Wikileaks Julian Assange Gives First Interview Since Loss of Internet [Video]

# CISL2016: Live broadcast from the UMET.  LIVE – Teleconference: Julian Assange explains why he has no Internet, Discusses Election USA 2016, Electronic Voting in Argentina, Facebook at Work and the Mass Media.

Wikileaks head and founder Julian Assange speaks for first time since the Ecuadorian embassy cut his internet. Here is a transcript of some of his most revealing statements and highlights:

“Our first big leak [in the series] was the ‘DNC Leaks’ and as a result of that, published in July, the top five officials of the US Democratic Party resigned including its president Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

“The Democratic primary election between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders principally had been rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton by the committee that runs the US Democratic Party in many different ways including pushing out fake stories that Bernie Sanders supporters were trying to organize violence, making sure more of the money went to Hillary Clinton and so on.”

“When we released those 20,000 emails, we did it in a way which we’d become famous for which is to make a special, customized search engine….it encouraged all the people in the United States, and some outside the United States, who were interested in the election to sort through them. So this punched a hole in the media censorship that exists in the United States where four of the five top TV networks own about eight of the nine major news publications in the United States biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.”

“In response there were many attacks from the US-DC establishment which believes that Hillary Clinton will be the winner of the election [they] tried to find different ways to distract from our publication. They first of all tried to say that we supported Donald Trump just because we were criticizing Hillary Clinton. Then they tried to say actually that we were secretly working with Russia to publish this material. That we were criticizing her and this was some sort of cyber warfare against the United States.

“I’ve learned from a lot of experience the best way to deal with these attacks is that you never flinch, you never blink you just keep on publishing. Because every day that you publish, is a day that you have the initiative in the conflict.”

“So this time we started a different strategy which was to write an algorithm called the stochastic terminator which is designed to be unpredictable and to adjust how much it publishes and what it selects based upon what we as human beings suggest to it. But also based upon what it reads in the news. And so it selects the emails to be published and publishes them each day. And we started doing that on the 7th of October.

“This really whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign and in all the establishments that were backing her. We always had the analysis that Hillary Clinton wins for sure. We’ve had that analysis from more than 12 months ago. But she has pulled around her every single establishment in the US. The intelligence agencies, the Neo-conservatives who started the Iraq war, the weapons manufacturers, the big banks, investment companies like Goldman Sachs, most of the middle class and most of the media. And so now we have all these people, all these establishments trying to defend Hillary Clinton from being exposed as having many corrupt relationships.”

“So they started attacking our servers with denial of service attacks and attempted hacking attacks. There is an amazing ongoing campaign where fake documents were put in the UN and the British courts to accuse me of being both a Russian spy and a pedophile and a molester of children…But that wasn’t enough so the pressure started to increase and started to pressure Ecuador. Which some of the opposition parties in Ecuador were sympathetic to, perhaps because of their relationships with the United States, or statement made to Ecuador at the political level and at the intelligence level that I needed to be stopped or their would be consequences. But Wikileaks is a global publisher publishing over a million documents a year. We publish from France, Germany, Norway, Holland and several other countries and we have most of our lawyers and staff in the EU and the United States. We don’t publish from Ecuador. No particular reason. Just the bandwidth is cheaper and the servers are cheaper in Europe rather than in Ecuador.”



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