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You Won’t Want To Miss This VA Scandal Parody of ‘God Bless the USA’!

  • yaki534

    Very well put and executed. Every congressperson needs to get a CD of this. Including Obummer.

  • Pat Alexander

    A song of truth points out who this government really,really is!

  • Kaiser

    Now that’s funny. Sad because it’s true, but funny.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Sound like a GI to me. Shaking your head, laughing and going into combat. Problem is, “we have met the enemy, and he is US.” (Pogo circa 1950’s and 60’s).

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Absolutely Effin true! That is the scary point!

  • Daniel Gray

    Thank you to whoever wrote this as it spells out exactly what we Vets go through in dealing with the VA. I just have a few simple questions…

    1. If the VA is so good, then why did the Korean and Vietnam Vets have to sue to be able to be rated for Agent Orange?

    2. If the VA is so good, then why are the Vets paying for the majority of their medical care via private doctors? Instead of the VA doing what it is suppose to do.

    3. If the VA is so good then how did 40,000 Veterans files end up in a dumpster behind the Detroit Mi Regional VA Office.

    If then VA is so good, then how the he!! did this ever happen???!!!

    One pretty pizzed off Vet
    101st Airborne 22nd Combat/160th SOAR

    • luciteehee

      Daniel, The UNIONS get their cut FIRST! Including bonus’s for doing such a good JOB! AKA: Taking pointers from the Leader they helped put in power so THEY’D have even MORE! Every entity associated with our Government (which was formed to Govern, not control) has been combined since 2009(year sound familiar?) to make it easier to “MILK the COWS” all at one time! DOJ, BOE, IRS, EPA, HHS, DHS, ICE, FBI, CIA, NSA, CPI (?) BIF(can’t remember what that stands for, oops! They’re now so intertwined, it’s just like a once fruitful apple orchard now covered in thick, hairy, ropes of Poison Ivy! Every State has Laws to “protect” their citizens! The Unions that when first formed MAY have benefited some people! But NOW they buy politicians as easy as doughnuts at a pastry shop to support their lavish lifestyles, buy their opulent mansions, and teach their enemies how to swim while holding a ship anchor! If ALL States were “RIGHT to WORK” States, you would see much less fraud and waste because of the Unions greed!! Including the VA scandal! The Unions should be completely REMOVED from ALL “tax-payer funded” entities! Who can research the difference in what we pay the Veterans Admin NOW for sloppy, fraudulent, illegal and substandard work, where and to WHOM the money WENT! SOMEONE should have to reimburse us! This is SICKENING!!

      • glop

        I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Combatvet52

    Sad but TRUE

  • Al Chemist

    The problem(s) at the VA are caused by: (1) It is run by the government. (2) It is unionized. (3) The people in charge of the VA hospitals are low-life scum-bag, unethical crooks.

    • curmudgeon

      And now they are going to throw more money at the problem as all good politicians looking to cover their adzes will do. More money for bonuses and to piss down the rat hole of government bureaucracies. Think more money thrown at the problem will improve treatment for our vets? Think again!
      USN ’65-’69

      • Al Chemist

        Throwing other people’s money at a problem is (and always will be) the solution for liberal/progressive/commie democrats. This time it will be going to the the bureaucrats and the union members who keep them in office. They can blather all they like about helping the veterans. Only a very small amount of that money (if any) will help the veterans. US Army(62-65).

  • keithj

    Welcome to the age of “Green eggs and Guberment Cheese”.

  • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

    Shame on the PEOPLE for not only allowing this to happen..BUT DOING NOTHING WHEN FINDING OUT!

    • luciteehee

      It has escalated in the last six years, yet NO ONE has bothered to see where the money WENT!

  • fbpdplt

    Never thought I would see the day when I would hate my government….but….I do

  • majorpain7777

    Serve your country as a keyboard warrior and help us fight the war of ideas!

  • jdbixii

    The only just thing about V.A. care is that it is absolutely free. No one, in his right mind, would pay for it! Fortunately, they are consistent enough to realize that, given the facts, you really should not have to. A veteran enduring the consequences is payment enough for them. The lesson is, if you did not die on the foreign battle field, your experience with the V.A. will make you wish you had.
    The reason we are so bad off today is because of the lack on commonality of values which used to unite us as a country. The recent exchange of “prisoners of war,” with the simple due process of captivity being the justice which was “gotten” by the government which started and executed the war based on “bringing terrorists to justice” is indicative of where we have progressed as a nation. Not even caring enough about the policy or the people who carried it out, the current president is fortunate that he is still drawing a breath, which fact may be an indication of the disdain in which he is held. Some people are worth the bullet, but apparently not those who formulate policies. They are excused to try again recognizing the importance of their planning skills. The adage “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” is apparently valid for all. Such respect is rare, indeed!

    • Daniel Gray

      wrong. It is NOT “absolutely free” as we pay for this via our federal taxes.

  • CaptTurbo

    That was wonderful! Thank you.

  • wizard

    Expect the same level of competence and care from the unaffordable care act.

  • kyrunner

    WOW! Now that was the best presentation about our government I have ever watched.

  • Ruths_Husband_Ben

    Kudos. I wish this video could be played on prime time TV.

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