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Why Is It Not Racist When A White WWII Vet is Beaten to Death by Two Black Men?

  • get-it-on

    Had the Vet been armed he could have evened the odds and wasted two more savages. This (and many other such incidences) demonstrates why George Zimmerman saved his life by carrying a weapon. Obama’s son certainly would have beaten him to death otherwise.

    • missnellie

      Had the Vet been armed???????????…he was 88 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…how quickly would his reflects been? He NEVER stood a chance. Zimmerman is a young man. What the hell!!!!!!!! What has been videoed here is the absolute truth. The white man is the target…and it’s O.K. by Obama that this violence continues. What ever progress may have taken place over the years concerning racial equality is shot….and it all started with the Muslim Obama idiot in OUR White House.

      • Anna

        Being armed would have been better than not having any chance at all. I read in another website about this and an 89 yr.old vet said he carries a lic.gun whenever he goes out. If it were my father or grandfather I think I would feel better. I never was in favor of guns but at least you might have a fighting chance. These days it’s do or die. I understand you but I’m 67 and do not own a gun and couldn’t afford one anyway but I think I’d feel safer if I had one. I pray to God I’m never in such a predicament that I’ll regret not having one. May God Bless us all.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Even a CO2 powered BB gun is better than nothing.

          • Anna

            Thank you for the idea.

          • Joe White

            YES!!! A few well placed BB’s in the face would have been effective. Especially a CO2 powered BB! Very painful and the little black chillin’s would run home to Momma. Then the Media would show pictures of their punctured little faces. So Sad and innocent looking. Then this man would be targeted as a racist white man, on would come Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and probably Oprah fat face Winfrey. However, I bet our illustrious President would remain mute on this incident.
            I am 65. Raised in a military family and spent 22 years in the Air Force. I have lived amongst all races, and respect them all. I have never been a racist. However, I am vehemently against Black thug racists who rely on something that happened to nobody they ever knew were slaves! They use history as an excuse for their mis-directed hatred. Racist Blacks actually hate themselves for their own failure to better themselves in a society that gives them EVERYTHING!!

          • HOFFHACK

            Anna, I don’t know what State you are in, or what your carry laws are. But here in Florida, you don’t even need a license to have a pistol in the car. You could pick up a nice little .380 pistol and a box of ammo for less than $150 dollars. You don’t mess with Geezers down here! Trayvon should have known better! He had a Miami mentality! He should have spoken to the locals in Sanford before he went around messin with anyone! I would not mess with BB’s, that is more likely to piss them off!!!

          • C. Reed

            Zimmerman disobeyed the police when he was told not to follow Martin. Zimmerman followed closely behind Martin never stating who is was or that he was carrying a weapon. Zimmerman created a situation where Martin feared for his safety as evidenced by his phone call to that female. So first Zimmerman can disobey the law, then create a situation where Martin fears for his safety and then Zimmerman gets to blow him away? Only is Florida I guess. Zimmerman is a cold blooded murderer! I hope he has to hide his whole life. We need justice for Trayvon Martin.
            written by a white woman….

          • HOFFHACK

            OK, since you obviously have not actually listened to the ” NONE EMERGENCY NUMBER TAPE” or just heard what you wanted to here, I will tell you what transpired, after the part where he is asked what his race was, and he said: “I think he is black” “TM” came back toward his truck, it was at that point that he confirmed he was black, and then he said: “HE IS RUNNING” a few second later the “NONE POLICE OFFICER DISPATCHER ASKED”: “WHAT’S HE DOING NOW!!! It was at this point that “Z” got out of his truck to see if he could see where he went. (since it was pitched black) Now the dispatcher heard wind noise in the phone and asked: “ARE YOU FOLLOWING HIM??? (of course he was following him, to try and see where he was going, AS HE WAS ASKED!!! It was at that point that the Dispatcher said: “WE DON’T WANT YOU DOING THAT” to which “Z” replied: OK, and started walking back to his truck, that eye witnesses say he was never more than 100 feet away from! What about the “Skittles and Arizona Fruit Juice Cocktail??????” They just happen to be two of the three ingredients to the street drug cocktail “LEAN” (look it up) the other is “ROBITUSSEN “D”) WHICH HE EVEN TWEETED ABOUT USING MORE THAN ONCE!!!


          • C. Reed

            You know what Hoffack. First of all you know nothing which is so obvious. I want to tell you something, but I am sure that you will rip this apart too. When I was young.. oh so many years ago, I was on the street, I engaged in way worse crimes than Trayvon ever lived long enough to do. One day, I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior. He loved me, forgave me and I became a whole brand new person never to act like that or commit crimes again. Today I am a well respected member of society! I am a white woman whose eyes and ears are open. I am not a closed up hateful bitter resentful person like you and your angry cronies online here. You hate black people to begin with! I hate no one. Not even you after you so ridiculously accused me of things you know nothing about. I did listen to the all of the evidence. Zimmerman disobeyed the police! He was told NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon! and it went all down hill from there. But you are a racist and cannot see anything, but your blind ignorant hateful ways and ideas.

          • HOFFHACK

            Zimmerman disobeyed “NO LAWS!!!” “ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!!” Don’t you think they would have also charged him with those law violations that you have made up in your mind, if they thought he had done them???? There is absolutely no evidence that “Z” followed closely behind “TM” he lost sight of him for 4……..count them………4 minutes!!!!! Now since it was so dark, and “TM” was so scared, why did he not run the 60 YARDS TO WHERE HE WAS STAYING, LOCK THE DOOR, AND CALL 911!!! We know what happened! He, “IN HIS DRUG CRAZED MIND, WANTED TO GIVE THIS “CREEPY CRACKAH A BEAT DOWN!!! AND HE BROUGHT SKITTLES TO A GUN FIGHT!!!

          • CJMcRat

            Who are you and why did you fail to get an education. If you listened to the court proceedings, you would know that martin had the chance to run away. Martin chose to jump Zimmerman from behind. According to the medical expert, martin was shot while sitting on Zimmerman’s chest and bashing his head on the sidewalk. At what point does this sound like murder and not self defense. Please just shut the heck up until you can say something intelligent.

          • Informed

            As my man “RUSH” says, the greatest threat we have is the un-informed or ignorant, and you sir are very un-informed. Travon went back to Zimmerman with the thought of putting a “whipass” on a gay man and got his ass shot. before you spew your stupid remarks, read, if you can, get informed and then speak your peace – STUPID !

          • C. Reed

            First off all, I am NOT a sir, I am a wonderful kind hearted loving woman. When you disobey the police, create a situation of fear for someone and then shoot him dead. Well it seems pretty obvious to me that person is a heartless murderer. Zimmerman had an obligation to identify himself and that he was carrying a gun! But those are moral obligations so I wouldn’t expect you to understand that. I will pray for you!

          • HOFFHACK

            I will waste no more of my time with C. Reed. He is either incredibly stupid, or he is just baiting us! Judging from likes and dislikes, he should peddle his B.S. elsewhere! That must have been a big jug of “KOOL-AID” he just drank!! BTW, you can still donate to GZ’s legal fund at he still has big time legal fees because of his persecution by The State of Florida, and now, possibly the FEDs, but that is un-likely. They still have his gun, but he got another one!

          • Windsailor

            I take it by your description of the case that you were there in person during the assault , since the jury with all the evidence placed before them came to a different conclusion I have to assume that you are full of B.S. The world needs more of the remote advice merchants like you. Try going to Portland Oregon and defending the creeps who beat a WWII vet to death…….

          • C. Reed

            Your ignorance proceeds you. And… I am sorry you don’t read, but I do! The prosecution failed Trayvon, his parents, friends and community! Actually he did all of humanity a great disservice for his failings to properly prosecute the cold blooded murderer, Zimmerman!
            And it is extremely ignorant and foolish of you to assume I would support someone who murdered the War Vet, but is seems the obvious is a little difficult for you!

        • missnellie

          Anna…I totally understand your perception of this matter. My issue is not that his having a gun might have given the Vet a chance but his reflexes might not have been up to par. You, though, have a very valid point. I, too, am 67 and have give serious thought to owning a gun. I have shot them but do not own one. My husband and I swore we would never have one in our home…well, guess who’s giving it second thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has come down to sincerely protecting ones self and loved ones. We do ever so need God’s blessings. I also fear the Million Muslin March in Washington on 9/11 only to be counter attacked by the Bikers from all over the U.S. My nephew is going and I am so proud of him. Our country is heading for ruin and we have Obama to thank for that.

          • Anna

            May God be there with all those that want to counter attack that Muslim march. I don’t know your nephew but I’ll be praying for him and all those Bikers. My prayer will also be for God to lead them in a great victory. We need to be heard. I’ve been blessed to have seen America as it was and I want it to be glorious again. Bless you and your family. About the gun, well as you said we need to protect our loved ones. It is sad that it has come to this but we have to believe that God will be there for us and all those that choose to fight this evil that has overtaken our country.

          • missnellie

            Thank you, Anna….you sound like a spiritual, level headed person who is a proud and loving American. I hope I can say the same for me and mine. Thank you for the kind words for my nephew…we pray for all the Bikers. I pray the Muslims are halted in their steps and are aware that many Bikers are not peaceful nor tolerant….and well they shouldn’t be. God will be with them.

          • Anna

            Amen, know you have a friend here. Thank you too! May this action by the bikers & all true Americans be the beginning of a new and better America. God Bless! By the way my aunt’s name is Nelly.

          • Rick

            Anna, do you want to make a bet on how many of these muslims actually show up knowing how many bikers will be present?

          • HOFFHACK

            “””Speed Bumps!!!”””” (LOL)

          • Bellerophon

            Reflexive response to pull a trigger a couple of times is minimal. A WW II veteran would remain familiar with the feel of a weapon for the rest of his life, so he would not have hesitated to use a weapon in anger. Don’t minimize the determination of the seniors. They probably recognize much better than most of us exactly what is at stake here. After all, they once put their lives on the line for freedom. Nothing less than freedom now defines our national existence.

        • Rick

          If nothing else Anna, I would get a stun gun. That would give the punks the shock of their miserable lives.

        • joespenthouse

          Many ways to protect your self,walk in to any American gun shop and i,m sure they will be more then willing to help you. Oh yes they carry pepper spray cans.

          • HOFFHACK

            ANNA, believe it or not, a simple can of “Wasp & Hornet spray” is more effective than pepper spray, and you can hit someone from 35 feet away, and it does no permanent damage! Some of these drug crazy’s “Eat” pepper spray, but the Wasp and hornet will stop them in their tracks, and you can buy it almost anywhere!!! And you don’t even have to hide it! I have cans all over the house, but I reach for my Glock first! :)
            much easier to use than a stun gun! You don’t want to let them get within arms length, you are unlikely to win in a grappling situation if you don’t know what you are doing!

      • HOFFHACK

        If this guy had been armed, I promise you, things would have been different. If he was able to drive a car and shoot pool, I promise you it would have been two black street thugs that went to the morgue, instead of this hero.

      • Shane

        No, it has been happening for a long time, but the gutless MSM refused to cover these black on white crimes unless the perp was famous like OJ. Ann Coulter wrote a book about this, which was very good.

    • Rick

      I think that obozo and his son have a lot in common.

    • jpenajr

      Had the veteran been armed and defended himself, the media would have immediately reported that he had PTSD and not mentally stable enough to own a weapon. A campaign would have been called for to tighten up rules at the VA that allowed this dangerous person to walk amonst us armed…then more veterans would have been stripped of their rights. Don’t you understand that, in order to claim that you rightfully feared for your life, you must be killed first? To stop your own killing means you destroy all the evidence that you righfully feared for your life. Stopping your own killing with a weapon transforms thugs into candy-buying children.

      • Informed

        What you are saying is sadly very “TRUE” – . I see us having to take the law as it was in the “old west”. Shouldn’t have to be that way, but it’s being forced upon us. It’s down to “do or die”.

  • randolph.poole

    You’re right on, brother!

  • author5555

    Under the law of Obama and his cronies, it is only racism if it is white on black crime.

    • iglood

      Everything in the age of Obama is now owned by blacks & Muslims –they own the law They can do as they please and the Dimorats will vote for this muslim commie in the W/H again if given the chance in 2016
      The admin, the MSM & Demorats are the enemy w in. Good luck w the cave filled w snakes AKA USA

      • Rick

        If I had any pet cobras I would be happy to release them in the middle of the muslim crowd. End of crowd.

        • Informed

          Now you should know that no self respectin “COBRA” is gonna lower it’s self to bitting one of Obama’s friends.

    • TonysTake

      LOOK YOU RACIST CRACKER MF’s… Blacks are not and can never be racist.
      You get that you white azzed pieces of F C$@P? Only whitey slave
      owners are racist and yo better B gibbin me mo free S#!T Bcauz you are
      racist and da roots ob all my probs. Now go die B4 I kill U.

      • Jack Laurie

        That’s not funny!

        • silaxo1

          Tony must be a cop or ex-cop. He seems to know the culture well. No Jack, it isn’t funny, but that is exactly how they feel about you. We either deal with it or do something about it. So far all we have done is dealt with it.

          • Jack Laurie

            The animals will push things as far as they can get away with it…I’m ready to draw the line, but I can’t do it by myself…we need numbers

          • TonysTake

            You got it… and I still have a couple of years before retirement. (got a late start).

        • JobRon

          Jack: I agree, it is NOT funny, but it is the truth as to the way those low-life’s think. I grew up with a black person being my best friend. I didn’t know he was black until I saw him in high school. I told him that I didn’t know he was black. He told me, almost laughing, “ya, I been that way a long time. Those two don’t qualify themselves as humans, white or black.

          • Jack Laurie

            The stink lying media is always trying to tell me anger and bitterness is hereditary, and I disagree…it is taught…I let my children make up their own mind about blacks and they have the same attitude now as I do…there are good ones but most of them have serious problems with hate and low self esteem

      • winki

        I sincerely hope that’s sarcasm.

      • LroF5LFjiB

        How about some free precious metals. Lead!

        • Sunshine Kid

          I think lead is not a precious metal, just common and heavy. But that works to imbue value to it.

      • Rick

        You said that right; just like they talk. No wonder they can’t find a job.

        • TonysTake

          Rick, you are one of the few to see it too. Some thought I was speaking directly to them. What cha gonna do? Anyway, that was pretty mild compared to some of the rap trash I have heard. I can’t understand the words so I looked them up on-line. I’m 63 and been to a rodeo or 10 and what they sing about shocked me. They make sailors look like saints.

          • Sunshine Kid

            I’ve seen what you’ve said – several times. That’s the only reason I disagree with the post. Once had a point, but the point is now worn to a stub. Let’s move on, and work on a solution to the hate madness.

      • Informed

        Yea it is – It’s “right on” LMAO

    • Jack Laurie

      You mean white self-defense, right?

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.we demand an apology from al shiton,jesse Jackson,naacp,obama/ag holder,shelia Jackson,waters,and we want these 2 racist thugs to be tried as adults for murder,and racial hate crimes.

    • missnellie

      We’ll sadly NEVER get one because they don’t think there’s a need!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Proudamerican

    IT IS RACIST!!!! When will people stop allowing these a**holes to decide what is racist or not? Use your own common sense! Racism to them is only what they need to say to get their way and they have NOTHING ELSE! Stop allowing them to decide what is racist immediately and challenge it! Fight for what is right!

    • TonysTake

      No, no. You have it all wrong… You must try to understand the politically correct plight of the black man. Now, if you, your spouse or your children are killed in the process, it’s no problem because there are plenty of white people. If they kill you slowly or act out their sexual urges, that’s O.K. too because whites owned slaves 250 years ago. It is their right to act like animals, just like it’s O.K. for them to act like the racists they can never be. Obama says so!

      • Proudamerican

        Buck ofama

  • Delftsman3

    I agree with your every word I fear the time is drawing close to open the fourh box….

  • Bon Crosby

    It is racial and I am wondering if the blog that is out there to kill white
    people has something to do with these attacks. It gives the green light to these
    kids. This Vet was elderly and small…an easy target. It is tragedy.

  • harleydavidson

    I know the following won’t be popular…but maybe we need the K K K to curb the black mob violence. i am just sick and tired of black mob violence.

    • Nathan51

      These savage animals are giving the KKK everything they ever wanted and validating everything the KKK ever claimed about them. When all Hell comes down on their heads they will have no one to blame but themselves.

      • harleydavidson

        honestly, i was expecting a like of criticism…instead, i see nothing but support. really, i do not want to get back to the old days where Blacks are lynched, but we need an organization to curtail this violence. When the fields are infested with rats, bring in the snakes to control the population of the rats. I know, at some point, we need to make sure the snakes do not become a problem later. with the Black Mob Violence, i just feel we are running out of options. obama is no help, and most of the Black leaders are agitators instead of peace brokers.

        • Nathan51

          They ARE their own worst enemies and their leaders are the main reason why!

        • C. Reed

          I heard Oblunda wants to institute something where “blacks” can only get in trouble so many times a month, year, day? Not sure, but after they fill the quota, they can’t get in trouble anymore. Gee, I am sure that will help mend riffs between the black and white communities! But I am white and do support a lot of the “black” situations. And I really cannot stand Zimmerman, the cold blooded murderer!

          • C. Reed

            No, I don’t believe in violence for anyone. Violence is always wrong and there is no color to it. Wrong is Wrong!

      • Rick

        They wouldn’t have the sense to realize it Nathan.

    • iglood

      Many will admire your thoughts & courage to be honest — we are running out of options on how to stop racism REAL racism of black hate against whites.

    • CompUser

      What we need is the National Guard to go into neighborhoods that local police are afraid to go into, and that have been taken over by gangs.

    • C. Reed

      The KKK never went anywhere. They are still here. They weren’t the answer in yester-year and they are Not the answer now. The answer just might have something to do with the President, in part anyway!

  • Startup999

    Sadly I have spoken to black people who actually believe that prejudice and racism only exist in white people against blacks. I was stunned when I actually showed a back lady the definition of “prejudice.” In a Webster’s Dictionary at work. After reading it she said, “That’s the white man’s dictionary.” How do you counter that kind of ingrained willful ignorance?

  • Startup999

    We need education not hate and ignorance.

  • TonysTake

    LOOK YOU RACIST CRACKER MF’s… Blacks are not and can never be racist. You get that you white azzed pieces of F C$@P? Only whitey slave owners are racist and yo better B gibbin me mo free S#!T Bcauz you are racist and da roots ob all my probs. Now go die.

  • Fran

    A message to All Blacks: It is white men that gave their lives during the Civil War. Thousands upon
    thousands. What is your problem??? No education, No at home fathers?? No religion that teaches to love one another?? Too much down time??? Low self esteem??? What is the problem???

    • C. Reed

      Gee, you aren’t racist are you?

      • Fran

        Since I am not racist as you put it…I wonder how you would answer as to why there is so much violence now a days… by young blacks against whites??? I was questioning as to why young blacks thought violence was an answer… How can love one another be racist??? Just wondering.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    Those young thugs who beat this elderly vet to death were given the okay by Obama and his minions when they said anything a white person does evil to a black man and even not even that s racist, but the reverse is not so. Therefore Obama and his minions gave them and all African-Americans carte blanche to malm and kill every white person in America. I am Canadian and I see that there are more black people coming up here and I am now getting nervous. What if what is going down there, happens up here?

  • ken

    I hate blacks

  • Sunshine Kid

    The blacks are beginning to use Hitler’s tactics: “We need to survive” and “We require living room”. Those two statements Hitler used to justify killing Jews and invading his neighbors.

    The blacks are now beginning to use the same logic, so the next step is for the blacks to attempt to do another holocaust, this time with whites as the primary target. Never mind that the Jews are also ‘white’, so they will be facing another 1936 series of events. It took nine years to stop the madness; can it be stopped this time, or has mankind gone over the edge to become the beast?

  • Light_V_Dark

    It’s not racism because Children Of The Night, RULE¿¿

    So called Christians, have been COWED. AND, ARE WAITIN ON JESUS—GAY¿?

    Proverbs 4;
    18 The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day. 

    19 But the way of the wicked is like total darkness.  They have no idea what they are stumbling over.

  • Duke

    Blacks have become worse then the KKK. They have a President and Attorney General who backs their Racism. I call them Bracists, Black Racists. If you don’t believe we are in a RACE WAR, your head is in the sand.

    • Rick

      At this point, I’m ready for a return of the KKK.

      • Sunshine Kid

        That might be in the works, but I don’t think the white robes will be used; more likely, black ninja costumes.

  • Paul Gilbert

    This is country this country is run by 2 black racists, Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro.

    • Rick

      I’m glad you got obozo’s true name Paul.

  • PrevailingWind

    Who do we turn to for a white civil right leader to speak for us..?? It doesn’t look like the black justice league is going to have any comment about any of the recent savagery. I think we need one for “White Hispanics” as well. Apparently we don’t look enough like the president to have a voice now.??

  • Drosack

    Let’s ask Al Sharpless.

  • RBlakeH

    Start dropping them in their tracks. The law won’t help us so we must vigilanty justice. KILL BLACKS.

  • CompUser

    It’s only racism if a white guy does something against ANY non-white person, or a Hispanic guy does something against any Black person. Any other combination of race and gender doesn’t seem to qualify as racism.

  • PrevailingWind

    I just saw a clip of the MLK Dream speach…. It looks like the ol’ boy finally got his wish … that the day would come when blacks are judged not by the color of their skin…. but by their CHARACTER. Boy if only he could see how far they have come today.!!

  • neenee2k

    The whites are gonna have to start showing that it is not right and we fight back. We need to do exactly what the blacks do when a black is killed by a white and they all come out and attack white just because. IT WAS RACE. WHERE IS THE WHITE HALF OF OBAMA, CHRIS COULD HAVE BEEN A SON OF HIS.

  • duif100

    Under Obama racism has become a constitutional right that is owned by the blacks and the Muslims.
    Congress exempts itself from burdensome laws and in a similar fashion the blacks are exempt from being racists.

  • GinoV

    This is the results of your glorious President and his AH followers.

  • jdbixii

    I would hate to think that they committed the crime because of the fact that they are black. I think most blacks (who think) would reject that idea also. That is why it is “just” or merely a crime. Perhaps being “bored” is a warning they have nothing to live for and nothing to lose. Where is “Neighborhood Watch” when it is needed???

    • Rick

      No good if they aren’t armed.

  • bbnnmm

    ‘Cause Al and his black racist buddies say it isn’t ’cause it doesn’t advance their sick lying agenda, that’s why. Silly white folks.

  • independent35

    We whiteys are the prey and the black race is out to hunt us like animals. When we go along with their agenda we are just plane stupid and we deserve what we get for being such docile sheep.

  • Helen

    Obama, Holder and Sharpton are the biggest racists there are and they have given these young black kids the idea it is okay to go out and murder. In my mind that makes Obama, Holder and Sharpton the real murderers. They have no morals whatsoever. They could not even give you the definition of the word “Moral”.

    • Rick

      Can you even imagine somebody like Sharpton standing up in a pulpit on Sunday morning Helen?

  • BAM

    You can’t pluck savages out of the jungle and expect them to be civilized. This country has been kissing their asses for 50 years………Enough is enough

  • mabbam

    For the same reason you are a racist of you disagree with President Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently the mainstream media agrees with that interpretation because I don’t hear any noise from that direction. The lunatics have run the asylum over the last 41/2 years. If you disagree with Nancy Pelosi , Miss Lube Rack of 1959 does that make you anti-Italian?

  • itsfun

    If Obama had sons, they would look exactly like these 2 thugs.

  • lakehead2

    It is not racist because obama said so.

  • Privatejetsetter

    Why Isn’t it racist? With people like Obama, Holder, Jackson, sharpton…do nothing and as a race war continues, hey further their agenda. As for the in the decorative pocket media? It’s not their agenda… JUST WAIT

  • MichaelLawera

    obummer is on a mission to start another race war, like anything else,those who are getting attacked will soon say ENOUGH and holy hell will back out,,,,,,end resulrs many good people on both sides hurt or killed any barry(POS) gangster al and jesse,how many families do I have w/b sitting back and smiling

  • LroF5LFjiB

    Because we have a f@$)€¥£#g s.o.b. for a president and his minions are godless derelicts!

  • Herr Capitan Fick

    This is all happening because you gutless wonder white cowards have allowedthem to do it to you! You morons deserve everything you’re getting! You’re going to get more before it’s over!!!!!

  • jb80538

    This is just thugs being thugs. Time to eliminate some thugs!

  • trueright

    It is not racist, because “sharpie boy” and “jackie boy” says it is not. Also the liberal turd brains say it is not. So evidently, it is not racism.

    But I am just wondering if the scenario was reversed, and it was a brown person that got beaten up and killed by 3 “whities”. WHAM, BAM, BANG – And the rest is history.

  • Paul Brown

    This guy is so right about these little pigs. The Real American Patriots need to pick up our arms again and this time against the blacks of this country in order to show ovomit this kind ofcrap is not going to be accepted in OUR country, NOT HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wolfman4u

    Because of the liberal media we now have a racial double standard in America

  • mpdmd

    Because Jackasses Rule thanks to elephant lethargy

    • JobRon

      mpdmd: Lethargy my fat foot!! Outright stealing of the election with nothing being said by the repubs: 59 precincts in one state went 100% for Nobummmmer, a statistical impossibility; 147% of voters in one area in the state of Florida I believe. Nevada, city of lost wages, voters trying to vote for Romney tried 4 to 5 times before Romney’s name went through. What happened to the other 3 or 4 votes? Well George Soros owns the company from Italy that counted the votes. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

  • renipo


  • joespenthouse

    And the band played on!! The pig obuma is responsible for all the evil in our world and i mean all of it,from day one he has proven that he is uneducated idiot that was bought and paid for by whiteeee and he has no clue,all he knows is what he see,s in the mirror. Fellow patriots please be out on Sept 11th,this may be the time we have been waiting for to do it our selves since the gov,isnt listening to us. obuma is trash pure out of the toilet trash and must be stopped,the number of people turning their back is on believable,but it,s still our country and we have every right to take it back.

  • Robert Govan

    This beating is just another BS media hoax. Like the Sandy hook hoax, George Zimmerman hoax, Chris Lane hoax. Mind control over the child masses. Order out of chaos.

  • rs1123

    It was random! Really! They would have beaten to death ANY old white person they found!

  • Ken Osborn

    I see it’s going to be an uncivil ‘Race War’. We should put Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on the front lines since their the ones fanning the fire… Then after the ‘Race War’ is over then we have to deal with Islam, you know, those ‘Piece Loving’ Muslim’s, you know the ones that love to blow themselves and anyone around them into pieces for the infamous 72 virgins. Oh, and talk bad about Islam and you will be beheaded, gee, just the kind of people I want taking over my Country…
    Take your Sharia Law and go back to where you came from and do the world a favor, blow your camel smelly asses to bits!!!
    RIP Delbert “Shorty” Belton

  • Tony

    The Obama’s and most blacks…94% are racist too…

  • Tony

    Post Script: I wish the senior WAS armed, was able to protect himself and saved society having to deal with these punks ever again…

  • Kathleen

    jAs I remember it something was said early on in this administration at the time the DOJ was being pushed to do something about the “New Black Panthers” at the voting stations walking around intimidating white folks. Wasn’t it OB who said it isn’t a crime if it’s black on whites? Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is the attitude coming from the WH.

  • popham

    There are now a total of five, yes five black-on-white violent murders in recent weeks,
    buut not a single word from the Trayvon Martin race-bating White House.
    The hypocrisy screams at us.

  • Kookie

    It most certainly was racist. And, have anyone noticed it’s always 2 or more or a gang of blacks, not just one, which shows what cowards they are.

  • Kookie

    If it wasn’t racists, could it be there are no black WW11 veteran heroes?

  • craig

    This is now being looked at like …Just another white persons life taken..for the struggle of black America…….PATHETIC

  • steve69licks

    The time has come people when it’s going to be up to us to take back this country. Congress and the
    Senate plus the Supreme Court have all been taken over by traitors. What is wrong with the Secret
    Service that they protect a man who is destroying our country, don’t they take the oath to serve and
    protect this country first. Why doesn’t the military step in and say enough is enough?

  • Marianne

    Answer: You can’t be racist if you are black. That’s what I heard from a black person. The only people who can be racists are white people.

  • ScarletDove

    This passionate video commenter is absolutely correct on all counts. This sick and racist Obama, Holder and Co giving exemptions to blacks and enforcing only laws they choose, is laying the groundwork for a civil war in the US…..

  • Wayne

    It may be racist but the man may have also been half black on one of his parents side as Zimmermann is.

    • ScarletDove

      Wayne, please explain……..

      • Wayne

        He may have been murdered for various reasons like the two in Oklahoma, out of boredom unless they tell us they did it because he was white.
        No matter what the excuse it is still murder!!!

  • ddean62

    Age and reflective response is immmaterial. There is numerous outer garments on the maket, police supply local businesses and online sales thant sell these garments. The average gun fight lasts approximately 5 to 6 seconds, is within a 3 feet range, and three shots are fired. You can buy a shirt, coat or jacket with a reenforced pocket holster. all you have to do is put your hand in the pocket holster and pull the trigger. A Colt Defender, or another pocket gun, will fit neatly. At 5 to 10 feet a .45 caliber round will blow your attempted murderer back a number of feet, depends on the circumstance. You will stop your murderer any place the round strikes him. Remember the human body is approximately 85% water. Water does not absorb energy, it spreads energy through the dedium. The hydrostatic shock from the impact of the round will spread through you murderer’s body. If you pull the trigger you will live. Your murderer’s plight is of no concern to you.

  • Dempseycoleman

    We can not be Honest with Negro Anything in America.
    Even on FOX in order to discuss the Negro Crap they
    have to have 2 Democrats to argue the Sensible Reason
    I am not trying to say Republican side of the Argument
    just Sensible to be HalFast Fair

  • AZ BOB

    try stopping your bulls#^T remarks and do something like contacting the news media, there advertisers and sponsors , cancelling the liberal newspapers and magazines. You all sound like the welfare recipients voting for the Liberals for more, more ,more

  • marineh2ominer

    When they passed that hate crime law it was implied with a wink and a nod that it would only apply to white heterasexuals .

  • Anthony Alexander

    White Anglo Saxons are the only group in the US that can still be discriminated against…why?? White people are needed to be the reason for blacks in ability to progress through society in maintaining the Marxist Democratic myth…This is the myth Marxists Democrats have successfully created and sold to black people for YEARS…..The Democrats for years have used blacks as pawns in the democratic Marxist machine for votes and ply their social science despite all the evidence against it. It is, in fact, bad science fiction.

    Playing upon black’s fears, poverty and situations to craft the democrat’s myths and social science and propaganda for votes unfortunately, blacks buy into it and in essence these Marxists Democrats want blacks as victims with a victim mentality to buy into the democratic Marxist doctrines. So they create equal opportunity laws to continue and maintain the myth for votes and power.

    These typical old outdated myths…and creating a victimization atmosphere are what the Marxists like Obama Holder, Reid, Pelosi and race baters like Sharpton, Maddox, Jackson and the other big mouth “tax free reverends” do. They use the old tactic of putting attention away from the real issues and putting them on the oldest scapegoat….white Anglo Saxon man, guns. Etc.

    Rather than leading people to taking responsibility for their own actions they self-manufacture myths to perpetrate the victim mentality. They also create and perpetrate crisis’s and spin doctor their way clear of them and pin it on someone or something else They are professional political magicians…..But in the end its all smoke and mirrors made to brainwash.

    Today it comes from the current Obama Marxist democrat machine. I know a lot of professional blacks who refuse to buy into the myths and shed themselves of the victimization attitude that seem prevalent in US blacks and have become great success stories that the Democrat Marxists and their mainstream media propaganda machine do not report, WHY??….it runs counter to their story telling myths of victimization….I know if I were black I would be pissed off at those who create, perpetrate and continue in this instigating political victimization of blacks….so long as these people maintain power and the vote fraud problem is not solved this white discrimination will continue

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Ask the s.o.b. racist in the white house!

  • Jude

    The Founding Fathers thought it may come to this w/2nd amendment – enemies foreign & DOMESTIC

  • yaki534

    We won’t hear a word from Obummer, Sharpton or Jackson, Oh, don’t forget to add ML King III, too. All are race baiters. It is ok for blacks to kill.Black or white.

  • William Walizer

    Hey, Barrack, that could have been my Grandfather or Uncle. Do I hear you make a commnent like you did about Treyvon ? No, you, our so called president is a racist in “spades”

  • Deepizzaguy

    Where is Jay Zee, his wife Beyonce, Jaime Foxx,, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton raising a stink? Oh I forgot. Hiding under their desks.

  • You_Are_Entitled_To_My_Opinion

    Mr. Obama, You had a white Mother. You are not half black. You are HALF WHITE! This 88 year old man could have been your Grandfather. You know!? The man who raised you! He could have been your Uncle, or your Great Uncle.! You, Mr. Obama, as a HALF WHITE, now must give equal time to the other half of your heritage. You MUST speak out to the WHITE side of your heritage, since you have spoken out to the black side, now is the time to address the white side.

    Do you tell your girls about the white Grandparents that raised you? You know? The ones that physically raised you, not the phantom black Father that turned his back on you, but the white Grndparents that were there for you?

    The blacks in this country only represent 13% of the population. The white population, non-hispanic or latino is 62% or 73%, depending upon how it is counted. So you need to address this 62% of your people, your white half, and show your disdain for the 2 black kids that killed this white man , just as you showed your disdain towards Zimmerman in the Zimmerman-Martin Case. You need to let this 88 year old man’s family know this was an inexcusable crime.

    You play the race card at every opportunity, Mr. Obama. We are waiting for you to make your calling to your other half, Mr. Half White. Only then will you have earned the title of “Mr. President.” When you have shown that you serve as President to us all.

  • Arizona_Don

    It is raciest but neither the media nor the blacks will ever say such a thing even some liberal progressive (communistic) white Democrats will not. In the black mind set only a white can be raciest.

  • southie55

    The so called media makes the decision on what should be called raciest.

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