Wildfires tear across Israel for third straight day, Netanyahu says arsonist terrorism [Video]

As Reported by REUTERS: Wildfires tear across central and northern Israel, forcing tens of thousands of residents to flee the city of Haifa, as leaders blamed arsonists for some of the blazes and branded them terrorists. Mana Rabiee reports.

The wildfires started three days ago and are still tearing across central and northern Israel. Tens of thousands of Haifa residents have fled — walls of flame raging though central neighborhoods of Israel’s third largest city. The fires are burning in multiple locations and are fueled by unseasonably dry weather and strong winds. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials suggested the fires may be arson — with Netanyahu saying any fire caused by arson would be considered “terrorism”. Hundreds of homes have been damaged, but no deaths or serious injuries were reported. Still, parts of Israel haven’t seen any rain for months and forecasters warn tinder-dry conditions are still ahead.

Wildfires tear across Israel, Netanyahu calls arsonists terrorists | Reuters.com

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