When The Democrat Rep Is Asked: ‘Have Liberal Policies Have Failed Baltimore?’

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace quizzed Representative Donna Edwards (D-MD) Sunday morning on whether the liberal policies that critics say have dominated Baltimore over the past four decades could be blamed for inequality and tensions between black communities and police highlighted by last week’s protests. “A lot of people, frankly conservatives, have pointed out that Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor in fifty years,” Wallace said. “Is it unfair to say that liberal policies have failed Baltimore?” “No, I think it’s been unfairly spread,” Edwards said. “Just prior to the Freddie Gray incident mayor was actually prevailing upon our Republican governor to release money for school funding.” Wallace responded that Baltimore already had one of the highest school funding rates in the nation. “Baltimore was already spending plenty for public schools and the schools were still lousy,” he said. “Well, there’s uneven spending in the public schools,” Edwards replied. “We have a lot of questions to ask, and they’re not questions that are only for Republicans…about where we’re going to make investments in our communities, so that the only investment isn’t on the backend in law enforcement.”

via Mediaite

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