islam” ! ), “Right to Work”, and “Endangered Species” are all examples! Perhaps, you can suggest others?………

    • patriot2

      an anti-firearms rights person such as yourself could learn something by watching “innocents betrayed”you can likely find it on you-tube or get a copy from might change your mind about being irrational,unglued & paranoid like it did over 100 million victims in the 20th century.if it doesn’t,piers morgan,”you can suck on MY machine gun barrel”,(thanks to Uncle Ted)cause I’m not going to give up my self defense for you or anyone else.

    • Rustytruck

      What did you read here that was irrational and unglued? Relly, if you’re not just trying to provoke an argument, then you have intel. you feel is irrational, what might that be? I never thought of Goerge Washington or John Hancock,and the others who founded our country and initiated the 2nd ammendment as being irrational. If you do then you were never an American in the first place and need to shut up because we Americans are talking about issues that effect us, not where ever it is you hail from. Paranoid, Yeah, I guess you could say that, we don’t trust you guys who try to direct our lives for us, take care of your own life and leave us alone Pal. We don’t interfere in yours, you can stop interfering in ours, Ok?

    • jason

      Is it paranoia when they really are out to get you? Is the second amendment irrational? why don’t you go give up your first amendment right as well jag off.

      • Poodleguy

        It isn’t necessarily paranoia, it well may be a hightened sense of awareness!!!

    • panors77

      Oh I get it….we should “trust the BO….depend on the BO….we don’t need guns cuz the BO will take care of us…..obey the BO”…….

    • LLinLa

      Left wingers–most likely to NOT to own or know how to fire a weapon–have been defended since the 1700’s by “irrational and unglued” patriots.The Second Amendment is not a mistake and is quite clear. What is not clear is where in the Constitution it says anything about a federal government regulating the possession of any weapon which is quite absent.

      I fully support the existing screening process when purchasing a firearm. But registration will always lead to confiscation in this incremental creeping of legislative “compassion.” So if you’re right, I’ll gladly give you a couple of bucks and ask you to treat yourself to a 32 oz. soda in New York City. I’ll visit you on weekends . . .

  • Dawn M. West

    Love it!

  • Mort Leith

    Or,, “you THINK you have a brain and are NOT a treasonous terrorist to your country even while you voted for Odumbo (once OR twice, doesn’t matter),, OR any other liberal/commie/democrat in the last 12 years….”

  • marineh2ominer

    Right wingers ? There are no such thing , there are right and wrong , not right and left and anyone not right is wrong , either through extreme ignorance or through intentional evil , DEMONRATS and their extremely dumbed down followers , those we call progressives or liberals are nothing less than the devils own , and their cover is to deny their leader , Satan himself .

    • Mort Leith

      ALL totally true facts…

      • Tadhg

        Please, if it is true it is a fact and if it is a fact it is true. The converse is also true, if it isn’t true it is not a fact, and if it is not a fact it is not true. No such thing as (unless you are into redundancy) as a totally true fact. Please get your facts and your English straight.

    • The Constitution Lives

      Stalin Called them correctly – “Useful idiots” because they are tools of the government (nothing more & nothing less).

      • The Constitution Lives

        To be clear…. this is referring to “party liners,” – socialists (that is).

      • Poodleguy

        It wasn’t Stalin. I believe that it was Lenin that called them usefull idiots. The term can also be found in Saul Alinski’s book “Rules for Radicals” & this book is responsible for the agenda of 2 of Alinski’s desciples: Hillary Rodham when she was a student @ Wellesley (sp) & Barrack Hussein Obama!!!!

  • GWY

    The federal and state governments are filled with people who can’t read and comprehend. If they could read and comprehend, they wouldn’t continue trying to pass gun control laws specifically prohibited by the U.S. Contitution. The part of the second amendment that states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” does not have exceptions. It does NOT say “except those deemed unlicensed or unqualified by the state”. The second amendment is our right to carry arms. People who should not have this right should only be those persons incarcerated for crimes or mental illness.

  • Charles McVey

    Excellent video, I added it to my facebook page.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    Democrats was and is KKK, Black Panthers are Democrats. Democrats own the most slave-Black and Whites,

    Republicans and Whites stopped slavery. Republicans help to set up the underground railroad routes to free Blacks.

    Whites worked with King to stop racist.

    Democrats are causing racist and hate crimes. Democrats are control freaks. Democrats are after slavery of all Black,Whites and Christains. You will be force to turn to muslim or you will be beheaded.Wake up and put a stop on slavery.

    • ihavetopickastupidname

      Black Panthers are mostly if not all Democrats now, but if they would look back at the founding their roots are Republican based. See ‘Eldridge Cleaver’
      If they only knew how stupid they are by voting to keep themselves dependent on government. Do they realize the very people they are voting to keep in office are some of the richest in Congress?

  • Raymond Mars

    He makes sense, too bad a lot of people haven’t got common sense to realize that “Gun Control” is all about controlling you and me. What we can see,think, eat, go and own…

  • Destry

    LOVE IT! It is the absolute truth. Most people that know nothing about firearms are dwelling in th edepths of their own hypocrisy!

  • dtk1952

    Way to go, Bro.. Very good points

  • Ole in WI

    The left in America has to be most hypocritical group in the history humanity, hands down.

  • wtram46

    I have guns and I believe in the 2nd amendment!! I do not trust our gov’t. as far as I could throw a bus, and I hate the Obamas with a passion!!!

    • Poodleguy

      You have lots of company my fellow American patriot!!!

  • jvb1980808

    You might be a gun ban hypocrite if: You love Tarentino and never miss a movie he makes. You’ve seen Pulp Fiction and love quoting Samuel Jackson. You think the back story on 5O CENT getting shot multiple times and living to rap about it is sexy. You never missed an episode of The Sopranos. You have Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Combat, or R rated video games your children have regular access to.

  • dasbunker

    Ouotstanding Video
    I am sure the Left including Jesse, Al and uncle Obummer will be visiting you shortly to “Re educate you”.
    Good words my brother.

  • BUD

    DIANE FRANKENSTEIN OF CALIFORNIA IS AT THE HEAD OF THIS LIST OF HYPOCRITES. SHE RECENTLY STATED, “I know the urge to arm yourself, because that is what I did.” She carried a concealed weapon saying “I made the determination that if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me.” And, she is now leader of the pact to ban guns and ammo ?????????? Do any Democrats make sense ??????????

    • Douglas Gillard

      When I moved to Hinesville, Georgia last September from Palmdale, California I was surprised to find a Democrat who actually made sense; his name is John Barrow. He is the first democrat I had ever seen brag about endorsements from the NRA! One of the reasons I am a Republican is because of liberal democrats like Jerry Brown, Diane Finestein, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and a host of others. The first time I ever heard both Democrat and Republican candidates support tax cuts (you’ll never see that in California) was here in Georgia. There are conservative Democrats out there but they kept hidden by a liberal press and the total control of liberals and progressives in the democratic party. I believe we conservatives need to find those people and work with them. Hopefully there shall be a lot of them because I think that should be one of the ways we can defeat liberalism. That could help towards making a third party that actually has a chance of winning.

  • ALV

    Keep posting and I will keep sharing!!

  • downs1

    People who are disarmed are more easily controlled by a dictatorial government that intends to take control. History shows that the milllions of people who were rounded up and exterminated by dictatorships were unable to protect themselves. Terrorism has always preceeded and been part of such takeovers. Massacres are well known in history prior to takeovers. Non-government criminal activity also rises when social and cultural moral values are lost. Families that own weapons are more able to protect themselves from home invasions. Women who have permits to carry a weapon and know how to use it are better able to defend themselves and their kids from violence. This whole debacle is not meant to protect the people from gun violence, but to make the people more vulnerable to takeover by our own or some other government. The assault on our defense spending is also a means of weakening our military so that they will not be able to defend us in a takeover. This is all very diabolical, folks! And many fools in the government are unwittingly abetting this scenario! America is dying from internal corruption, yet the people are looking for human government to solve a deep “spiritual” problem. It has never worked before and it willl not work now!

  • etm

    Why can’t he pronounce Sandy Hook, not Cook?

    • Poodleguy

      One should pay more attention to the message & not the messenger’s grammar. You did get the point, didn’t you??

  • Fran

    Regulaion (gun control) only makes it safer for the criminal. Advocates of gun control are uninformed, unprincipled, or subversive. Ask “Is gun control constitutional”? If you don’t know, then read the Second Amendment. If you don’t care, then say goodbye to your freedom.

  • rosech

    There are both REGISTERED socialists and communists that we elected by not vetting their background and affiliations. We are to blame for handing them the keys to enslave us. Now, we have to wrest those keys back before it is way too late. Are you up to that?

  • Darreld Studie

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
    state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be
    infringed. Really, how hard is this one sentence to understand? It doesn’t say anything about licensed, permitted, regulated, banned or anything else. It does not give the state or the police the rights to deny us our rights. It says “shall not be infringed, period. The Dems, liberals and police have done their dead level best to infringe our right to bear arms. That is a Capitol Crime punishable by imprisonment.

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