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Woman Votes Multiple Times for Obama in Election 2012 but Denies Voter Fraud!

Democrat Melowese Richardson has been an official poll worker for the last quarter century and registered thousands of people to vote last year. She candidly admitted to Cincinnati’s Channel 9 this week that she voted twice in the last election. Richardson insists she has done nothing wrong and promises to contest the charges: “I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

  • Glueman

    How can a sane individual vote twice & say it is not voter fraud. You are entitled to one vote, whether it be mailed or done in person. You are not entitled to vote twice, that’s called voter fraud. No wonder Obama got 108% & more of registered voters. This woman needs to go to prison for fraud. She should lose all voting priviledges for life. This election was a sham, due to people like her! Stupid people should not be allowed to vote or breed. This is why we have such an ignorant nation, compared to the rest of the world. This woman has also cast votes for others with or without their permission. She is probably also collecting welfare under a dozen different alias as well. If you are willing to commit voter fraud, what other other fraud are you willing to commit? This is who is backing Obama, the ilk of America!

    • GrizzMann

      She was taught that as a Democrat it is your right to vote as they will, even after their death.

    • panors77

      BO also needs to be impeached and go to prison for fraud, then hanged for treason over Bengazzi, Fast & Furious, etc. Yep…..nobody is supposed to vote for another person. Total voter fraud 101.

    • Leatrice Davis

      In the county of Okaloosa, Fl. poll workers have background checks before they can work at the polls.

    • lrywlf

      She is not insane. She is a liar and a fraud.

      • steamdwarf

        and equally clearly a moron…sub 80 IQ should never be allowed to vote

  • Sol_of_Texas

    At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, people are in favor of universal suffrage, but here is an example of the reason the early states established poll taxes, literacy tests, and property qualifications as conditions for voting. This woman clearly violated voting laws in most states (I am not sure about Ohio, but I am guessing Ohio too). She has no remorse or regret. To not prosecute and punish her erodes the basis of all voting laws designed to deter such immoral behavior. And such behavior is definitively both illegal and immoral.

    • SFS444

      You ae rbsolutely right, we have ignorant people like this idiot pulling the levers when they know not what they are doing. This is like letting anyone fly a plane without a license or training. But the goal of socialists any anyone one else trying to control people is to make them stupid. Just look at what the schools are trying to teach kids these days. Stupid people are the life blood of the Democratic party.

      • Kerri Lancaster

        She knew what she was doing. The fix is in and she knows that blatant voter fraud or any lawlessness on the part of a black person goes unpunished by this administration. Remember the Black Panthers ect.?

        • vet

          If she only got caught this time how many times in the past did she do the same thing?

          • refurb001

            Who said she got caught. It appears she is openly admitting to voting MORE than once. I truely don’t buy just twice. And she works at the polls? How many other times has she done this? If I pulled this stunt, I’d be in jail……

          • bob machaffy

            And how many others working the polls are doing the same thing..the dead remain on the rolls for years after they die, and at the end of the day at election time, guess who these dead people voted for.

          • 1Davenportguy

            she actually admitted to voting 4 times 2 for her and 2 for her daughter

          • blinddemocrat

            A person who thinks they can do this and think nothing of it, is capable of doing all kinds of other evil things! Take her voting privilage away.

          • dtk1952

            I’m willing to bet that she may not have done it until the last 2 presidential races. Voter fraud has always been around but it has really been well established during these last 2. Swine(sorry for dirtying pork’s name)like her need to be put away.

        • refurb001

          Since she has admitted to voting more than once (who really knows if she only voted twice), IS SHE GOING TO BE FINED? Come on democrapic party, cheater will eventually loose and PAY dearly……

      • lrywlf

        This lady worked at the polls for twenty-five years. She knew exactly what she was doing. She also knows she is black and therefore immune to prosecution. Obama will have Holder see to that. They have already instructed the US Attorneys Office not to prosecute black folks for voter related problems, according to one of those very same attormenys.

    • Show Me

      You are so right! And also at the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is exactly the attitude that has put so many blacks and hispanics in jail. They don’t want equal rights, they want more than equal rights. This is also their attitude towards food stamps and other welfare programs. They think they are entitled to the fruits of others labor while they sit on their butts and breed. Enough! I’m not saying all blacks and hispanics are like that, but unfortunatly, far too many are. I’m sick of it.
      She knew exactly what she was doing, especially if she worked for the polls. And that is something she ought never be allowed to do again. This is only the tip of the iceberg. We know thousands of fraudlent votes were cast in 2008 and 2012. That’s how tis fool got in office. The democrats are sinking so low, it is nausiating.
      I guarantee that Obamination will not have one (*#^ thing to say about this, unless it is to sweep it under the rug. Just like all his dealings with crooks and degenerates that he has appointed to offices and taken millions from. I would really like to know how many million$ came from illegal foreign Muslim sources!!

      • Debbie Ginart Mormino

        I’ve been saying that same phrase for years! They definitely do not want EQUAL rights; they want MORE, MUCH MORE!!

    • panors77

      She hides behind the idea she was putting votes in for her relatives, but even THAT is illegal. You wanna vote? Either put in an absentee ballot or show up to a polling place yourself. THIS stuff is why the dems are afraid of ID’s. Not to mention the black panthers with billy clubs at Philly polling places is a clear felony.

    • 1Davenportguy

      This is the same anticks that will allow Dems to win from here to till eternity because the commies have wrestled controll away from the people, they have control of the courts so goes the country most of us love right down the drain

  • Joanna Johnson-Smith

    Obama’s RIGHT to sit as President???? He has NEVER had that right and NEVER WILL. He is NOT ELIGIBLE!

    • Curtis

      Were the same admission to be made by a white person for a white president the screaming and hand wringing by ACORN would never stop. Let’s do this… let’s throw the lying illegal alien out of the white house, and negate all the E.O.’s that he has placed on the American public and restore this country to what it was sixty years ago.

      • Ralph Collier

        Curtis you are 100% correct……..his passport travels to restricted countries if he had been born an American, sealed college records that show he received grants as a foreign exchange student……on and on….I’m behind you all the way….isn’t it interesting that a liberal sees nothing wrong in voting at least twice….God only knows how many times….yet, as you pointed out….if the voter fraud charges had been leveled agains Romney…..he’s still be in jail……and what ever happened to the secret service investigation of the women at the DNC that openly threatened Romney….said if she coult she would kill him…..if someone had said that about obummer they’d still be in jail……you’re right….it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up and throw him out of office and into a prison for treason and high crimes against the Constitution of the United State of America.

      • James Johnson

        You know as well as I do that it will never happen, as much as this country needs it too and the majority wants it too.

        • Strangerinmyownland

          That’s right. That battle is lost if it was ever joined. Let’s move on and get 2014 right.

    • Susan

      He also is a felon using a phony social security number:

    • Paul Brown

      Joanna, you are so right, he never had that right to sit in that chair in the WH and his mooocher spouse the illegal louse is a spending little pig and they both belong in prison.

  • Ivan Treborovich

    The woman should be fully investigated, tried, fired and imprisoned. She is a despicable thief, stealing the priviledges and liberty of others.

  • deesposito1

    This woman seems to be in violation of federal laws. Why isn’t she prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Why? Because she voted for obummer over and over and therefore committed no crime!

    • GrizzMann

      Erick Holder does not believe in black voter fraud or citizens gun rights.

    • panors77

      Same reason black panthers were given a pass for inimidating voters at Philly polling places.

    • Lauralee Hensley

      Not only because she voted for him, but you have to be realistic, also because of skin tone. If someone white did this, it would be a different story.

      • lrywlf

        I suspect that even a white person could do this with impunity if he were a Obummer supporter.

    • lrywlf

      Perhaps you didn’t notice, but she is black. That is why she won’t be prosecuted under federal laws.

  • tom

    This person is not a citizen of the Unites States of America. She clearly views this country as a banana republic where keeping the dictator in office is the most important thing. She should never be a poll worker again and her right to vote should be taken away forever. That’s what would happen in a sane world. But since we live in an insane world she’ll probably run for public office and win.

  • Patrick Henry

    This is what the obama administration has been preaching, Vote as many times as you want, as long as you vote for obama. Mr Holder will ensure that no charges of fraud will be brought against you.

    • junkmailbin

      The gay arab told his black flunky to not prosecute any black for voter fraud. RACISTS

  • Jim

    And the reason she is not in jail today is…………………………….

    • James Shipley

      She voted for OBAMA!!!

    • Show Me

      She’s Black, that’s why. And she voted for Obamination. I bet she would be under the jail if she had voted for Romney!! The American public need to stand up and scream for detailed up close examination of every vote cast. And NOW! Beware if they want to run a bill thru the congress that repeals the amendment that limits to two terms the office of president. We might not be able to survive the nest 4 years under this fool! Can you imagine what will happen if he illegally (again) got himself elected to a third term. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was some little add on to some bill that allows that! Watch out America, we are under siege, just like Germany by Hitler and his ilk in pre-war Germany.

      • panors77

        I figured the term limit getting repealed if BO got in again. We’ve seen the last “election” if you wanna call it that if BO stays in the WH.

        • refurb001

          BO wants to be the supreme leader ,kinda like that other fellow Hitler,! Any bets he will try and change the laws to enable him to run again and again and again!!!!

          • cwdancer35

            It’s already in the process!!! The bill to eliminate presidential term limits is in process NOW! If it passes the Senate and House – he will be our dictator for the rest of his life. You can bet your last dollar on that!! Here’s the bill #

            HJRes15 – Remove term limits for presidency – In subcommittee.

          • Robert Janousek

            I don’t know what scares me more, fringe people on the left like this woman or fringe people on the right like a lot that posted here. Both could do themselves a favor and educate themselves. Congress only starts the process of amending the constitution and it takes 2/3 vote in both houses of Congress. He could have gotten that his first 2 years but not today. Then it has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. There are a lot of red states in that 3/4.

          • Norm

            Thank you Robert. I should have read your response before I replied! :-)

          • Norm

            Any amendment to the Constitution has to be ratified by the STATES. Even if Congress DID pass legislation to repeal the 22nd amendment (and I don’t believe they have any support for it), it still must be ratified by 3/4 of the STATES. I think we’re pretty safe with this one. Even though I’m sure New York, Illinois and California would vote for it, chances of getting 3/4 of the states to ratify it are SLIM TO NONE!

          • wizard

            It has to be tatified by two thirds of the states. That will not happen!

          • wizard

            Typo: that is RATIFIED

          • wizard

            I stand corrected on the percentage of states required for ratification. But that only makes it more certian not to pass.

      • Leatrice Davis

        James Shipley, I think thats the plan.Don’t you ?

    • lrywlf

      She”s black.

  • Jim

    She did not vote twice, she voted at least 4 times, using her own name and the name of others.

  • Steve Brodhead

    Not to mention that she’s also an ‘official poll worker’ . . . and we can certainly place a high degree of confidence in her output. Liberals think all is fair to suit their agenda. Time for the majority to push this country back to sanity and criminals to jail.

    • panors77

      Starting with the commie in the WH.

    • lrywlf

      But is the majority too busy with American Idol to bother to do something for our country? It sounds good to say we must do something, but is saying we must do something actually doing something? Not much. Got to get off the couch, and there’s the rub.

  • Anone Amouse

    Unfortunately nothing will happen…my right to have a fair election was nullified by this clown. I can only imagine how many more she got to double vote, I guess it’s coming to a point in the Obama transformation where if you break the law just say is didn’t know. Works for the democrats

    • Camille Palmer

      She said she registered thousands,..Mostly for Obama. assuming she did the same thing with them and it could be 2,000 Besides her own 2 grand daughters 2

      2 for her brother,2 fro Montez..who she claims power of attorney for. I count ten she confessed to

    • lrywlf

      But you must have the correct ethnicity. Otherwise it don’t work. I don’t think Obama and Holder are going into the tank for white people.

  • Edward Chandler

    A corrupt Obama has no right to sit as President

  • Warren Anthony

    They found a mentally challenged woman in Las Vegas Nevada that voted twice for Romney. They arrested her where she worked, drug her out in handcuffs and threw the book at her. Then, it was front page news! Are we talking double standard now? You Betcha’. If we can’t vote them out, we always have our Second Amendment option.

    • panors77

      If BO stays in office……..kiss the 2nd ammendment goodbye along with the whole constitution. Of course there’s always those pesky armed patriots he’s gotta get through first.

      • lrywlf

        Sign me up with those pesky patriots. When I was in Vietnam I made a committment to die on my feet before I’d live on my knees.

    • lrywlf

      It may be a good time to reread the Declaration of Independence. It tells us that we must retain the capability to overthrow a tyrannical government and restore it to it’s proper place. Under we the peoples collective thumb. As Senator Cruz said about Texas, we have a quaint way of doing things here. We believe the government should work for the people. Perhaps we should expand that philosophy to include the entire country. For the people to run a country they must be involved and informed. And willing to get up off the couch and get involved and informed. And remove completely from our world the concern that it is boring. It is so important to our future that boring should not even be mentioned. So what if it’s boring? I would prefer a bit of boredom to tyranny. And make no mistake, there are forces working dillegently to separate us from our rights, right here in the good old USA. They have been making progress and they will never stop.

  • A Legal Voting Citizen

    The LAW was violated. An OUTRAGROUS VIOLATION!! That woman had better be arrested, charged with voter fraud, tried, convicted and then sent prison. Her excuse is the lamest I have ever heard.

    • lrywlf

      And how would you suggest we see that justice is done? We have a rogue in the white house with an attorney general that asks how high when Obama says “Jump”. This woman and fraud has immunity due to her etnicity.

  • SFS444

    Another reason to get rid of all the old Republicans too. They refuse to make a formal investigation into the last election. There are many reports of rampant voting fraud and I think that is how we ended up with the same animal. This is also a reason why electoral votes should be evenly spread out amongst that states. They taliking about fairness, well how is that for fair. We need new, real conservatives in D.C. and I think electing combat veterans, excluding officers because most of them are all about their next grade, would be a smart start. True patriots that really beleive in America.

    • Smith

      you mean officers like Alan West????

    • panors77

      Thing is…..and not defending em, but they signed a stoopid decree agreement in the early 80’s tying the GOP’s hands dissallowing them to investigate voter fraud. THAT needs to be repealed/nullified.

      • lrywlf

        It’s been years since I had any pride in the GOP.I’m a conservative and the GOP is not.

  • Mad Mike

    She should be immediately arrested for “voter fraud”. She could be tried and convicted on her own “video taped confession” of this crime. The citizens of Ohio should demand an investigation and her arrest and charges of fraud. It was a “willful and intentional disregard of the law” and must be punished! If not, all confidence in both the election
    process and the criminal laws of Ohio will be the “laughing stock” of the entire country.

    • refurb001

      And since she is/was a poll worker, she knows that you only get one vote. Or maybe her rules say that democraps get more than one….. Maybe the skies the limit unless its a vote for a Republican.

    • lrywlf

      It may be that after the voter fraud investigations are complete we may find that none of the states have the right to laugh at Ohio. It was massive this time. Even eclipsed the fraud in the 2010 election.

  • David B.

    This is why you don’t let idiots vote once much less multiple times.Now I don’t want to sound racist but you notice the color? This woman obviously has the intelligence of a snowpea.

  • Thekeyman

    Never undrestimate the power of stupid.

  • Dale

    Mrs. Richardson should be put under the jail but if they did they would be racist.

  • Plaintruths

    Sad thing is this is likely the tip of the iceberg. And soon to be followed by even more “voters”, as liberals race to see who can give illegals a “path to citizenship”. Am I confused? I thought there was already a way to becime a citizen, called naturalization. Guess the law is just too hard for some to follow.
    Maybe this lady can register them as well?

    • panors77

      Sadder thing is the illegals are ALREADY voting anyway, especially here in California. They “don need no steenkin citizenship”…….they’re pretty brazen.

      • refurb001

        Time to put them on work gangs as a penalty and start fixing up the roadways.

      • lrywlf

        My oldest and dearest frind and brother(we served in Vietnam) has been working in Vegas casinos since the seventies and is now in management at a major casino. He told me that many of the casinos bussed their illegal help to the polls and sent them in to vote. This last election SEIU printed instruction booklets for them so they would know who to vote for.

    • refurb001

      Watch out, they the democraps might just give her a rubber stamp that says “I’m now a US citizen” and she can stamp all the illegals through.

  • Cgretired

    By the time they get it settled, and dump Obama as a fraudulent president (well, he is that anyway), it will be way to late. We will be a third world country.

  • tom

    This is an act of treason and should be treated as such.

  • TheTruth

    The truth about Obama will be revealed eventually. Then maybe all these ignorant people that voted for him will realize how naive they’ve been and that Obama is a fraud. His citizenship and educational background has all been fabricated. The Liberal press turns a blind eye to his lies and incompetence

    • refurb001

      As we (the United States of America) sink into the mud to be trampled upon…. Sheer intelligence; NOT!!!!

  • diana

    arrest her put her ass injail and take all voteing rights away never allowed to vote again ever in her life we need to demand that this kind of voter fruad and anyone who dose needs to go to jail, never allowed to vote again

    • GrizzMann

      A felony conviction will stop her from voting?

      • refurb001

        Let’s see it happen! I want to hear about a follow up and maybe some more investigations!

  • Ralph Lally

    eric holder/ other doj flunkies/state of Ohio election officials and justice dept. personnel please explain why this person, and all others she helped to commit voter fraud are not being arrested, charged with fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob in Florida

    If it was a White Woman voting for Romney multiple times, The Worthless Liberal NO-News media would still be screaming about it

  • uknow

    Now lets see if she goes to prison and the media reports it…………….yea right….

  • Mg

    She thinks no different than the 90 plus % of the Blacks that voted for him, they believe he should be because he is Black, or of their lack of knowing what his purpose is or they are part of the 47% that are looking for free handouts, all of which are very stupid reasons.

  • Barbaracvm

    I like how Iraq made sure it was a fair election. Stick your finger in the indelible ink pot. Proved you voted ONCE,
    Since the d%*% government refuses to check voter registration we the people had better do something.

  • BigDog1702

    This moron should be arrested for voter fraud and set to jail and Obama should be Impeached NOW.

  • seaofteamerican

    We’re supposed to follow the rules of law why aren’t they? I would open up the biggest can of worms the Democrats have ever seen by true investigation.

  • Susan

    Why hasn’t she been arrested for voter fraud??? Only property owners should be allowed to vote: why should the losers of this country decide our fate?

    • GrizzMann

      If you pay property tax, the government owns the property you calls yours. Try to get away without paying the tax. See who takes the property?

  • Marcelyn Sinclair

    Very believable….how else did the SOB get reelected. He is a fraud from the word GO…….I think there should be a test for eligability based on “a brain”……Most of the people who voted for the African
    couldn’t pass a first grade test….they just know where to put their “X”……

  • Wilshe21945

    With all this talk about voter fraud first you have to get the one this was done because they are a
    fraud and I don’t think ahybody has the back bone to get him,take him out and this will stop

  • Nikita63

    This woman admitted of her own volition to voting fraud. there are clear penalties for such and they should be enforced on her and anyone who so admirts. I’ll be called a racist for insisting on even law enforcement but it is the uneven law enforcement in this country that has created so many of our problems and this administration has created a milieu in which racial disparity has increased to the point of being problematic but unreported by the mass media to expedite the agenda. It is a trend in the wrong direction and unparalleled in my 68 year lifetime. It is not widely reported that there are flash mobs increasingly attacking malls and caucasians in many cities all over the country. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with, EQUITABLY AND BY EVEN ENFORCEMENT OF LAW. The voter fraud associated with THE NBP, unions, and ACORN that is and always has been an open secret, NEEDS to and desist. This woman admitted freely to volation of the law and she and all others found guilty of such fraud should be punished for it in full compliance with existing laws designed to PREVENT such activity. PERIOD! I am NOT politically correct, I am truthful; there is a major difference and governmemnt at large has forgotten that; not just in Washington, but in all government and at all levels thereof.

  • Ericsr

    She probably as, in her pool worker duties, voted for the people that did not show up as well. How many times did she really vote. This is how you get 100% of the vote and all for the commie in the WH!

    • panors77

      ….plus another 50% more than each district has registered.

  • Faye Shamblin

    Charge her and Obama with fraud send both to prison and this will help to stop this voting fraud locate all that has committed same send them to prison that includes Reid he had voting machines fixed so he would get all the votes so he is guilty and due to the fact Reid and Pelosi both lied for Obama that was also fraud so she needs to be treated the same Get rid fo these liars thiefs and murderers

  • ELI

    She is nothing more than an Obama black b…h!

  • jojo

    You can bet your booties nothing will be done to this woman or anyone else who voted for Obama. Now if they find someone who voted McCain and Palin twice, they will be in jail!! Liberals like this woman want their free handout. They don’t want to work, just live off others. They make me puke!!!

  • sick&tiredofcrookedpolitics

    It becomes clearer and clearer why he won…I’m sure this is many of fraudulent votes for the President.

  • John Hill – Stand With Arizona

    Martin Luther King Jr. just vomited. What a pig, unworthy of the rights that so many fought and died for.

    • panors77

      King, Kennedy(who would probably be a Republican these days) and Lincoln are all dizzy spinning in their graves.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    Holy Crap! These people are not only Ignorant of the Law…but CRIMINALS in the worse sense. They push the Dictator Obama like Jim Jones pushed the poison Cool-Aid and National Socialists pushed Adolph Hitler. No one can yet explain how more people in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston and Florida precincts voted than were registered…AND THEY ALL VOTED FOR OBAMA!

    These Urban Jihadists are worse than the friggin Islamist they model their Lying Behavior after. If the Marxist Dems won’t go with a sensible Positive Photo Voter ID, then let us put a friggin Purple Thumb on the Morons on Voting Day.

    Obama Thugs stole the Elections…more so, he has yet to have been proven eligible.

    It is time for Positive Voter ID. One Vote for One Person. Affirmative Action does NOT mean Blacks get Superior Rights. One Vote for One Person ONLY!

  • TomG

    At the risk of disappointing a lot of people, her vote was probably only counted once. A person can submit an absentee ballot and later go to a polling place and vote in person. The polling place will show that she had submitted an absentee ballot and they will cancel the absentee ballot . Later when the absentee ballots are opened for counting it will not be counted.

    • panors77

      Obviously these were counted tho? Stuff like this explains why there’s more voter turn out than registered per precinct or district.

  • GrizzMann

    Casting multiple votes are not fraud. Voting Republican, now that is fraud. We take care of that by throwing those votes out.

  • Patriotism

    The black people r so tickled with a black president that would vote a 100 times if they didn’t get caught and that’s a fact. I don’t care what color a pres. Is but his policies and what he’s doing to our country really bothers me and if I ever want a dictator, want to devalue our country and just despise my country I’ll vote for him not because of his skin color.

  • tacmotusn

    Talk about a world turned topsy turvy. There was a time when a black slave was counted as 3/5th of a person for census reasons in counting people in an area for computing how many electorial college votes they would get. Blacks at that time were not allowed to vote, and neither were most non land owners. Then comes the civil war and even though States are supposed to decide who is allowed to vote in their State, 20 States mostly in the south are told the Federal Government will decide who can and cannot vote in their state. The land owner requirement for voting went away because almost no blacks owned land. It went away for everyone, oh, except for women. Women were to emotional to vote or hold political office. Or at least that was the thought at the time. Now we got every Tom, Leroy, Shirley, Abdul, Juan, and Fido voting, as well as Mr. Ed. Then along comes this Democratic Party broad, and out of her mouth she admits to voting 7 times. I GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT. HER BUTT NEEDS TO BE BEHIND BARS, AND SHE NEEDS HER VOTING RIGHTS STRIPPED FOR LIFE.

    • panors77

      BO’s whole count needs to be thrown out and we need a recall election. A REAL election this time.

  • Harold

    What I would like to know is; Why isn’t this woman being prosecuted? She openly admits that she commited voter fraud. PROSECUTE HER! Come on congress grow some guts and do your job!

    • refurb001

      And she was a Poll keeper! Did she stop anyone else from doing this or only Republicans?

  • Jakebrake

    Most of us know Obombnic doesn’t belong in the White house and if this person shows the moral character that voted for him than this country is in deep sh$t. What a low life they must be.

  • SallyE

    So now he has the “right” to sit as president, just like his followers have the “right” to a free cell phone. OMG! Her vote counts the same as mine. We’re doomed.

    • rycsailor

      Her “vote” counts twice as much as yours.

  • author5555

    Shows you the lack of brains on the part of liberals.

  • undunder

    These people are so stupid. You can’t make this up. And corrupt.

  • Sinatra98

    Fraud Liar in Chief of stealing our dollars and spending like a drunken soldier he has no rights to be anything this is the worst administration in the history of this country, and if he doen’t get impeached he will destroy us all.

  • Karadana

    And Obama wants the 22nd amendment to be changed so Obama can sit in his throne as long as he wants.. its not going to end. They need to impeach him.

  • The_American_Way

    This woman is a liar with distorted views but I doubt very seriously whether anything will be done. Our current Attorney General has made it clear that he is not going to prosecute blacks. This policy from Holder has resulted in several people in the AT office resigning. Everyone remembers the New Black Panthers with thugs at the voting stations which was caught on video tape but Holder did nothing about it. We have a Attorney General that sees things in terms of blacks are okay and whites are wrong.

  • pointman49

    So who will have the nuts to take this woman to trial for voter fraud?? Poll worker for years???? I smell a problemm in that precinct~!!!!

    • panors77

      There’s a problem in MANY precincts. Especially those who have 150% voter turn out for BO over the amount of registered voters.

  • Richard Brophy

    This is just an example of the Liberal mindset. Commit a crime, but simply claim innocence. There’s no difference between the truth and a lie to Liberals, they’re just “tools” whichever suits their purpose.

  • Dave Wallace

    One day very soon The Creator will put her in permanent storage where she’ll scream for all Eternity.

  • The Brigadier

    So why hasn’t she been arrested? She is a self confessed vote fraudster. Either her state for the Feds should immediately put her cuffs and arraign her for felony fraud. Why hasn’t this been done? Where does this criminal live Conservative Videos? If you can provide this information I for one will call her state’s AG and ask him this.

  • Wayne Graff

    Throw this whore in prison, NOW!

  • dondehoff

    I agree she is guilty of voter fraud and as a minimum she should permently lose her voting rights and be prohibited from working directly or indirectly for any electoral agency in the future. Because of her age, I am inclined not to recommend jail time

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Her age has nothing to do with breaking the Law. She has admitted to voter fraud on live TV and should already be behind bars, Where is the County Sherriff or the State Attorney General? Should we wait for her to skip town before she is picked up? Come on already, at the minimum the local police should be knocking at the door. What about her daughter voting twice? Apparently she told her daughter she voted in her place as well. How about her part-time live-in brother? Were is he, in jail under a felony charge? What about using a General Power of Attorney to vote for someone who apparently lives in her home? All of these are crimes, Am I wrong?

      • dondehoff

        “Sarg”, I can’t quarrel with anything you said. However, I suggest a jail sentence with probation as that will give us a “walking signboard”, out in the public. Equally important, she and her ilk must assume their share of the reponsibility when the “blood starts flowing in the streets”. Thanks for the comment. I, too am a retired USAF guy, up through the enlisted ranks (E-5) to major.

  • Jed54

    Oh man I tan’t beliv dis be happenun… lawdy!!!!

  • rycsailor

    How many of those she registered did the same thing? Did she give this kind of advice to others? Maybe all those she registered should be checked also.

  • LLinLa

    Ms. Richardson, your felony indictment could have easily been avoided had you called all these people on your Obamaphone and asked them to get to the polls . . . you know, the American Way. Your check is in the mail, lady, less $17 trillion in fines for your stupidity. And–by the way–you’re a Liberal and just proved you have a mental disorder.

  • John Brashear

    she would be conducting the interview from a Jail cell if I was the Sheriff she committed a crime and that is VOTE Fraud, it should be one of THE most SACRED things we cherish…..and should fight like HELL to preserve it’s integrity

  • YellowJacket2

    Why is she not behind bars?

  • Don

    This does more than anything show the ignorance of the Liberal Democrats and none more than this woman that has worked in the voter fraud for many years and she freely admits to it. If the Judge does not throw her in prison for many years for the voter fraud then the Judge is as ignorant as the Liberal Democrats and possibly a Liberal Democrats himself or herself.

  • Tom

    This is the mentality of your typical Democrat, especially the inner city black Democrat. She thinks it’s perfectly legitimate to vote more than once as long as it’s for a liberal Democrat. And she’s only the tip of the iceberg. But nothing will be done about it. She’s walk scott free because to do anything would be “racist” don’t you know?

  • Yvette

    So if that’s not illegal…..what is it??? Bet if I did it and admitted to it…the Feds would be hauling my butt to jail!!!!

  • nancy miller


  • panors77

    And of course snopes has nothing on this.

  • vet

    How many oboma phones did she get?One per person?I heard one lady had up to 35 phones.

  • csthigpen

    Wonder how many other people voted multiple times & for other people illegally?

  • MrCReed54

    oBama think she is a good honest lady! oBama says she is my kind of people!

  • Wolfman Thomas

    ACORN did this in the first Obama election. We need voter ID in all our elections on all levels

  • Andy

    throw her ass in jail.She voted twice and I wonder how many did???

  • panors77

    Figures that “Melowese Richardson” doesn’t come up on either snopes nor

  • Don

    People like this should have their voting rights removed PERMANENTLY. If she is THAT illiterate, she
    cannot POSSIBY cast an informed ballot on critical matters.

  • t. schultz

    Just another example of an extremely ignorant black woman… and, she’s probably a taker instead of a giver… wake up america fight for your rights… a new civil war is on the horizen and it’s going to be a bloody one….

  • Elvilla

    She manages to put in almost 16 votes. Just think if only 4 % of the Afro american population did this, which isn’t out of the realm of possibilities,it would put this voting sector as the major sector of the population , when it is only the 16 % of the total. I can assure you this case will go to the land of ” Nothing happens to Afros ” , just as fast as it popped up.

  • jewells7

    It seems as tho nothing can be done. We know he’s not a citizen, we know he is a liar, and a cheat. We know he should not be in the White House. Is there no one who has money and the balls to expose him. Is there no one who will listen to the majority? We as a nation are done for, you might as well hit your knees and get right with God, as this man has the military coming home to take care of those who are against him. Hide in the closet and read your bible as Anne Frank did. Fema has our coffins ready for US.

  • Dale Putnam

    quaOh.. what a rascist he is…. oh.. wait.. SHE is simply a felon.. convict and evict. What? Yes.. evict..

    no three squares and a bed and roof for free for her.. oust her.. oh.. and take Hussein with her.. nether of them are citizens responsible of living here. Out with them.!!

  • James Maxwell

    osocialist is a sham fostered upon the American People and the even worse the Black community.
    He has done all he could to keep them down and in the slavery of welfare. The really sad thing is
    the number of people who have been lied to to keep him and his corruption in the Oval office. When
    he is finally removed the stench that will be exposed will set back the freedom in our nation by
    a hundred years. We have all see the corruption spewed forth daily by both political parties and I
    firmly beleive that both were working together to put him in office. This was planned and well
    executed at the expense of the American citizens.

  • dnnsparks

    Why is she not in jail.

  • Marine101

    Negros. If they’re not killing cops, they’re commiting voter fraud.

  • spyderdalton

    he was not elected either time… he was placed in office by fraud… period!

  • refurb001

    Since she has admitted to voting at least twice (I only get one vote), what is the penalty? A stiff fine for voter FRAUD? I HOPE SO. Totally unfair. AND, how many others did the same thing?

  • jim

    Obama has made it possible that takers like this one can break the law, and brag about it. And nothing will be done. Shes Black

  • spyderdalton

    The entire congress is complicit in treason for Obama’s crimes against the American people. We have terrorists in DC destroying the country…

    Washington is the new Boomtown. Boomtowns throughout history have been because something was produced. Oil, gold, computer tech, etc. Washington produces nothing but debt and pays for it with your hard earned dollars.
    Nine of the richest counties in America are in and around Washington, D.C. 70,000 private jets, the highest consumption on rare wines, people paying cash for $325,000 cars and cash for homes. Corporations make 22,000% profit lobbying congress…
    They successfully shifted the blame on wall street and enlisted brain dead morons to protest on wall street to divert the attention away from the real crime in America while soaking the American tax payer out of 16 trillion dollars.
    They are held unaccountable for lying violating their oaths of office. They are unaccountable for crimes committed against the American people and the entire Congress is guilty of treason for their complicity in Obama’s crimes.
    They have sworn to protect the Constitution and from all enemies foreign and domestic and are defying that oath on a daily basis with no accountability.
    They are dividing a nation between rich and poor while they get richer and the poor poorer…
    They have stolen the press, the education and healthcare system, the banks, religious freedom, the auto industry and now they are coming for our guns so that we are left defenseless to their criminal activities. Only criminals and the government will have the guns and there is no difference between the two
    There is nothing more dangerous than an unaccountable government, not even armed citizens…
    We need to stop blaming either party separately and see it as a joint effort by both to undermine the constitution to assure a one world order… Agenda 21. WTFU America! It’s in your face and you still refuse to see. We are staring at absolute corruption in government that is bankrupting your children’s futures for generations.

    Our elections have been stolen!

  • FastEddie

    There are plenty more morons just like her that did the same thing, without morons like her he wouldn’t be in the White House right now!!! (he is converting the White house into a mosque!)

  • Michael DiBari

    If this poor women ever knew the truth. But I’m afraid that the lie would be more acceptable to her than the truth. She sincerly believes Barry Seotoro is out to help her. Help her die maybe.

  • Bob Marshall

    Voter ID’s might not be such a bad idea. The Democrats would be hurt much more than the Republicans or any other party. I often wonder how many people actually realize that Marxist Saul Alinsky’s book, RULES for RADICALS is Obama’s playbook since Alinsky was Obama’s mentor.

  • the Whiz Kid

    Which party opposes showing ID to vote?

  • Gary M.

    Obama’s Campaign Motto: VOTE DEMOCRAT VOTE OFTEN!!

  • Dan Williams

    Throw the book at her. She disenfranchised my vote!

  • Frank Seidl

    What a surprise! another dem for Obama, and these libs on the left have the nerve to dump on Bush. useless, brainless, moochers, typical Obama supporters!!!!!!!!!

  • JohnWIS

    Obama must be proud of that kind of thinking.

  • Phil

    It’s pukes like that woman that got obummer re-elected

  • Babsan

    If it wasn’t for idiots like this Obama would never have been where he is.They are too stupid and he counts on it plus all the fraud that the Commies allow

  • antiglobalist

    She looks to be low information voter. She would vote for any one that would give her a tax payer cell phone

  • HerrCapitanFick

    This is what you people wanted for a government, you have it!Now deal with it!!!

  • Hawker 1

    What does one expect from nigerians and nigerian lovers. Election faud is rampant across the nation and the socialist democraps are fighting voter ID to keep it that way.

  • ActualConundrum

    what a sick sheeple. No one has the right to be President. Only the right to run. Voters have the right to pick the President . At least they used to before the cheating machines were in place. The computerized machines can be set before an election to pick a specific winner at any percentage spread you choose.

  • Rick Susan Ayala

    This woman breems with arrogance after having potential voter fraud, even as she worked in the
    precint. This woman takes it upon herself to do the voting for everyone and twice for her. Voter
    fraud was rampant throughtout many States during the November election. How convenient? Voting
    machines who turned out votes for Obama when cast for Romney. I have that if such occurs in future
    elections, voting will be suspended and those votes cast, nullified and voters are recalled to cast
    paper ballots. Absentee ballots from our troops were never received or were disqualified for one reaon
    or another. That is totally unacceptable and should never ever be allowed to happen. Dead people
    voting? The list goes on., What is most alarming: That not many people seem to care. Some States
    allowed a certain percentage for voter fraud. That’s insane and stupid. Allowing such, is accepting
    fraud as a given on any of our elections. We are a nation of idiots if we permit such shannanigans
    to occur in the process to elect our representatives to Congress or out State Offices. Thomas Jefferson
    is weeping in his grave.

  • freebirds

    You cant fix stupid

  • DAY8293A


  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Just when you think that people cannot be more stupid, along comes this woman. I doubt that she’ll be prosecuted, but if she is prosecuted she’ll get a gentle slap on the wrist.

  • rmwayne

    Now why aren’t these stinking apes who voted multiple times for their communist scumbag being put under the jail? The inmates are running the asylum nowadays. And things just continue to get worse and worse.

  • PJ Gildernew

    I can tell you from personal family experience a distant aunt who is NOT a citizen but was here in the US visiting was telling many people at a family party that she voted for Obama on election day!!! And people say we don’ t need to check ID’s at the polls???

  • 1LTLos

    No person has a “right” to sit as president — Especially when he is an illegal alien himself
    This woman knows what she is doing voting absentee and then showing at the polls herself and then coaching her daughter to do the same!! Clearly, the two of these criminals were instructed how to go about this orchestrated charade — She is not the only person to vote multiple times. Mr Obscumbo has a right yes, to tender his resignation effective immediately and to face life incarceration for defrauding and stealing from the nation. Right –oh yeah, I have the right to plunder, rob and steal dont I?

  • faesydaisy

    Wonder how many others did the same. No way he should have elected.

  • USAmerican

    Maybe this old crone will share a prison cell with her presidential choice. But only if Congress grows some balls.

  • har82

    Notice ,, she seriously doesn’t feel she did anything ,,, wrong.
    DEMOCRAPS ,, HAVE NO MORALS ,, WHAT SO EVER. And the whole of the democraps party has the – same – lack of morals ,, and integrity much less honesty ,,, that this piece of trash has .
    Just remember that the next time you are speaking to one of these – democraps – . They are a
    – completely immoral – segment of our degenerated society.

  • lrywlf

    Is there a literate person with two functioning brain cells who believes one word of what came out of this low lifes mouth. She,being involved in the election process, knows full well she committed voter fraud and I would bet the farm she inspired others to do likewise. After reading reports of voter fraud investigations in three states, and it was massive, I wonder if, in the abscense of voter fraud, a different man would be in the White House. It is evident that the voter machines were compromised. In 59 precincts in Philly not one vote was counted for Romney, a mathmatical and statistical impossibility. To get that result the machines had to be compromised. A county in Ohio had around 175,000 registered voters. They got around 247,000 votes. At the National SEAL Museum in St. Lucia,Florida the poll there recorded 158% turnout. Another polling place in St. Lucia, where the GOP poll sitters were illegaly ejected, had 141% turnout. And if we the people don’t get a handle on it this grand experiment is over and a failure. We the people proving we can’t govern ourselves. If we let them continue to screw us to the wall we have only ourselves to blame. We do NOT have to let them ruin it for us just to suit them. Screw ’em. They are politicians and they are our nemisis.

  • lrywlf

    Comparing the comments here to comments on Yahoo is like comparing essays written by ten -year olds to essays written by Rhodes Scolars. I’m sure I don’t have to point out which is which.

  • Charlene Grinder

    The sub-human wouldn’t see anything wrong with this. She’s retarded and couldn’t see anything wrong.

  • RubyBlu

    she also knew 100% that what she was doing, while doing it, was wrong. She defies the courts to refute her claim that ‘it was legal’….now let’s see how ‘politically correct’ the courts will respond and rule. Should be an eyes- wide- open truth for ‘justice in America’.

  • Jim Moore

    Ohio has more people on government assistance than they have working. It’s no wonder Obama took that state, even without all the voter fraud. It’s hard to beat Santa Claus.

  • brabbie2002

    LIBTARD!!! And now you know just how stupid these people are. What is even more stupid? The people that don’t bring her up on federal charges.

  • RichFromShowMe

    She “IS” the reason why voters should have to show identification at their ONE and ONLY voting place.

    Evidently it was policy of the voting precinct NOT to check if the person voting had previously voted.

    This is one way that precincts in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere recorded voting over 100% of registered voters.

    America witnessed its first obviously fraudulent national election . . and did nothing!

    The end of our Republic is looming on the Eastern Horizon.

  • 1Sonny2

    Notice how she says it is Obama’s right to be president….not that it is his right to run for presidency.

  • Jane18

    Anyone notice that “doo-doo” eating grin on this fraud’s face? A sure sign she was LYING!!

  • Anita D. Phillips

    If they tried all of the voter fraud cases Obama would serve his term out before they prove any thing. They need to get voter ID Laws in affect before the next election. Make a law that is any fraud is detected none of the votes from that precinct counts!!!! That would nip it in the bud and Obama probably would not be president if that were the case!!! He stole this election and nobody even contested it!!! Anita D. Phillips

  • G.B. Dave

    OBAMA, won, all the states with out, voter I. D. laws.

  • Donald York

    By her own admission, this woman should be put in jail.

  • chetohimler

    If Citizens can go to jail for failing to appear for jury duty, this Lady should be incarcerated immediately.

  • lightway

    It is sort of like Bill Clinton, “I did not have sex with that woman!” Just because I steal, it doesn’t make me a thief, does it? Well, I guess if you are that stupid, you should not be registering other people to vote, DUH!


    That’s the only way that crook could win by cheating, his whole life is nothing but cheat, lies, and communism, and trying to destroy what real Americans have Died and Fought for. It’s really sad this is happening and people are still supporting this clown.

  • Whisper Atnight

    Anyway, the blacks and Latinos are mislead into thinking that Barrack Obama is their friend just because he seems to be black and part of the minority. But, in reality Obama is White and for the White man. He upholds all NWO plans for a one world government. And, who sits at the top of the NWO? A bunch of White GANGSTER BANKERS. Wait until he finds out that he was used as just another SLAVE.

  • BigD9105

    I hope she does jail time, as should the 28 others that are listed. The whole election was fraud. How do you receive more votes than the people that are registered in certain counties. Obama should be in jail right beside all of his fraudulent voters.

  • Blaine

    I think she should be tried for voter fraud and get her voting rights taken away…….

  • victoria sellers

    we will see what she thinks about his right when she is starving or freezing, or when her grandchildren have a medical EMERGENCY and need a doctor.

  • lance

    I hope she and all of her fraudulant bunch get life .

  • wizard

    Her thought process (if it can be called that) defies all ogic!

  • TxGCB

    This broad is crazy like the rest of his adoring public.

  • DandBA

    It is very disturbing to think that this woman is only the tip of the ice burg that put Obama in the Oval Office again. Multiply her by millions and you have the reason why Obama is where he is. FRAUD. Obama has NEVER, NEVER won any election he participated in, in a fair manner. There has always been a deep cloud of fraud over every one of the elections Obama was in.

  • QuisPercusit

    She admitted to voter fraud this election only. What about the rest of her life. How many times did she vote for slick willy or Al mr Internet Gore, or jimmy carter. How many dead people did she register, how many illegals? Got to jail go straight to jail This case needs to be on every radio and TV station every day for the next 3 years. She needs to go to jail

  • Dennis VanMeter

    I am a poll worker and what she did is illegal and should be prosecuted for her crime. Tax payers $ will pay for her defense

  • Dr Dave

    Unbelievable, they commit open crimes and THAT’s OK… Wow, what’s next… calls to suspend elections so Obama can fix the economy… wait that has already happened.

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