Wikileaks EXPLOSIVE Email Dump Exposes Top DNC Officials

The DNC has been exposed by Wikileaks. Not only did they release thousands of emails sent to Hillary Clinton that contained classified markings, but they released 20,000 DNC emails that reveal collusion between the DNC and mainstream media outlets as well as plans to defame and destroy Bernie Sanders’ campaign by creating anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda.

Video Courtesy of The Humanist Report

The DNC was working to protect Clinton from attacks and actively “infiltrating” the Sanders movement to discredit and dismantle it the whole time. To boot, they were working secretly to vet DeRey as a surrogate in order to get HRC’s claws into Black Lives Matter and likely nudge them farther to the mainstream (right).

Here is The Washington Post’s Discussion on the recent email dump by Wikileaks exposing the DNC.

As Hillary Clinton prepared to announce her 2016 running mate, a trove of nearly 20,000 emails were released by WikiLeaks on Friday, providing an embarrassing inside look at Democratic Party operations on the eve of the Democrats’ national convention.

Video Courtesy of U.S Daily News



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