‘You Are 1000% Wrong!’: Congressman Calls Out Liberal MSNBC Host Over Syrian Refugees

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski got combative with Republican New York Congressman Peter King over the ongoing debate surrounding Syrian refugees looking to enter the United States. The conversation came one day after a growing number of state Governors declared that they would not want to accept any refugees following Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. King, an acting member of the Homeland Security Committee, told the Morning Joe panel, “We can not vet the refugees from Syria. There are no databases to work against, no government records… People talk about ‘thorough vetting’. There is no vetting as a practical matter.” Brzezinski interrupted King to dispute his claim, saying, “Hold on one second — there is vetting. There are face-to-face interviews, there are health screenings, often it takes two years for a family to get here.” “No, Mika you are entirely wrong,” Congressman King shot back. Undeterred, Brzezinski defiantly told King, “Actually sir, I think you’re wrong… the vetting is happening, whether you like it or not.” “You are wrong Mika, you are 1000% wrong!” replied King.

via Mediaite

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