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Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

Akeela Hayder Green has quite an amazing life story! She was sent to Iraq from England by her wealthy Muslim father and British mother to be married off (sold) at age 15. She was raped by an uncle, and due for an “honor killing” (shot in the street), so a relative took her to a backwoods doctor to “sew her up” so she would “bleed” on her wedding night. For two years she lived in a Muslim family, learning the language, cleaning a dirt floor, separating rice from rocks, and plotting her escape. She eventually got her Muslim husband to take her for a visit to England where she promptly ran away. She is now an American citizen enjoying freedom. Akeela’s testimony reminds us not to take our freedom for granted, and it reminds us that Islam is not just a suppressive religion that treats women like dogs, but a political and military system that is intent on taking over our country and the world. Islam must be stopped. It is the religion of violence, fear and death.

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  • keepersleeper

    Too bad there isn’t a concerted MASS EXODUS of muslim women from all the tyrannical countries that maim and kill women in the name of Islam! Notice how you NEVER hear ANYTHING from the feminists around the world on these issues? Where’s NOW? Gloria Steinem and others? Code Pink?

    • Sunshine Kid

      Most muslim women are afraid to leave the man to whom they are assigned (no, I don’t call it marriage).

    • Shane

      Yes, it is hypocritical of liberal feminists to criticize Republicans for being at war with women, which is total BS, when it is obvious that Muslims truly are oppressing women in every Muslim country and in countries with large Muslim populations. The values of Islam and Sharia law are incompatible with the values of freedom and equality in Western nations. It is folly to allow large numbers of Muslims to immigrate into Western nations, as they will always be loyal to Islam first.

  • Jeanne Baker Williams

    Glad she got away, we dont want islam in america!

    • Nellie CA

      We may not want it here, but it is here. Muslim brother hood is trying to control votes and lots of fraud in food stamps. Obama supports the Muslims and the religion.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Women need to think twice before marrying a Muslim. That Muslim father of hers is just wicked, that he did this to his own daughter. –They are evil over there, and he knew when he sent her over there.

  • Babsan

    Unfortunately it is VERY hard for these women to escape the tyrannical Islam.The PEACEFUL religion will kill any woman trying to leave unless she isn’t killed even before an attempt.The American people better wake up before Obama has facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood takeover here.We have to remember,they are in WH,DHS and other depts within his so called administration

  • Carla Dawson

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Victoria!!!!!!!!!!! I had heard a story similar to this a few years ago in my church but this is so incredible… We need to fight against all Sharia Law!!!! Oppression of women is barbaric and disgusting!! I admire this young lady for her strength and tenacity!!!! Keep sharing the wisdom!!!!

  • Arnie

    We need to ban all Muslims from immigrating to the US until they disavow Sharia.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Considering that muslims are encouraged to lie to infidels, what value would you place on their disavowing anything?

  • squeak

    Good for Akeela… I wish her well… I pray she did not come to another Muslim country that is heading our way by this Administration… we WILL stand our ground for the America we know & love ! Welcome Akeela, God Bless !

  • marineh2ominer

    Islam is the new word for EVIL !

  • Atikva

    “it reminds us that Islam is not just a suppressive religion that treats women like dogs,…”

    Maybe like dogs in the muslim world, but in our Western world, no one could do to dogs what these bastards do to their women without incurring the wrath of the ASPCA (inter alia)..

    Read more:

  • texan texan

    That’s iraqthat country we just spent trillions occupying , not to mention 4000dead. Gee how come you guys supported George W for that little war. Those people are Muslims. Makes us liberals scratch our heads. You guys certainly are consistent so wonder what your point is? As I recall your hated illegal ended that little liberate the Muslim war. Gee. That’s a Muslim commie for you.

    • doctorbob

      Uh….. Texan? This isn’t simply a “blame George Bush” moment. In case you haven’t noticed, we have a Muslim in the White House, and he is stuffing his key administrative positions with Muslims. As for you “liberals,” you can sit down and shut up now. You’ve done more than enough damage to this country for one generation. But the WORST was in electing this Muslim we have now. Hang your head in SHAME, boy!

    • Nellie CA

      Bush has been out of office a long time and the liberals backed him on the war with Iraq. I just couldn’t figure out why the UN didn’t allow Bush Senior to clean up Iraq. I quoted “we will be back in Iraq with in 10 years. Was there Weapons of mass Destruction I think there was and they did find some later. Was Bush lied too about this? We shouldn’t be there! Good book on Islam Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel. She also has web page. Islam is here and what is our government doing about this? Bringing in more Refugees from Middle East with health issues. These are the people packing our food. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTY.

  • Ranchman

    American Patriots are quietly gearing up and preparing for Islam’s coming war against Christianity here in the U.S. We will not take their garbage; their sharia or anything else. We will not bow down to dogs.

  • Michael Hayes

    This proves even more Thatb islam is nothing but evil, Mohammedwas nothing but a creep.

  • jgeorgia2000

    It is the cult of blood. Nothing more, nothing less. If a religion it’s closer to the tenets of Baal or Aztec worship with human sacrifice has it’s basis for redemption.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Exactly! Since when is it “honorable” to kill your relatives?

  • doctorbob

    Anyone – and I mean ANYONE – who wants to import Islam into America should be….. well, I’ll let your imagination finish that sentence. But, Obozo needs to STOP IMPORTING MUSLIMS into America. He also needs to STOP GIVING MONEY to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an evil abomination of a “religion,” and it needs to be contained. Before we have to deal with it more forcefully on OUR soil.



  • Bill Graham

    So they sewed her up, did they neuter her before the sewed her up?

  • Bill Graham

    What she may not know is that if it because known that she was raped by her uncle [especially if he had any standing in the community], then she would have been tried for seducing her uncle, because it couldn’t be a man’s fault that he raped an 15 year old or younger.

    Why didn’t she demand to be protected by British law like the Muzies do over here, they want to be tried by Shariah law, but somehow if you in a Muslim country you don’t get to be tried by your countries law.

  • ToniStimmel

    Islam is a religion just like La Cosa Nostra is a religion.

  • Nellie CA

    Even when the Refugees come here they are still under the Muslim laws. San Diego, mother killed, the media reported it as a hate crime. After investigation it was a honor killing. the medias shut the article down. The Muslims are trying to take over this county. The average Refugee has 6 kids. Refugee resettlement web page.

    • Sunshine Kid

      There is only one “honor killing” I can think of, and it does not involve a woman or relative.

  • mallen11

    I pray that she has come to know the Lord Jesus Christ at her savior; then she will be truly free.

  • Libertarian58

    History shows that there is no worse or more tyrannical government than a theocracy, and most (all) of these are paternalistic “religions” that place men above women and relegate women to the level of slaves or cattle. More true evil is done in the name of “God” than for any other cause.

  • David Peacock

    IT IS AMAZING TO WATCH LIBERAL WOMEN SUPPORT A MUSLIM EXTREMIST [muslim brotherhood] president ; hope the first ones to get camel humped are the empty headed obama minions.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Isn’t there a law in Britain that says child slavery, prostitution, etc. is illegal? Isn’t there a minimum marriage age in Britain? Isn’t there anyone in the justice system in Britain willing to look into this sad story?


    Well, what is in Britain is being sown here.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Gee all of that from a “peace loving caring religion”! Any religion that teaches these kinds of things needs to be eradicated. I am all for freedom of religion or freedom from religion, but the barbarism of these people needs to be addressed.

  • Conservadiva

    Muslims will take us back to the stone age!

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