Woman Escapes Iraq to Be Free From Islam, Rape & Execution

Akeela Hayder Green has quite an amazing life story! She was sent to Iraq from England by her wealthy Muslim father and British mother to be married off (sold) at age 15. She was raped by an uncle, and due for an “honor killing” (shot in the street), so a relative took her to a backwoods doctor to “sew her up” so she would “bleed” on her wedding night. For two years she lived in a Muslim family, learning the language, cleaning a dirt floor, separating rice from rocks, and plotting her escape. She eventually got her Muslim husband to take her for a visit to England where she promptly ran away. She is now an American citizen enjoying freedom. Akeela’s testimony reminds us not to take our freedom for granted, and it reminds us that Islam is not just a suppressive religion that treats women like dogs, but a political and military system that is intent on taking over our country and the world. Islam must be stopped. It is the religion of violence, fear and death.

Get her book here: http://ifilivetotell.com

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