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You Won’t Believe This Border Patrol Checkpoint Refusal Video

  • Swed.

    Love It.

  • Doc


  • parlayer

    That’s how all cops should do their job.

  • AG Dot Com!


  • RLM357

    April Fools Day!

  • Algarmit

    Something like that… yeah..

  • John W. Davis

    Snot how it wood work. I know of three of those check points that I could take you to ,to watch the fun when you try that. But then that was fake, nice to have something ready on April ‘s First, Or as I like to call it”The Atheist’s National Holiday.”

    • FletchGuy

      Lol pretty much. I have in the past tried to do these things at Texas border crossing and yeah doesn’t go down like this not even close. This way is one way to get a full cavity search, temp holding not a detention just a routine in depth background check lol I dont suggest anyone really try this at least not so bluntly.

  • giant33

    Very funny, probably not far from the truth.

  • OldRockerguy

    That has got to be an April fools joke. The government would never hire anyone that intelligent.

  • Rich2741

    The second he tapped the window with the baton I knew I was watching a spoof.

    Very funny piece.

  • Tank

    Why are the ads at the beginning 4x louder than the video… Sheesh… Great video though!

  • elmcqueen3

    Current reality is what it is…A person now has more rights being in this country illegally than those of us who are registered US citizens..All this happened under the Obama administration…I wonder why?

  • Stealth


  • dontdoitagain

    April fools!

  • G W


  • georgev

    This is what our country used to be.

  • Merlinever

    Two questions:
    1.) Why was this Border Patrol agent asking this driver questions that he later admitted he had no business asking?
    2.) Why was it that during this whole Border Patrol Checkpoint stop, the Border Patrol agent was brandishing, and nervously fiddling with in a threatening way, a tonfa (the martial arts weapon that is a black stick with a handle sticking out from the side) and even used it to tap on the driver’s window to get the driver’s attention and to get him to roll down the window?

    • Clyde

      Because it was an April Fool’s joke.

  • Old Salt

    Knew it was a spoof the minute I saw the haircut, facial hair and uniform plus the Cheech & Chong delivery [real agents do a “boot camp”, by the book delivery]. Completely enjoyable…hope they do more.

  • krell51

    April Fool! No government official could have that much common sense(he’d be fired) or a working knowledge of the constitution (he’d be arrested). We can only dream.

  • Dave L.

    I din’t have to wait until the end to see the BS involved, fake uniform , totally stupid rhetoric, I am sure some people thought this was real.

  • patriot4life

    ” OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING ” .. ” PARIOTS FOR AMRICA ” .. MASSIVE MARCH ON WASHINGTON DC , MAY 16 2014 !!! … COME JOIN US !! … ” The Tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from Time to Time with he blood of Patriots and TYRANTS ” .. Thomas Jefferson .

    • Persuasive

      Any info on how it is shaping up?

  • danhspoonhourdc

    They should run this video at all police academy training schools as a required subject for memorization. This officer gave the citizen valuable information that all citizens should retain to memory if they are stopped for any reason. I’m pleasantly surprised that this happened.

  • Givendoly

    That guy is an a..hole! Trouble maker deluxe! Shouldn’t be allowed out on the street!

  • brabbie2002

    Throw a rock at him and see if he runs!

  • Givendoly

    NOT the officer, the idiot in the car with his recorder going!

  • UpLateAgain

    This is a totally staged video. The guy is not a border patrol agent. That’s NOT a border patrol badge, nor uniform, nor would the Border Patrol let this guy have grooming standards that poor. And when you ask an agent or a cop if you’re being detained and he says no….. just say thanks, have a nice day, and drive off.

  • Call me, Carlos

    This loser is constantly harassing the border patrol, and posting his vids on the internet. My guess is, they saw him coming and decided to have alittle fun, making a fool out of him. He needs to get a life.

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