‘Women Are Much Happier At Home!’: Panel On Feminism Goes Off The Rails

Welp. A Sean Hannity panel tonight exploded when Gavin McInnes argued that many women are miserable because they “put work over family” — a result of modern feminism, he argued. While debating the gender wage gap, McInnes asserted that women earn less “because they choose to” and are “less ambitious.” Tamara Holder was pretty taken aback, flatly telling her counterpart: “Your comments are absolutely deplorable.” As you might expect, the conversation became increasingly heated, with McInnes eventually telling Holder, “Most women are happier at home, they are pretending that they like working.” To which Holder replied: “Why am I here?” “You would be much happier at home with a husband and children,” McInnes responded, provoking what can only be described as a WTF face from Holder. She then declared that McInnes is “doing a disservice” to Fox’s viewers with his “absolutely disgusting” comments. What do you think about this exchange?

via Mediaite

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