WWII Veteran’s Family Threatened With Eviction Over American Flag…Then This Happened

Deine Semar and her son Joel Semar say they were told to remove the American flag flying outside their Clovis, California, apartment – or be evicted. The Semar family lives in the Lexington Square Apartments, which is owned by the Boston-based Winn Companies. Deine Semar said her husband was a World War II veteran, who served in France. “This makes me very angry, because this is America,” Joel Semar told KMPH-TV. Semar said when she talked with the apartment manager about the issue, she was told to contact the company’s corporate office in Boston. But she was never able to get through to an actual human. “They won’t let you talk to anybody. You have to put your complaint on a voice mail complaint line and I called four times,” Deine Semar said. “I left the same message and I have not heard from them.” It wasn’t until the East Coast office got a call from California reporter Erik Rosales that anything changed. Hours after calling the Winn Companies office, Rosales got a response, saying the incident was the result of an “unfortunate misunderstanding.” “Our staff personally put the flag back up this afternoon…We apologize,” an emailed statement read. The family was elated by the news.

via TheBlaze

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