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Hysterical Woman Caught On Video Unleashing Violent Tirade on Pro-Life Activists

(Content Warning: Language)

Pro-life activist Seth Drayer was physically attacked today while leading a group of pro-life students in sharing the pro-life message in downtown Columbus, Ohio today. The video shows a woman in a Burger King shirt attacking the pro-lifers. She says, ““You’re just a white f0—— privileged racist f—— male who doesn’t stand for women’s rights. The abortion advocate adds, “No uterus, no right to talk about it. Understand, Mother f—–?” Mark Harrington of the pro-life group Created Equal told LifeNews: “Violent attacks on pro-lifers are becoming more common. Pro-lifers need to be winsome and be willing to take verbal and physical abuse if necessary in order to remain faithful to our pledge to be non-violent. We also should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of these attacks, be prepared to film them and prosecute the perpetrators (if necessary) to the fullest extent of the law.”

via LifeNews

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  • JohnWolf

    I hope that she chooses not to reproduce.

    • Jack Laurie

      Usually it’s the pro-life people raging, but pro-lifers actually kill, bomb, burn, and shoot

      • jd1958

        Its the pro-infanticide people who have slaughtered 50 million Americans and call it women’s health care.

        • Jack Laurie

          Aren’t you the guy who wants to kill all the REAL children down on our border? After the fertilized egg matures, becomes a fetus, and is born you don’t give a hoot anymore, do you?

          • govtrumbull

            No conservative wants any of these Hispanic kids killed who are crossing Our Southern Border, its is the Mexican smugglers, MS-13 Gang members and the drug cartels that have the market on murder. By allowing this criminal activity to continue, Obama and company are enabling these groups to continue the flow of illegal entrants into the United States.

          • rosech

            Let’s be real. These are all ILLEGALS and deserve only to be returned to their home countries. They are NOT our responsible in any way or form. I lived south of our border and they ain’t suffering but we give freebies. Also Obama and cohort have planned this over the last 6 months to crash our economy, declare martial law and start ridding of (dream on) anyone who takes against them and communist/sharia and world takeover of America. Dumb and stupid are those who are not aware of what is really happening here or elsewhere!

          • stonemike

            I want these “criminal kids” gone and I dont care how its done, these “moochers” are just another weapon used by the Kenyan to cripple America ! If we have to we should militarily force mexico to take these kids back across their border !

          • Mr_D

            You are as deranged as the woman in the video. Can you pro-death people muster up even the semblance of a reasoned argument?

          • bonniewheeler

            Jack again, when did you see someone try to kill children on the border. Show me which news channel you are watching. I’ve been keeping up with it and I haven’t seen that. They only want to send them back home where they belong.

          • Jack Laurie

            I heard Nasal Laura Ingraham (the Nazi) say she didn’t care if the children were hungry, tired, sick, or had NO HOME to go back to, just get them out of here! Nasal Laura (the Nazi) claims she is a big pro-lifer

          • gregCall

            Margaret Sanger founder of planned parenthood referred to the poor and immigrants as “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless
            breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”. She certainly sounds like she was “caring” about the welfare of immigrants, of course she was referring to “legal” immigrants.

          • stonemike

            I wonder how many folks know that PLANNED PARENTHOOD was collapsing, headed for extinction when the Bush Family revived it with huge amounts of cash ? Research Prescott Bush , grandfather of the Bush 2 president! The bush’s are ALL GLOBALISTS, why do you think Jeb Bush married a mexican, they are always looking for an “edge” in controlling voting blocks , he will be able to claim kinship to millions and millions of “mexican voters, both legal and illegal !

          • Candyman101

            Maybe she believes in the rule of law, which is something the Obama administration has never heard of.

          • bonniewheeler

            I feel the same way send them back home so their parents can feed them. They are not thrown over the border because they are hungry – They are sent here for tax payers to support I have not heard any criticism from you about the parents who send them here. Why? Despicable for parents to risk their children’s lives and some are getting lost on the way and don’t know what to do Those parents should be put in prison for cruelty.

          • stonemike

            No, what the parents AND OBAMMI plan, is for the whole families of these “kiddie moochers ” to follow shortly !

          • Daniel Gray

            So tell ya what. How bout we bus all these illegals to YOUR house so YOU can take care of them? You have NO right to demand or imply that I have to spend my tax monies to care for these street urchins.

          • el_loco_jp


          • stonemike

            Shes RIGHT and you are a dummy that should be deported with these criminals !

          • bonniewheeler

            get them back home to their parents – that’s what I think too. make sure they get medical treatment to last until they can get sent back, however. I agree with Laura Ingraham.

          • jd1958

            I have five kids and eight grandchildren. Sham your parents didn’t believe in abortion.

          • Jack Laurie

            And it’s a shame YOUR parents didn’t abort YOU…see, we are BOTH pro-choice!

          • GQ4U

            I don’t believe any parent, even yours, should be allowed to abort their innocent children. Its execution without prosecution — aka murder.

          • pysco

            Jack, Its you that will have to explain to the maker why you embrace killing defenseless babies……. Good luck with that pal.

          • jd1958

            No there is a difference. My parents planned for me. They were pro-life. I have brothers too.

          • Demon_Semen

            GOD lol. You still taking acid?

          • GQ4U

            But you support murdering millions of ‘pretend’ kids in the womb? What a hypocrite troll.

          • Knybee

            Show a video yourself of the pro life people raging like this woman. You can’t, because there are none. Therefore you, are a liar. But you also evidently believe that you’re the guy that can decide on what “real children” are. To say that someone here said that they want to “…kill all the REAL children down on our border” is further proof that you’re a liar. You make up lies as an argument because, like this woman, it’s all about saying whatever it takes, even lying, to make yourself seem compassionate. You’re not. If you were you wouldn’t lie.


            if you are so passionate about them .. why are you for slaughtering helpless babies……..or then why dont you take all the kids on the border into your home and provide for them……i’ll tell you why because you probably live off the taxpayer dime yourself………you are a typical dum-0-crap voter….PERIOD

        • Demon_Semen

          Shut up dickhead. You know nothing.

          • jd1958

            Your name says it all.

          • Demon_Semen

            It’s what I spray into your wife’s face…

          • jd1958

            Not likely; she would have shot your ssabumd.

          • Demon_Semen

            lol shot my what? you must remove your hand from your butthole to type…

          • jd1958

            If I’m such a “dickhead” pass me to your mom and/or wife tell them to use me.

          • Jeff Brodhead

            You don’t want to be partnered with a jackal.

          • GQ4U

            Limp is not very useful.

          • Demon_Semen

            your white shriveled nutsack needs to be wrapped around your neck until you die.

          • GQ4U

            How did you know how big my balls are? Been peeking haven’t you gay boy.

          • Demon_Semen

            Your wife told me…

          • GQ4U

            It took you 2-months to come up with that. You’re a real num-nutz.

          • Demon_Semen

            Please do. My mom is 80 and could use your dickface in her snatch…

          • jd1958

            How much is she paying these days?

          • Demon_Semen

            Yes, she pays old white perverts like you to dingleberry her snatch. Time for your kool-aid….

          • Candyman101

            Another uneducated liberal, pro-abortion troll speaks.

          • Demon_Semen

            Yes, and speaking of abortions, have you notified Guinness that you survived?

          • Daniel Gray

            knows more then you do it seems.

        • wisdomcries

          pro-infanticide…Or pro-Death.

          Either way good call JD

          • GQ4U

            Murder by any other name is still…

      • gregoria

        I suggest you have mommy talk to you about adults and how they speak. Perhaps dealing with reality and just who is the intolerant ones (psst…it’s liberals/facists/leftists…oh, and pro-abortion supporters).

        Talk to mommy little boy.

      • Jeff Brodhead

        Yeah, well, the U.S. Military does “kill, bomb, and shoot” and they do it to defend YOUR rights to Life, Liberty and Property (pursuit of happiness), so they’re Pro-Life. Aren’t you?

        • Jack Laurie

          I call you pro-life so I won’t get deleted…normally I call you anti-abortion terrorists!

          • Jeff Brodhead

            “terrorist”? Jack Laurie you show absolute depravity by your words.

            BS-Barry called me a “right-wing domestic terrorist” in 2009. I have PROUDLY worn that title “Rwdt” on my Facebook account name, ever since!

            I suggest you and the other trolls here go to http: // blackgenocide .org/photos.html (remove the spaces yourself, so the link will work)

            Do you hold Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in high esteem? His niece does and she learned much from him. A few years ago, she said the following:
            “When America saw the beatings and the dogs [in the Deep South], America stopped the beatings and the dogs. When America sees abortion, America will stop abortion.”~~Alveda King

            Alveda King places life in VERY HIGH ESTEEM, as did her uncle. It seems you, Jack Laurie, hold life in the lowest of the lowest of esteem. It’s really sad.

            I hope you DARE to look at the photos on, but you probably don’t have the guts to do so.

          • GQ4U

            Outstanding reply Jeff Brodhead. Brain dead liberals won’t likely see the genocide issues until they hear the guillotine descending on their own neck.

          • GQ4U

            Who cares?

          • Daniel Gray

            Oh really? Explain this then from recent headlines in the papers

            “UC Santa Barbara professor steals young anti-abortion protester’s
            sign, apparently assaults protesters, says she ‘set a good example for
            her students” Washington Post

            “UCSB Professor Faces Assault Charges After Dispute With Pro-Life Protesters” UC Davis

            “Horror: Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists attacks praying men defending cathedra” Argentina

            “Topless Feminists Assault Spanish Cardinal Before Mass to Protest for Abortion” madrid Spain

            And you try and say pro life people are the bad ones? Did you miss the pro choice crazy that took a gun and tried to shoot up a pro life office?

            It must be magic to live in your reality.

      • Centurian2010

        Yes and you have proof of this? Where? I have plenty of proof of the liberal baby killing mills if you want.

        • govtrumbull

          An abortion mill Doctor was shot and killed a number of years ago somewhere in New York State I believe. He was leaving work when the incident happened. I’d like to know just how many pro lifers have killed, bombed, burned and shot. To these people; e.g., pro abortion; a fetus doesn’t count as life and neither does a newborn because they can’t take care of their own needs. Everyone of these abortion rights people were a fetus and a baby when they started their lives. They didn’t “POP” out of a pumpkin even if many of them act like they did.

          • GQ4U

            As was Tiller the Baby Killer in Kansas. However, a handful of cases scattered over 40 years doesn’t negate the atrocity of abortion and the 52,000,000 million murdered since Roe v Wade, the worst SCOTUS decision in the history of the United States.

          • govtrumbull

            I can agree with your response.

          • Centurian2010

            Agreed, and thank you. My point too. Was calling Jack Laurie out on his ridiculous claim that pro-lifers are terrorists.

          • rocky63

            Wow, it’s not a killing if the victim “can’t take care of their own needs”????

            Ever had a 12 month old child. Guess what, he/she can’t survive if not cared for by others.

            A fetus doesn’t count as life?? How did you determine that. The markers for life are “growth” and “change”. That’s how you can tell a plant is living. It’s not a part of the mother’s body because she has only one heart, but while she’s pregnant there’s a second heartbeat — the fetus’s. Also, if you take a DNA sample from the fetus, it’s DNA does not match the mother’s because the fetus is the child of both the mother and the father. So it’s living and it’s got it’s own heart and limbs, etc., and it has DNA apart from the mother’s, so, again, it’s not part of the mother’s body.

          • rocky63

            And I’d like to know just how many abortion advocates, planned parenthood employees, etc., etc., have killed babies.

          • govtrumbull

            As of the last count, the number exceeds 50,000,000. Perhaps putting the number in actual figures has more of an impact than writing fifty-million.

      • Stanwayne

        She would need to go to a sperm bank. I can’t see any sane male getting near her

        • Mr_D

          There are many insane ones out there.

      • Tony Hernandez

        You’re an idiot…

      • harley93

        You’re an A-hole.

      • GQ4U

        Its called defending the defenseless — try it sometime. Women are such babies when it comes to the truth. If abortion is okay, then why not insist a woman see her unborn child in a sonogram then return for the abortion. 90% of women change their mind after viewing the sonogram and give birth. Why isn’t that considered pro-choice?

      • gregCall

        “pro-lifers actually kill, bomb, burn, and shoot”

        Always funny how pro abortion types try and claim that narrative when in reality those acts occur like once per decade and are the result of a lone mentally unhinged person, while abortionist ARE organized and murder millions every year and still try and claim some kind of “moral” high ground. Funny how one of the original proponents of abortion wanted to use it primarily against certain groups as Margaret Sanger founder of planned parenthood said “Colored
        people are like human weeds and are to be
        Here’s a link on the inherent racism in the abortion industry.

      • Candyman101

        You sure follow Planned Unparenthoods line of lies, don’t you. You see, if one pro-life person commits a crime, it is all over the lying mainstream media. But if a pro-abortion doctor murders thousands of defenseless babies, that isn’t news. Go back into your cave, troll.

      • bonniewheeler

        so do I

      • rocky63

        How about some examples of pro-lifers killing, bombing, burning and shooting.

        • Jack Laurie

          Ok, O’Reilly and Nazi Laura kept raging “Tiller the killer” over and over until a weirdo went to Wichita and shot Dr. Tiller in the head in his Church on a Sunday morning, right in front of his wife and the whole congregation…I know you will now tell me the Dr. needed killing, right? Makes YOU as bad as the killer

          • GQ4U

            There have been 3 abortionist killed in 41 years and 52,000,000 murdered babies — your argument is specious and steeped in ignorance.

          • rocky63

            Well one weirdo killed a man. That’s a shame, a crime and wrong.

            I don’t approve of killing ANYONE — especially NOT BABIES who are completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

            So you provide one example of an pro-lifer killing one person. On the other side of the coin, pro-abortionists such as yourself, have aided and abetted the killing of over 50 million children since Roe vs Wade. (By the way, I wonder if you know that Roe vs Wade was built on a lie — the so-called rape victim (Roe) was never raped.)

      • pysco

        How ignorant are, Since Roe V wade abortionists have killed over 50,000,000 babies is the US…… And, this poor excuse for a woman thinks that having uterus gives her a right to kill babies….

      • Harold

        Low IQ answer!

      • Daniel Gray

        really? and you actually are implying that the left does not act like this at almost every turn? What reality are you living in?

      • Andy Miller

        The pro lifers burn bomb and kill? Who killed 60 million people in America?

      • Queezer

        Queezer Clearly the violence is all on the side of the baby killers not the baby savers, as any rational person would expect.
        The leading cause of death for Americans is intentional abortion killing — 3000 + per day–more than the others combined. Live dismemberment without anesthetic is prohibited on animals per laws of most states, but no protection for condemned kids in the God-crafted sanctuary of the womb. We are doomed by His promise to ruin nations that shed innocent blood; that’s what has caused our BO problem and his whole 666 agenda. No borders = no country.


        who would breed with that heffer


        yea…….you dum0-crap immoral pieces of crap…….love changing the subject …dont you?……

      • el_loco_jp

        You are one sick libtard! Cite a single incident when any pro-lifer has ever resorted to bombing, burning, shooting or killing. Those are all libtard activities, like lying.

      • common_sence

        Really Jack?

        …”the pro-lifers actually kill, bomb, burn, and shoot” You are using sarcasm I assume?

        Have you actually seen the abortion statistics in this country? Do you know what’s involved in one of your glorified abortions? Do you need to be reminded just how a baby (and yes, a baby, not a clump of tissues, not a fertilized egg, not a fetus, or any other wordsmithing exercise to minimize the truth) is removed? I would type the procedure, but to be honest, the visual image is so sick, it makes me want to vomit. I suggest you look up the procedure and actually try to learn how violet and painful and anti human this procedure actually is.

        Even if I were to entertain your argument, (i.e. the number of abortions in this country vs the number of bombings, killings, shootings, etc) is like the comparison the the number of fleas on a dog’s back vs the number of hairs on a dog’s back.

        Yes, for now you have Roe V Wade to allow you to morally justify killing babies, but how you sleep at night is beyond me. You either have no soul, no consious, or both.

    • TinStarred

      What I see is hate and venom, but I guess you can expect that. Just think, if her mother wasn’t pro-life, she wouldn’t be here to prove to everyone that she’s a global viral jerk. Although judging by her actions, I don’t think men are lining up to have a relationship with this harpy anytime soon… she won’t really have many worries as far as birth control is concerned. I guess even the mentally unstable have opinions…..and control issues. Don’t think she’ll ever be a hostage negotiator.

      • Mr_D


    • govtrumbull

      Can you imagine what her progeny would be like as adults with her as a Mother? Now that is one scary thought.

    • GQ4U

      I doubt she will find a willing partner and this video should convince a fertility clinic to deny her sperm — even from an anonymous donor.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      The majority of women in this day and age feel the same as she does. Can you just see her raising kids. Wow, is all I have to say.

    • Daniel Roberts

      She cant nobody would sleep with that .

  • fckliberals

    that’s one fat pig slut

  • Ruby_Con

    Wow! fat, ugly, buck-toothed, demon possessed regressive.

    • Mr_D

      OK, but she must have some bad points, ’cause those are the best we can say about her.

  • johnbbbb

    Wouldn’t you know it….Fat, Ugly, sexist, wrong, violent, unstable, crazy. Must be a lib. She needs a little jail time.

    • gregoria

      Conservative women don’t look like that pig…that’s pure democrat on the hoof.

    • BurmaShave2

      Aye, see what sucking on NOW’s propaganda does to a body.

  • johnbbbb

    Oh, I should have added…..stupid! With that Burger King shirt on, she will probably lose her job.

    • Ted Crawford

      Actually she is typical of the Burger king ideology, fits in perfectly!

      • Jake Green

        Wow, I wonder if she’s the new “Proud Whopper”?

  • conservmrs

    Prosecute ANYONE who commits an act of violence!!!!!!!!! TAKE them to COURT!!! DEMAND justice!!!!

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer


    • Centurian2010

      Yes I concur. So lady like. Too funny.

      • BurmaShave2

        Er, so NOW like.

  • munkybiznus

    Attitude and demeaner of a Mass Shooter???? Libs should not have guns!!!

  • Rham

    Well, what can one say? It is quite possible that this sorry excuse for a Burger King employee is a reflection of Burger King, who recently announced the Gay Burger. The problem with her is that in view of her personality and looks, she should be the last one to worry about pregnancy. I would say that there is more of a chance of a man getting pregnant than her. See, liberals have no idea of what the 1st amendment is. After announcement of the Gay Whopper, I quit eating BK Whoppers but am afraid after seeing this female demon, I may turn gay myself.

    • colsooonscoorner

      Ah don’t go that far. Just don’t buy a burger from the twit. There’s still sweet girls out there. This one (not sweet) just escaped from her cage.

      • Rham

        Ah! Wasn’t she something? Can you imagine a wife like this She belongs in a horror movie. But as far as Burger King, If I have to eat a burger, will go to Whataburger…better these days anyway.

  • Joe

    This video shows how ignorant this female really is. Not that she has to worry about getting pregnant, no one who isn’t drunk will even touch her

  • Al Chemist

    An excellent candidate for “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

  • silverzone

    I wonder what happened next to this ugly waste of oxygen.

    • conservativechick

      She works at PP?

    • wisdomcries

      I read she got slapped with simple assault…which is basically nothing unless she gets more of these types of charges against her, then she has a track record and may finally have to deal with the reality of a woman’s jail.

      Wow that would be justice to see her snivel under the thumb of Big Bertha :)
      Go ahead and repeat what you said to this little guy to her…AHH can you see it?

  • jd1958

    Why is SHE screaming about the evils of abortion and pro-choice? NOT even a very drunk sailor would go near that after being at sea for an extended period of time. She could not even pay a sailor enough. Unfortunately we don’t know if she was arrested or not. She did commit assault on another twice and destroyed private property.

  • Barbaracvm

    It is possible she has had an abortion and the prolife people are bothering.

  • Atillathehungry

    Wow! What a honey. I don’t believe she’s in any danger of needing an abortion. Compared to her, the “Walking Dead” look like fashion models.

  • wisdomcries

    Oh Geez, these are the women that are coming out of this generation?
    I guess this matches the S**head guys, so the playing field seems level.

    How sad

  • Ted Crawford

    Typical Progressive, low intellect , foul mouthed, and irresponsible! EGRO: Obama was re-elected by these quisling idiots!

    • The Bobster

      On a similar note, The View just rehired Cowhead Rosie.

  • conservativechick

    Wow. Burger King must be so proud?! How embarrassing. What an angry woman. She must live a miserable life. I feel sorry for her.

  • TruBluAm

    There’s no video there. Has it been taken off?

  • JohnWolf

    save the country

    This is an example of the low information voter that supports Obama and the Democrats.

    Dear Lord, please help us.

    She would be thrilled living under Sharia Law.

    • The Bobster

      Once she mentioned her sexual proclivities, she would be beheaded on the spot.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Does she think she’s an advertisement for “pro-choice”?

    Maybe BURGER KING will send her a message – chicken-chesting and assaulting people on the street, in one of THEIR shirts.

  • JohnWolf

    Where does “Racism” come in?

    • The Bobster

      It’s a word they use to shut down all debate. You have to laugh at them when they use it.

  • JohnWolf


  • JohnWolf

    I will not be eating at Burger King anytime soon.

    Actually, after the Proud Burger, I had already crossed off Burger King.

  • Finley Holloway McKinney

    I would have had NO PROBLEM spraying her with mace if she physically assaulted me. Non-violence, to me, means not drawing first blood. I’m a Christian; have been for over 37 years, and I interpret “turn the other cheek” as not entertaining a spirit of offense. Physical assault? It’s against the peace and safety of the people and should not be tolerated. If she thought she was going up against anyone other than wimpy little Christians (in her mind) I seriously doubt she would have had the gall to do that. She thought she could get by with it, and then the press gave her her 5 minutes of glory. Nice.

  • retiredli

    Too bad her mother didn’t have an abortion.

    • The Bobster

      She did. It survived.

  • Finley Holloway McKinney

    If the good people of Columbus would pay a visit to their local Burger Kings and mention the exemplary behavior demonstrated by one of their employees, that would be outstanding.

  • cornbread01

    I don’t know what she ( it ) was so upset about, because there’s no way any sane male would ever touch that beast…no touchy, no feely, no pregancy , ever. In fact it looked more like an obese male than female, anyway……..

  • Incredulous_one

    Liberalism must be a mental illness. This “female” is obviously incapable of controlling her emotions.

  • colsooonscoorner

    What a lady??? What a MOUTH! Yikes. I would think Burger King would fire her, I’d think that’d be a PR nightmare. Assault & battery, I hope she got arrested, she lost it altogether. Takes all kinds, and she sure was some kind of kind.

    • wisdomcries

      No she won’t get fired even though she is wearing a BK logo. Hey the have the “Proud I am a Sodomite” burger

      The people that get fired are folks like the CEO of Mozilla who gave $2000 to Prop 8 4years before becoming CEO of Mozilla and the libtards went bazzerk saying he was unfit to run a company and make decisions.

      Doesn’t the slime just ooze out of their mouths?

      • The Bobster

        They think they have us on the run. They’re going to get a nasty surprise.

      • colsooonscoorner

        Yeah that cow won’t get fired. PC gone amok especially in the case of Mozilla. They show their colors too!


    I see burger king hires people who can barely hold a logic thought without the use of four letter words. I guess you only need very limited vocabulary to order a burger that comply with the limited mentality of the gay community. It is realy wonderfull that we have people who feel that everyone should help dispose of the child when their uncontrolled sexual rut produces a child. When I see people like the one in the video I pause to think am I wrong in thinking the child would be better off with a mother like this? I apologise for I am assuming this is a female.

  • Joninwm

    This show how ignorant these people really are, she is white, yet continues to call them racists because they don’t agree with her. Just more “tolerant” liberals zombies.

  • davnkatzr

    She is perfect in some ways. She is a perfect example of a cross between vulgarity and ignorance – especially when you toss in a helping of pure selfishness and give the whole thing a heaping helping of libturd idiotology.

  • RightStuff44

    Believe me, there are no liberal thinkers in this world. What is in this video represents the hate and irrationality of the liberal mind. Barack Obama is on display every day, and although he seems to be very likable, he is as full of ignorance and hate as this repulsive woman.

  • RightStuff44

    Was that a Burger King logo on the front of her shirt???

  • RightStuff44

    Although I’d never be for it, this poor s t u p i d woman is the best argument I can think of for euthanasia.

  • Pat Alexander

    If her breath smelled as bad as her looks, then kid you must have went through hell!

  • NoRINO

    This woman will never get impregnated by a real man or any decent men, she is just mad of the world for being her ugly-self.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Yesterday we stopped by the doc’s office. On the way out, a woman was leaning on the trash receptacle with a cig-butt hanging form her mouth and telling someone on the other end of her cell phone that “Yeah, they did a culture and [expletive].”

    Told my young one “Daintiness exemplified[!]”, as I nodded in the direction of the woman.

    Yeah, BK-B***H is like that… “Daintiness exemplified[!]”

  • Ovomit1

    What a nasty uneducated hate filled vermin……and her parents chose life

  • USAonlydotUS

    She is her own form of birth control

  • jdangiel

    A perfect example of why neanderthal brothers and sisters should not have babies together.

  • Luke

    When you can’t win the debate with logic and facts, attack your opponent.

  • Amber

    This is one ugly woman – those teeth of hers are stuck so far out if you walked close to her, they would hurt you.

    • The Bobster

      She could eat an apple through a picket fence.

  • Orrie Froloff

    This woman is in serious need of anger management and a dentist.

  • bob machaffy

    don’t think anyone will be fuking this ugly fat ass board in the first place,
    probably that is why she is s frustrated, no fuking sex
    Burger king needs to fire her fat butt looks like she is eating more bugers & fries than she sells

    • The Bobster

      A recent study showed that ugly people tend to vote Democrat.

  • Whatzrname

    Somehow, i don’t think she’ll need to be worrying about her own uterus or getting pregnant, or having an abortion- i don’t think any sane human will want to be anywhere near her. Hopefully, she’ll get some mental health help before she hurts someone.

  • sk1951

    She is the best support reason for abortion I have seen.

  • suz

    I think she is a transgender . Who in their right mind would #@#@ her.

    • The Bobster

      You might find some groped buck desperate enough.

  • govtrumbull

    So what did the Columbus police do with this lowlife? She clearly assaulted Drayer and the whole episode was caught on tape. If these abortion rights people are not prosecuted these assaults will keep escalating to the point where people involved in the right-to-life are going to get murdered on the street in broad daylight.

  • suz

    I will never go to burger king again. They have pigs working for them

  • hagar2935

    She needs to be locked up in the loonie bin. She is the next potential Liberal mass murderer…..

  • bonniewheeler

    Jack, when have you seen a pro-lifer acting like that or killing. someone. Those who kill and bomb are not pro-lifers They preserve life, not take it. That’s what pro-livf is all about. I’ve never seen insanity as severe as this woman displayed. Hopefully Burger King will terminate her She gives them a bad name.

  • Eduardo

    Why didn’t the main media report on this attack on peaceful protesters? I would like to know if this woman was charged for assault and disorderly conduct. We should contact Burger King and demand her dismissal because of her rampant use of filthy language. She was wearing a BK uniform. Is this how all of the BK employees act. I for sure will not be visiting BK, because I am concerned if any of the employees will use that type of language or attack me.

  • Just Tired

    She probably has a problem of finding a willing penis. With a mouth like that her body must be a real nightmare

  • harley93

    Not only does she look like a pig , she’s got a piggy mouth. What a douche bag.

  • Pat Alexander

    Cute PD uniforms!

  • harley93

    I hope all libtards get abortions, then will be none.

  • smogdew

    Imagine Burger King is proud of her vulgarity, lack of self control, pride in being a woman and overall femininity.

  • The Bobster

    That thing is a woman? If it is, it shouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant.

  • rwdodgerblue

    What a poor excuse for a woman.

  • Lee Riffee

    “Classic” libtard ways – the only way they can “win” an argument is to curse someone out. Notice she gave no arguments to bolster her point of view (other than attacking the protestor’s picture as not being of a 12 week fetus, but the protestor could have reminded her that abortion is legal in many places up to 24 weeks) – just a string of obscenities.

  • daveveselenak

    One of Obaa-baa-ma’s finest lezbo fascist supporters! – liberals my ass, like the homo and lezbo commie regime it’s their way or no way! REVOLUTION, believe me, will be the only SOLUTION!

  • TonysTake

    Burger King employee. She shouldn’t be hard to find.

  • roadking2000

    If she was not arrested for assault & destruction of property, why not?

  • rosech

    Idiots who only know how to speak in profanity and not decent English. From looking at her, she need not worry about pregnancy or not, and especially with that body and that tongue. Feel sorry for her because she has probably been rejected so many times on so many ways. Yes, arrest should happen for such vile language in public. Typical liberal talk – profanity and no logic or reason and even less
    known about a fetus from conception and on.

  • Dale_G1

    From the article…”’The abortion advocate adds, “No uterus, no right to talk about it.
    Understand, Mother f—–?”’

    Okay. Men may not have a uterus, but let’s think this over. I allow my girlfriend to park her car IN my garage. On MY property. It’s just a car. Not a living thing with brain activity and a heart beat. I decide I’m not going to let her have her car back after we break up. It’s on or IN my property. Don’t I have the right to either keep, sell or destroy her car? ESPECIALLY if I helped her pay for it. It IS partially MINE isn’t it?

    Sadly, most courts would probably side with the women to in this case. After all it’s just a thing. Property. Kind of like slaves were. NON human. Wasn’t it a Republican President and Christians who fought against slavery too?

  • oledriller

    Without a doubt the libtard skank and advocate for killing babies is a walking , ranting advertisement of why her very own genetic material should be erased from the face of the earth.

    • GQ4U

      Alas — being pro-Life means even saving her sorry a$$.

  • gregCall

    I wonder if she’ll still have her burger flipping job at Burger King after the company becomes aware of her activities in their uniform.
    No better PR than for a foul mouthed, irrational feminazi to represent their brand.

  • Candyman101

    The coward does real well attacking young boys. How about taking on a woman that is about her size. This coward is pretty sure that nobody is gonna defend themselves physically, that’s why she continues to rant and rave. What she did is called assault and battery, destruction of private property, and anything else they can pin on her. Not because of her beliefs and ignorance, but because she broke the law and attacked these people, she needs to prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People on either side of an issue have to be put on notice that physically attacking people who don’t share their beliefs will get them a record, and hopefully, jail time. Burger King should make sure that she is fired. She also might want to consider getting an education, since she is obviously so intellectual with her choice of words. She probably doesn’t even know what the big words stand for. Ah, Abortion Barbie, this is one of yours.

  • babsan

    Typical Obama voter

  • rocky63

    This prime example of an angry idiot doesn’t even know what a foetus looks like. They DO have hands and shoulders at an early stage. Her language, though, does correlate with her level of intelligence. Also interesting that she immediately goes to the crutch of the ignorant on the left and begins using the word “racist”. Which, of course, has nothing to do with being pro-life. (By the way, an inordinately high percentage of babies killed by abortion are black.)

  • Harold

    What would you really expect from someone who condones ‘murder of the unborn.” I wonder how many she has murdered after this fashion ‘. One thing about it she will answer for it.

  • JungleMan2

    Satan is alive and well and he has total control of his liberal minions. This is a prime example of liberals listening to the other side. They are not violent as long as you agree with them.

  • Harold

    One word describes this individual ; Low IQ moron!

  • followthetruth

    Well, folks, this is very unfortunate indeed. The truly sad thing is this: The women who act like this, and who tell lies like some in the media and government, are simply making the citizens of the world see them for who they really are. For years, the women’s lib movement has tried to get ahead by declaring that they are competent, just as controlled in thought as men, and as capable of running business and government. IF, women continue to act like this, throwing temper tantrums, falling apart, and not able to have reasoned debate and conversation, they will reverse everything they thought they had gained. I am a proud woman, proud of my ability to control my body, my desires, and my destiny.
    For some reason, these folks think that the world is their playground, and when they mess up, someone, (a boss) must FIX IT for them. IF you want to have sex, then you make yourself, and the person you had sex with the responsible party. IF you continue this action, you are going to lose in the eyes of EVERYONE! Goodness, are there no women left who have pride in themselves, believe in their abilities to control their destiny, who stand up proud and take care of their own mistakes? Men would NEVER go crazy like this, over anything. Lately, women are undoing decades of getting ahead, all over birth control pills, which ANYONE can get at anytime. They are shrill, silly looking, and would make anyone wonder if they could be in charge of a corporation, hold a position in government, media, or be a leader of any sort. I am truly not understanding what is going on. Women, get control of yourselves. Conservatives aren’t the ones obsessing over your uterus, you are!. Unfortunately, you are getting everyone else obsessing over you. You want to be respected? Then have respect, and show respect! This shrieking, crying, and falling apart is taking you back to the middle ages!

  • Daniel Gray

    First off, go see a freakin dentist. That overbite is spooky.

    Second the two people there are pressing charges according to the Columbus Dispatch, the local paper. And this woman(?) is facing 5 years in prison (at first I thought it was a guy)

    Third, She was FIRED today by Burger King. You DO NOT do stuff like this in a company uniform and expect to keep your job.

    So this liberal twit just ruined her life for something that she could have just walked past and cussed them out on her own time.

    Just more proof that Liberals are not the smartest people in the world.

  • Stanley

    It’s what the people want!

  • gfsomsel

    I see she was wearing a Burger King shirt. I wonder if BK will do anything because of this. Many employers have taken action against employees who espouse conservative causes, but I have yet to hear of liberals being sanctioned.

  • sikathelibsheet

    I think she has it ass backwards when she’s screaming “you don’t care about life.” Excuse me but….. aren’t these kids pro-life? Burger King should be so proud of her and her one snaggletooth.

  • OleDad48

    Wow. I think I’ll just not visit Burger King again, if this is the mental level of the people working there.

  • jaminjayman

    Notice her bravery at first picking a small teen to pick on. I’d like to see her start that with me. First, I’d tell her to not look at the sign if you can’t handle the ugly truth of what abortion is. It’s outright murder and they cannot face it so they rage and lie and rage some more. They are without excuse.

  • al green

    not even us negros wants this women

  • glop

    Only a few words in her vocabulary, must have been taught by a uneducated liberal. If I had ever spoken like that, I would have tasted “soap”.

  • barryinnewburg

    Sad how she can’t admit that the poster shows just how developed the fetus is at 12 weeks. Seems that the possibility that she could be wrong on this tiny detail makes her arguement totally void. Also a shame how she feels she needs to not only disagree, but verbally assault the folks she disagrees with, thought we had free speech here in the USA?

  • bet1125

    Her level of aggression didn’t warrant the use of deadly force, so had I been the young man in the video, my sidearm would have remained holstered. My taser, however, would have been deployed. Right before I applied the voltage, I would say “Miss, I don’t know if you’re religious or not, but you’re about to meet Jesus.”

  • sweetqueen777

    WOW. That is one angry woman. Clearly, she needs some medication. I bet Burger King is real proud of her. And, good for that young man for maintaining his composure, when he probably thought he was going to get punched.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    This is only further proof that liberalism is a mental illness. I felt sorry for the young man. Having a frothing mad bull dyke with serious dental issues right in your face must be the stuff Christian’s faced in the Colosseum in Rome. And he had to experience something we missed…….the putrid skunk breath of halitosis from that formless sack of crap that would have made Tammy Faye’s mascara run down to her knees.

  • hausman69

    More power to her for confronting these murderers. That is all the pro-choice movement is, a right to murder. Period

  • brucethompson22

    I wounder if she talks to people at Burger King like that when they come in.

  • Jane18

    What a foul mouth nasty human being. Another reason to not patronize Burger King… Aren’t they the ones with the rainbow wrapper supporting lgbt’s?

  • KathyM.

    Shame on these pro-lifers with their fetus signs. They incite
    this kind of behavior and then make a public spectacle by standing there (like
    Jesus.. who stood silent when his accusers got in his face) trying to make a
    self-righteous point. He who is without sin cast the first stone, buddy.

    This gal may have had an abortion. Pictures like that are not
    how Jesus would do it AT ALL.

  • Maggietish

    Not everyone is a fan of abortion on demand. There are those people, like me, for pro-life. We are all Americans and we all have the same rights and freedom of speech is certainly one of them. This woman got in this young man’s face and tried to bully him. What despicable embarrassing ports do civil woman she is. She did agree with somebody’s viewpoint she has no right to threaten them and destroy their property. Who the heck is she anyway. I hope they prosecute her to the full extent of the law where does she get off the good she’s the only one that has rights nobody else does. It’s getting more than ridiculous in this country that everybody supposed to walk around like robots having to same point of view. That’s not what this country is all about that’s not what made us great.

  • jim schafer

    all of the abortionists are really murderers and need to be incarcerated for such behaviors and public disturbance—as is this woman and I hope that she has not the privilege of childbirth—for the child’s sake


    that was not a women..that was a liberal pig. burger king needs to fire her uglyass. AND YES IF THIS FAT FOUL PIG EVER GETS PREGNANT I HOPE SHE DOES GET AN ABORTION. PEOPLE LIKE HER SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MULTIPLY.

  • Robert

    I had been against abortion until I saw this woman. She is definitely a reason to have exceptions.

  • stonemike

    Fat hog probably will never find a man stupid enough to breed her !

  • Stan Parrish

    I don’t see why she was so upset. She will never have to worry about getting pregnant.
    She did deserve to get arrested though.
    She isn’t exactly wearing that Burger King shirt because of a Mensa level IQ.

  • BarrackHussein

    Aren’t liberals just a bunch of darlings?

  • Don

    This Old Fat Pig needs to be sent back to the farm to be butchered because she looks to be fat enough for the pig market. She seems to be very brave sense the young man is very young she could have crushed him by jest falling on him.

  • pilgrimsjog

    Wow! This is what happens when you watch too much PMSNBC! She’s been transformed into a violent Progressive lemming who believes freedom is the right to go into Progressive gas chambers!


    A wonderful spokesWOMAN for the cause.

  • Walter Jasniewski

    She’s just upset because her life would have been so much better if she had been aborted, instead now, she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, and then the tree fell on her and messed up her face

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