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Why Colin Powell Voted For Obama Twice

  • chetohimler

    Mr. Colin Powell, as Cyndi Lauper puts it…” I see your true colors”…..With all due respect Sir, just transfer to the other Battalion. I’m glad you’re not my General. I’d hate to go to war with someone that is going to change his strategy, values and morals..

  • SAY

    He voted for obama because he is black the same reason I voted for white guy when I didn’t like him

  • VirgoVince

    Because he’s an idiot libturd????

  • Herkpilot

    Colin Powell voiced weak rationale for his switch…while on activity duty he asked me to work hard and improve my unit. Why does he now work hard to shred the Constitution we once defended together? Sad day indeed!!

  • tod

    That’s Easy,Because He’s a RACIST !!!

  • chief1937

    He was once a great patriot but I believe he has let race enter in his thinking and that disappoints me as an x military.

  • Harold

    There is only one reason, Colin Powell is a racist.

  • Harold

    Colin Powell never was a republican nor a conservative.

  • steve holmes

    He’s OWNED by the elite who are for a New World Order, just as o’bama, congress, and the supreme court are

  • Not fooled

    Wow, used to think this guy was smart, intelligent etc. What do they put in that cool aid? Whatever it is, it erases ones ability to think rationally. And yes, the only actual real reason he voted for Obama, is because of his skin color. nuf said.

  • Josie

    Amazing! Sad to say that the once highly respected Col. Powell sold the US out for skin color but no one is supposed to point it out. Why is he so sensitive to someone reminding him that he is of color? Or what is wrong with the current DC administration and it’s failures and how he went along? He is one of the very few real hero’s of the African American race and now he is just going along. Very disapointing to say the least.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Well there are still quite a few fine African American heroes and Lt. Col. Allen West still has my respect. I lost a great deal of respect for Gen. Powell when he served as GW Bush’s Secretary of State.

      • Josie

        I agree Lt. Col. Allen West is a true American hero. No offense. What I meant is that I always held Col. Powell the a high standard and now I feel that I was hoodwinked. I think that it is more damaging that being a true hero, I think he is letting the African American race down by not guiding them out of their stupor, now that he has the greatest chance to reach them. I am white and I would have gladly voted for him for Pres at one point in time (for his honor and character and not the color of his skin). I guess now I am glad that he has revealed his true stand but I am disapointed just the same.

  • Tnc Del

    Powell is a Bilderberg globalist. The New World Order has infiltrated the GOP and completely hijacked the Democrat Party. Look at how many TRAITOR Republicans like Marco Rubio, John Boehner, John McCain, etc. are pushing the globalist plot to dissolve our border trying to attract as many job-stealing illegals here as possible. Both Bush’s support the globalist agendas like NAFTA, amnesty, etc.

  • harleydavidson

    He kept referring to “we” as being a Republican. But “most” of his views are liberal. Why not just move to the Democratic Party? Why is he hanging on to the Republican title? It’s like saying you’re a Catholic but you disagree with the Ten Commandments. Why belong to a party that does not align with your values? Can we say Hypocrisy?

  • Relayman

    I would bet a months pay, if Colin Powell were white, we never would heard of him. Purely a product of his cheerleaders needing any black person for their purpose, and he was simply in the right place at the right time.

  • Jakebrake

    There is only one reason a so-called Republican would change and vote for a Demorat. He is a racist.

  • Jim

    You ask any other African American and they will tell you that they voted for Obama because he’s a “brother” or that he’s given them pride because he’s black. They are at least being honest why they voted for Obama.
    Colin Powell is well spoken enough so he is able to lie with ease, convincing people that race had nothing to do with his decision.
    Face it General Powell, you voted for Obama because he is black.

  • TPM

    Powell said he admired Obama’s economic platform and that is why he voted for him.
    OK, maybe you buy Obama’s BS, in 2008. But, after 4 years of dreadful economic performance, you can’t vote for Obama again, on the basis of his economic platform.
    His 2nd vote for Obama was a bit more telling. Powell voted for Obama because he’s black. Period.

  • harry mole

    c. powell was a very poor student in college. Barely had a C average. The bar was lowered for him because he is a negro. He is Not a Republican! He is a sad example of leadership.

  • lance

    Because he’s going after votes ! He’s too smart to have made it to general to be that dumb . He’s mirly changing colors not his spots . Double talk he knows better than what he says . Just an idea . Not a fact .

  • rmwayne

    He’s like 99% of the other blacks. He hates white people and he’ll always vote for his own. That’s just the way they are and the sooner white people see this the better off we’ll be. As for the economy, it’s worse than ever. After the first of the year I started paying more taxes than I’ve ever paid and I’m definitely not making a quarter of a million a year. Not even close. Powell is using these economy excuses to support his communist dictator. This clown should never even have been let into the armed forces, much less ever become a general.

  • ObamasSuks

    Same reason 96% of the Black females voted for Obama…RACISM -period-

  • Patriot41

    Colin Powell is so full of crap, that there is no believability in what he says. NO voter ID so that every citizen would vote? It is not the citizen voter that is responsible for the fraud, but the illegals who are allowed to vote at the polls. They do not even have to prove who they are or where the live in order to cast a ballot. Every legal citizens in this country, has two years to register between election time. If that is not adequate time for a citizen to properly register, then that citizen should not vote!

    I have followed Sarah Palin for over four years now and have yet to hear her make any prejudice remarks about any minorities. It is Colin Powell who is prejudice and has been for years.

    • har82

      Wrong Patriot. The responcible people for voter fraud are the – ENTIRE – DNC ,, and all thier supporters. they ,, are the ones who put all that together.

      What we need is another 1946 Athens Tennessee skirmish ….
      And this time ,, leave none to prosecute ..

  • Don

    I respect Colin Powell, the man. However, his take on voter fraud is somewhere in left field. Numerous
    cases of voter fraud and registration have been brought to light in the last two elections.
    He REFUSES to acknowledge a documented problem. Why???? (The Liberal Left Would Claim Racism,
    Had It Been An Issue On Their Side.
    Great interview Mr. O.

    • har82

      I respect the – uniform – he wore. That ,, is as far as I am willing to take it. The – man – himself is a lying sack of cow manure. Frankly,, I hope he never wears it again.

      • Sol_of_Texas

        A soldier, sailor, marine, or airman must salute the uniform, but not necessarily the man.

  • budman

    It was very evident in the interview that Colin Powell refuses to acknowledge the failures of the Obama Administration or the fact that there was rampant fraud in the last election. All of the key states in the election, especially Ohio and Florida proved there was massive fraud.
    Colin Powell also refuses to admit that Obama may not be an American by birth when there is evidence by Obama’s self admission, twice and on video that he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii as he claims. He cannot say he has not seen or heard this as it was all over the internet clearly showing him as he spoke the words.
    I think the point on Powell’s dislike with the Republicans was not about the weapons of mass destruction thing but a bitter disagreement between him and others in the Bush Administration and Bush chose to
    favor his close friend and confident over Powell’s views and this is what turned him off. I do not believe Powell is still in support of the Republican Party and he is correct on a few issues that the establishment Republicans have their head in the sand on.

  • Centurian2010

    Because prejudice among blacks is much greater in today’s world than it is with whites. Colin Powell is a typical liberal racist.

  • Bob Marshall

    If Republicians would just give in to same sex marriage, homosexuals, abortions, the legalizing of 11 million illegals to vote they would receive more votes from these groups next time. In other words accept a socialist type of government for the United States as dreamed by Karl Marx.

    • har82

      In other words, just become communist democraps . :)

  • har82

    – powell – is one of the biggest piece of camel dung to ever sit and lie ,, about his political racist bull s h i t .
    Just because the A – hole was a two bit – wannabe general – doesn’t make him a republican. The only way he got promoted in the first place is because he was the right color for the rest of them political scum in the leadership of the military.
    The – only – reason he voted for that muslim trash is because he has the same ideals and is black as well.

  • apgreco

    If this were my interview, the very first question I would ask him would be: ‘General Powell, please tell me what about you IS Republican’? The problem with a RINO like Powell is that if you want to find a racist republican, you can find one. If Obama says that he is lazy at times (and he has said that about himself) then if a Republican repeats that same comment, does that mean you are racist? I don’t like Obama because of his policies and where he is taking this country. It has nothing to do about his race. I would vote for Allen West in a New York minute if he were to run for President if he were running against Obama. Am I still racist because I voted against Obama? What a joke…..and a red herring.

    • Dennis VanMeter

      Very well said

  • cbj

    Why would an American General vote for Adolph Obama?
    Because he is Benedict Powel.


    this guy is so irrelavant who cares who he voted for , whatever good he did as a military leader was stumped by his left wing attitude, and to think this is another clown that almost made it to the oval office.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      POP — Did you mean trumped (not stumped)? Just hoping to be sure I understand what you meant.

    • Joel Patti


  • Mort Leith

    Because he’s a racist two-face littlePrik that’s why

  • lou7

    Because he is a lying democrat. He was a great general and a great back-stabber. Thank you sir.

  • denis

    Hate to say it but, It is a black man voting for a black man. Politics really not involved here.

  • Millard Huff

    TRYING to talk to an obama supporter is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.


    Used the whites to get power and money, repaid them with voting for Obuma
    twice. News flash we have no government like the Matrix, we live in a psuedo
    world. Zionist world bankers own us everything and they are pushing the New
    World Order, he is one of their whores.

  • Bizz

    We can’t have 2 parties that support the same idiology! We have people in this country that want conservative values. Hell the last election was 51% BHO and 48% MR. Am I to believe that the 48% of Americans that voted against Odumma, don’t have a voice in this country.

  • Charlene Grinder

    This sub-human is an idiot.

    • George

      “Caw he be black.” Deep South .

  • Seediore

    It boggles the mind that Colin Powell is not choking on all the baloney he’s dishing out. He is so full of it! There’s a thin veneer of intelligence and sophistication, but his true kool-aid colors come to the surface as soon as he opens his mouth. Clearly his values are not conservative, the question is, were they ever? I doubt it. How can he be so hyper sensitive to the “level of intolerance” in the GOP and be so BLIND to the “level of intolerance” on the left. He disgusts me!

  • gypsy314

    because he is a negro


    Screw you colin and your son obammy too

  • Hatchet

    Colin Powell What a disapointment!!

  • ste1021

    He voted for Obama twice because he’s black. End of story.

  • mrsuggs

    Wow!What a weasel and very untruthful on his beliefs about Republicans. He said we are racist,do not care about non whites,demographics changing etc. and did not admit he call us racist.I would not want to e in a fox hole with this guy. Defends Mr O.Never once having a problem with how Mr O is purposely trying to harm our Country on so many fronts-financial,allies,racist remarks,illegals,75% illegimate birth rate in Black culture,50% in Latinos illegally here,middle east total break down,no boarder protection,no USA drilling for oil or nat gas,anti business,racist DOJ,out of control spending,spurns our allies,saddles future generations with un payable debt.These are just some of what the President and Liberal Socialist Democrates are doing to our Country and this weasel can vote for and campaign for this party is plain anti American.

  • Nellie CA

    Powell can’t be that stupid or did he get paid off?

  • Dr Dave

    Why did Powell vote twice for Obama, because he is Black… no other reason!

  • Jose Renato

    Who in hell really believes that C.Powell voted for Obama for any other reason than he is a black just like him. He knows damned well that if he voted for Romney, all the blacks in this country would turn on him and label him an Uncle Tom. He would have voted the same way even if Herman Cain ran against Obama. It would be great to see him explain to his people why he didn’t vote…

  • andy

    because they are both BLACK or BROWN

  • UScitizen

    Is Powell drunk? Republicans are shifting to the right, I only wish it were so.
    I would not be suprised if he had a hammer & scythe or an Arab scimitar tatooed on his chest, I wouldn’t even consider him fit to be called a RINO. This man was our General! God Please help our country!

  • Steve Hughes

    NEVER thought I’d say this about a man I respected so deeply for so many years. I can even understand being fooled once, in 2008. But your vote in 2012 is inexcusable. A “right shift” justifies a vote for Socialism and dictatorship, sir? Mr. Powel, may I suggest, respectfully and in all sincerity, that you have an Alzheimer exam immediately? My father lost his ability to think rationally early in his batle with that horrible disease, and I’m afraid you are slipping away.

  • pat

    The reason he voted the way he did was obvious before he answered the questions. Then his defense of the obviously failing policies of this administration on the grounds that criticism is racist, just cemented that reason. Trying to regulate what words are used on the grounds that certain words, such as “lazy” is racist code? Now we cannot even speak? Is there some secret Black panel of people who get to decide which words are ok and which are racist? If so, they might want to also consider words such as cracker, whitey, honkie,red neck, etc as ill concealed racist words.
    I also really hate his use of Social Security, which we pay to have, as a justification for the real entitlement programs which the recipients did nothing but fail in life in order to qualify for. I am not speaking of the relatively small number who have genuine emergencies and need a hand up to get back on their feet; I am speaking of those who are the product of welfare programs, who feed and breed on the money we earn, and do not make any effort to do otherwise.

  • Plaintruths

    It is sad that people ceom to the US to be part of a system that worked well. But they insist on the system changing to fit their ideas rather than changing to fit the successful system. Sadder still is people such as Powell who are so blinded that they support changing the system to match the failed systems the people fled.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I think that Powell, like McCain, was once an American hero. Unfortunately, they’ve both been in politics, and hanging around Washington, so long that their legacies have become debased.

  • Raymond

    Because evil supports evil.

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