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Woman in Labor ‘Not Allowed’ to Cross Street to Hospital Over Obama’s Impending Motorcade

A pregnant woman was stopped from crossing a Los Angeles street Wednesday afternoon because the road was closed for President Barack Obama’s motorcade. NBC4 anchor/reporter Robert Kovacik witnessed the woman take shelter at a bus stop bench on the south side of Third Street east of Robertson Boulevard and across from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The pregnant woman was with her spouse at the time. Witnesses and two LAPD officers on scene said they believe the woman was in labor and told NBC4 an ambulance was called to the location as a precaution.


  • Traveller62

    What has happened to plain old “common sense”!!!!

    • glop

      It flew out of the window when b.o. and his co-horts entered.

      • Annymous Patriot

        Sorry but common sense has been a lot longer than that. It’s been on life support since the 60s, Clinton’s first term beat it with a shovel and buried it in the woods.

    • sandman

      The day the music died, and by by Ms. American Pie…….

      • Traveller62

        Sandman, you hit the nail right on the head, with no wavering!!

    • Snoopy

      We LOST it when the Damn-O-Craps took over the gubmint!

  • hausman69

    “Common Sense” does not exist in the Communist Manifesto.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Obummer and his whole group are total A–Holes.

  • PatriotGal

    I wonder if Chris Christie had been there would there be bridge gate? This is IDIOCY! What is the matter with these morons who have no common sense! I would sue the pants off those morons!

  • AlRetd

    Maybe if she had been a deserter or an illegal she would have been able to cross. Hey she should have told the cops she was smuggling an illegal child in her womb.

    • what a complete jerk

      Good one that made me laugh, and than reality struck, obumbo would probably have fallen for that, he is such an ignorant fool. I wish he would go back to Kenya and leave the USA alone!!
      When is someone in Washington going to grow a pair and either impeach this traitor or put him and his idiot followers in prison!!!

    • Golf4me

      Right on Reid, if she had been an illegal they would have gotten a wheel chair for her.

    • sandman

      Or maybe with her “wife” and she had been artificially inseminated.

  • Harold

    After all people: Der Dictator, ‘Little Wannabe Adolph Hitler’ is out raising money AGAIN, and they cannot be bothered with the common people or even common sense. When is this little arrogant —– going to be put in his place ( a prison).

    • squishy

      In a box is the only way he will shut his ugly, lying pie hole!!

  • Evermyrtle

    A perfect example of “What is important, what comes first” in America, today

  • suzeeqbl

    We live in the age of idiocy.

  • Whatzrname

    King o comes before anything, don’t ya’ know?

  • Macjamm

    Why couldn’t that officer just of escort her across the street?? things are just insane in this country, we no longer have elected civil servants, and we usually have two choices that are provided to us dumb and dumber and then when one is elected the people that supported these creatures treat them like royalty and dumb or dumber act like royalty and we let them like we want royalty or something,.. I have never understood treating other human beings that put their pants on one leg at a time just like i do as though they are superstar superior beings, it makes no sense,…

    • Hermit

      Yeah like when the Queen Mum goes out for a ride in her horse drawn carriage and people get up at 4 in the morning or camp-out on the street over night just to get a glimpse of the old hag who sees all her “subjects” as just a bunch of trash.

      • Macjamm

        Exactly, that is nuts ,…

      • londontubes

        Having lived in London, your attitude of the British subjects toward the “Queen Mum” is exactly correct. She is truly loved. Of course they are not her subjects, but those of her daughter.

    • glop

      The time it took him to explain would have been time enought to crosst he street with her. “The motorcade is coming any minute” plus the rest of his dialogue was plenty of time to get her across.

  • babsan

    The Muslim Plant Fraud is #1 so just wait .

  • Wayne

    Another perfect example of Obama’s war on women and children!

  • InTheKnow

    I am a 32 year veteran of the LAPD. I am a longtime supervisor who has served five-year stint in Internal Affairs, and, as such, can say with some authority how the LAPD works. In this case, most likely, it was two young officers who were tasked with traffic/pedestrian control at that particular location: NOBODY is to cross the street. The pregnant lady presented a dilemma: common sense versus the orders from LAPD management. In this case, as in all others, common sense loses.
    I see this case as more of a traditional LAPD problem where fear of discipline rules. Even something as minor and sensible as assisting a woman in labor to get to the hospital will always lose out if it runs counter to a decision made by LAPD management. Quite simply, the officers feared harsh discipline for using common sense to assist a woman in labor. The lack of common sense lies with LAPD management rather than the officers.
    I can understand folks on the outside of the organization thinking that I may be full of crap. However, please understand that you are not in an LAPD culture where we are led by mostly incompetent, stupid, and yes, corrupt managers whose number one priority is the protection of their friends…..even when that requires covering up the felonious criminal acts perpetrated by fellow managers or their friends and sycophants in the lower ranks.

    • Laura From Arizona

      You are a supervisor? You worked for five years in Internal Affairs? Then, you, sir, are the head COWARD training the youngsters to behave without common sense and to treat a pregnant woman as being a “dilemma”. Good God, man, you swore an oath to “Protect and Serve” and to uphold the Constitution!

    • squishy

      You made head “honcho’ at a pretty young age–is it your name, race or political views that got you there? Not knowledge, that is for sure!!

  • Combatvet52

    If that was my wife you can rest assured that i would make it across the street I wouldn’t care who the street was closed for……total BS as the Traveller below says ( COMMON SENSE ) ??????

  • Coldcowboy

    If she wanted an abortion, she would have been escorted across the street!!!!!!

  • BMW Metro

    What if it was not the lady but a bus full of illegal aliens?
    But seriously, how does Obamacare fit into all of this?

    This incident actually serves as a metaphor for the current Nanny State Utopianism of Obamacare.
    It’s not about health, it’s all about, “Und Healthcare Uber Alles!”

    By the way, do a spell-check on “Obamacare” and see what it comes up with!

  • jimmylu

    Think she had Obama Care??

  • jimmylu

    Can we call this “Labor Gate”?

  • djw663

    As much as I hate the politics of Obama, and I cannot say how much I hate what he has done to America, almost no POTUS motorcade would stop especially when the POTUS is hell bent on destroying America and succeeding.

  • Arelar2

    read she had to wait 40 minutes. Hardly an “impending” arrival

    • Laura From Arizona

      Are you saying she was not inconvenienced because her baby did not arrive during those 40 minutes? Or were you referring to Obama’s arrival?

      • Arelar2

        I was, of course, to the policeman’s statement that the convoy was “impending” and that he would “call an ambulance when they (the convoy) went thru” . At the time the convoy was 40 minutes out, I read. I feel it was rediculous to hold where she was (breathe faster, I guess). She had plenty of time to walk across the street to the hospital or, with the hospital staff at her side (Somehow they were able to make it across the street) they could have wheeled her across the street with a guerney or a wheelchair. OR, since they were in contact with the convoy they could very well have called the convoy and warned them of the necessary crossing. Many options other than the one they chose. Sorry I had to explain myself. Said nothing of “inconvenience”

  • Eduardo

    That’s just wonderful. BO lets his rich contributors get through, but a pregnant American in need cannot get to the hospital because of fundraising activities. Illegals coming across the border get better medical help.

    • squishy

      Illegals will vote for the “king”–makes a big difference in citizen versus illegal treatment in everything from free living on up!!

  • Laura From Arizona

    @InTheKnow, who claims to be a 32 year, ranking member of the LAPD, says the “pregnant lady presented a dilemma” to the officers. Excuse me?! It was the lady who had the dilemma, not a couple of lazy, cowardly cops who have forgotten their sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution and to “Protect and Serve” the public.

    I am willing to bet that if it had been any other POTUS the officers would have sent word up the chain of command to get permission to get the woman across to the hospital. The POTUS would have been informed of the poor woman’s dilemma and he would have delayed the motorcade and ordered that the officers get her to the hospital immediately.

    • Sunshine Kid

      But that would assume that this PoS-POTUS would have any compassion. You need to follow his actions more closely.

      • glop

        She said any OTHER POTUS, not the present one.

        • Sunshine Kid

          True. But are most Americans that intelligent?

  • toongail

    Looked like the ambulance did not stop – did it? Whether appropriate or not, if George Bush had a motorcade and this happened, he would have been vilified by the press and most everyone else, especially liberals.

  • InTheKnow

    Laura, think how ridiculous you sound. You are personally blaming me for the actions of those officers whom I don’t even know? You are calling me a coward because of the actions of two officers out of the 9,800 on the Department???? You are holding me responsible for the training of every officer in the field? You are admonishing me about my oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States because of the actions of others I don’t even know? Nice common sense there. Do you blame the entire Black race for the misdeeds of a few??? I would hope not. Do you blame every member of our armed forces if they act in a manner inconsistent with their duties? Probably. Do you blame every officer od a particular police department for the bad actions of one or two? Yes. If I used your logic, that would mean that YOU are responsible for the actions of every single one of your fellow employees.
    You sound like a very liberal Democrat: Thinking emotionally rather than critically, heaping blame at everyone in sight, heaping it in the wrong place when you don’t know what you are talking about, and generally, not very intelligent. Linking the Constitution of the United States to two officers preventing a pregnant lady from crossing the street during a Presidential motorcade? What does one have to do with the other? Your lack of critical thinking skills really shows.

    • squishy


  • squishy

    What would we expect-after all he is the dictator “King” now. If you don’t believe me, just ask HIM.

  • standforfreedom

    To have “common sense” you must possess intelligence, this administration has neither!

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Well in the days of old no one was allowed to look upon the King as he passed through the streets. Obama fancies himself a King, so no one dare interfere with his motorcade. If they do off with their heads. In the first place this is all wrong, the President should not interfere with the people’s business. I know it is supposed to be in order to protect him, but they go way too far. In the first place if he was a decent leader, he would not need all that protection. I guess next they will be wanting the people to bow as he passes.

  • chief1937

    What idiots that motorcade has brakes that woman in labor does not. Just how long would it take to get her across the street? If the president can take time off to play golf he could sure wait 5 minutes for this lady.

  • wmagg

    only in nations ruled by FASCIST DICTATORS could this kink of outright arrogance and stupidity be allowed. These are not cops they are worthless morons with badges. Brainless and useless garbage that should never have been allowed to carry a badge. When turd boy came through Colorado Springs the morons in CSPD stopped traffic in all directions for five miles just so the people would not get any crap on themselves. We were told this was for our safety ( B.S. ). Hitler, Mussolini, Husein, and other worthless despots come to mind with this type of criminal action and the only reason this is allowed to happen is because the people refuse to fight back and stand up to these despots. The silent majority and the despots in power are the real problem, Perhaps it is TIME FOR A REVOLUTION . Time to flush the national toilet.

  • Linda Dawson

    with the motercade that far off they should have let her cross the dtreat the idiots

  • Stan Parrish

    Now we see the true attitude of the administration. Temporary convenience for Obama is more important than the life of an average American citizen and her baby.
    Just plain common sense says that the motorcade could slow down or stop for a minute to take care of the emergency first.

  • Stanley

    Rules are rules! This is what the people want!

  • londontubes

    “The pregnant woman was with her spouse at the time.” Can I assume that the “spouse” was her “husband”? Or was this a lesbian and her “spouse” waiting to go to the hospital? Why can’t they use the word “husband”?

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