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What’s an Assault Rifle? …for Dummies

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    I really appreciate these efforts to help libs understand. The problem is that they DO understand and still want to take away the 2nd amendment. This is not about guns, assault weapons or knives or anything but control. They want control and know they can’t have it until all Americans have been subdued and disarmed.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      A good lib/socialist will never permit facts to interfere with the message.

      • TheSunDidIt

        Has anyone else noticed that the Democrats and “progressives” have the same old, tired, worn out ideas as STALIN?? Just saying. It didn’t go well for Russia and it REALLY won’t go well in the USA. Under the Czar, they didn’t REALLY have “freedom” before the October Revolution. And after it, they had SLAVERY. So, they have only known ANY form of freedom for a very short period of time. And, that’s gone now with the KGB running things (Putin). So, does ANYONE see this happening in the USA without AT LEAST as much “trouble” as there was for the Russian people? Don’t forget all you “elites”, you are some of the first the “new society” will rid itself of. Hope you enjoy standing in front of the post (or kneeling in front of that open pit). Do not tell me that is not where the ultimate end of this does not end up.

  • JJ_Swiontek

    I can’t get to the pop-up button. The Pause/Mute bar pops up over it and will not go away.

  • David B.

    They will never ever gain the upper hand.As you all have seen gun sales are going up and not just for one reason only. The American people are almost fed up enough to declare war on the Elitists in D.C.! The funny thing is the military won’t take their side that’s why they’re going all out on a ban of all weapons! News flash for you bozos it will never ever happen!

    • Rachel

      The military will follow orders. They are govt employees. Sorry, I hate to think that, but I’m pretty sure it’s true.

      • edodaniel

        SOME of the military would indeed follow orders to confiscate firearms or to fire on protestors.

        The majority of the military however will hold to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic and will disobey such an illegal order.

        • Rachel

          I hope you are right…I fear you are not. I know all the Vets will stand with we, the people, and honor their oath. But active military? They are trained to follow orders. And as we can see lately, even many of the Generals tend to be more like political climbers than military leaders. I no longer trust ANYONE who works for the Federal Govt.

          • edodaniel

            Yes, the military is trained to follow orders but they are also trained to not follow illegal orders.

            Talk to some service members as I do every time I go shopping at the commissary and you would see that there is very little support for Obama and his policies. Obama made a BIG mistake when he apologized to Afghanistan for actions taken by US troops in self defense. NO ONE should apologize for their military protecting itself against terrorists.

            Homeland Security and AFT personnel are the ones to be really concerned with. They and their leadership are already calling veterans and gun owners in general “potential domestic terrorists” because we are willing to fight for our rights as were the founders of this country.

            Tench Coxe, of Pennsylvania:

            “The militia, who are in fact the effective part of the people at large, will render many troops quite unnecessary. They will form a powerful check upon the regular troops, and will generally be sufficient to over-awe them.” — An American Citizen, Oct. 21, 1787

            “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . . The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” — The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788

            “As the military forces which must occasionally be raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the next article (of amendment) in their right to keep and bear their private arms.” — Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789

          • Rachel

            Oh I am completely distrustful of HSA, AFT, FBI, EPA, etc, etc. Our govt has no respect for our Constitution nor for us, anymore. That is crystal clear.
            I will pray it be so.

          • RacerJim

            There may well be very little support for Obama and his policies in our current military and our military also may well be trained to disobey illegal orders, but everytime a member of our current military has disobeyed what they believed was an illegal order they have been Courts Martialed, imprisioned, relieved of Command, etc., etc without any other member of our current military covering their back.

          • Rachel


          • RacerJim

            I agree with you Rachel. As a Vietnam Veteran I have faith that the majority of Veterans would honor their oath and stand with “We the people…”. However, based upon what I’ve seen since the usurper was elected in 2008, I have very little faith that our active duty military would do likewise…especially/specifically Admirals and/or Generals.

          • Ben Rollins

            Rachel, you don’t seem to get it. Active military are constantly told that it is their duty to DISOBEY unlawful orders. I’m convinced that most active military will stand their ground and disobey any unlawful orders.

          • Rachel

            They’ll do what their commanding officer tells them to do. Now what will the commanding officer tell them? That depends on the officer and if he’s more interested in getting a promotion or honoring his oath. Look at what happens in today’s PC world….gay military weddings, gay soldiers marching in parades in uniform, etc. Soldiers prosecuted for doing their job well in a war zone! This is NOT our grandfather’s military. You have more faith in today’s military than I do. But I TRULY hope you are right and I am wrong. In fact I PRAY I am wrong.

        • The Jester

          I agree with edodaniel. There are many active military who will not obey illegal orders. I’m one of them.

          • Rachel

            Bless you for that. Are you sure your fellow soldiers feel the same way?

          • The Jester

            Yes, I DO. A lot of them WON’T follow illegal orders. I speak to MANY all the time and they express similar things that I do.

        • RacerJim

          EVERY member of our active duty military, enlisted/NCO and/or Officer, who has upheld their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution by disobeying what they believed was an illegal order from the current President/CINC has been relieved of Command, Courts Martialed, imprisoned and/or Dishonorably Discharged with loss of all benefits.

          • Rachel

            EXACTLY! Men of honor are no longer valued in the military. They are ousted. The Communists have no only infiltrated the media, education, the Justice Dept, Congress and the White House. They’ve infiltrated the Pentagon and they are in the field.

        • Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret.)

          As a retired Navy Veteran, I like to believe that the majority of my comrades would NOT follow such an unconstitutional order.

        • CesarCris

          I think you are right. I certainly hope military members will recognize the constitution as the higher authority than their superiors. Do not ever let them get brainwashed that the constitution is out of fashion.

      • Pclages

        Flag rank officers doubtless would follow orders. Junior enlisted ?

      • 2War Abn Vet

        It wasn’t so many years ago that icholas Chauchescu attempted to have the Romanian military subdue the people. Instead they turned on him. When you consider that Romania didn’t have the history of freedom that our nation does, it should give any tyrant – or wanna-be tyrant – pause.

        • Rachel

          I remember Ceausescu and what happened. But I highly doubt the Romanian military was as trained and disciplined as ours…nor as trusting in their commanders. Who in our history would ever have distrusted U.S. Generals? Well, I distrust them now. But I am not in the military. I hope our well trained soldiers can tell the difference between a lawful and an unlawful order. Though I’m sure Obama would just change the laws with a stroke of his pen so that “unlawful orders” will now be lawful. Then what?

          • The Jester

            You’re assuming that all service-members are just mindless stupid dolts. WE are NOT. A lot are very intelligent and are smart enough to know the difference between a legal and an illegal order. All of your comments have been incredibly insulting and degrading towards the military.

          • Rachel

            I don’t mean to sound insulting or degrading. I love our troops and have nothing but respect for the troops. It’s their commanding officers I no longer trust. The troops are young and well trained…and I fear they will follow orders no matter what the orders are because they will be TOLD the orders are legal. Hell their Commander in Chief has no qualms about signing Executive Orders that countermand the Constitution. And those commanders that have bucked the new system have been punished for doing so.

          • The Jester

            In addition, you state multiple times you distrust the military yet you AREN’T even in the military. Why don’t you LISTEN to those who are actually in??? There are all types of personnel in the service. In my 21 years, I have met some great ones, some mediocre ones and some outright crappy ones. And within those, there are some smart ones and dumb ones. Not everyone is an automaton as you insinuate.

      • Carlos

        Most military personnel, I’ve talked to, have no respect for pResident Obo. I don’t think he’ll be able to wield the military, the way most dictators do.

        • Rachel

          I know they have no respect for him (why would they?). But they DO have respect for their commanding officers…and their CO’s are the ones giving them their orders. I think most will obey. Though there are many who won’t obey an illegal order coming down from a fraud President.

    • Apatriot2

      BO is removing the higher ranking military personal who will not fire on civilians. This is being equated by taking a test that the Prez and company are having them take.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    I personally prefer semiautomatics to full automatics because there is less wasted ordinance – a reward for good marksmanship. Full automatics can put up a “wall of lead” but poor luck or marksmanship can quickly use up all of one’s ammunition.

    Oh yeah, and the progressives don’t care about semiautomatic or not. They want to prohibit citizen ownership of anything from a brown bess musket to bolt action rifles to shotguns to derringers. Government knows best and so it’s okay that when seconds count, law enforcement is just minutes away.

  • Oblahblah blah blah blah

    It seems that making murder a crime is not enough – now, they have to make self-defense illegal as well!

  • The Jester

    This is false. The term “assault rifle/weapon” is a deceptive political term designed to demonize and elicit fear from those who do not understand firearms. It is based on the emotional rhetoric of “OMG, it looks nasty” mentality. In the end, it is purposely meant to keep opening the door, bit by bit, to a full fledge confiscation of ALL firearms.

  • pointdan

    Too bad you weren’t aiming at Nanny Mayor Bloomberg . . . .
    Just kidding Mr Nanny Mayor. BUT I do have a 32 oz soda in my hand !! Up yours, Moron.

  • Wolf-Talker-1

    My bolt action 22 rifle with it’s 10 round clip is an assult weapon, once the clip is empty I can assult someone by using it as a club, let’s ban this type of rifle too!

  • Pclages

    I would define a ‘ machine gun ‘ as a belt-fed, crew-served weapon firing a full-power round. Shoulder-fired rifles such as pictured may be either semi-auto, full-auto, or burst-capable, but are not ‘machine guns’, imo. Not that this means squat with regard to the current debate.

  • Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret.)

    This would have been more effective without the overriding music. If the music was felt to be needed to improve the clip explanation, it should have been at a quiet background level instead of nearly obscuring the vocal level.

  • Mitchel Farr

    Let’s fantasize for a few minutes. First things first. They get rid of the 2nd amendment or circumvent it. That’s the first objective of the Progressives or whatever you want to call them. The second objective and you should have heard the POTUS discuss it a few times, is to have a civilian Army as large as our current military. That force has been building for sometime and consists of Union personnel out of the TSA, SEIU and a few other, primarily Union organizations being developed by the present administration. With Sequestration, our current military will be reduced to a very small force compared to it’s present size. With the removal of most of the privately owned arms, we now have a civilian force that can control the population of the USA. Dictatorship anyone?

  • Mitchel Farr

    I like your definition of an assault weapon, but have you read Frankenstein’s? Now that is not her name is it? Check Senator Feinstein’s definition so you know where they are headed.

  • Nanny Government

    They started with banning all firearms in the U.K. due to one or two nut cases over about a 20 year period. Most criminals hung on to their illegal gun, and now commit crimes freely on a daily basis. The British Police are now armed, they were once unarmed when ordinary people could own guns.
    But quite Ordinary people began carrying knives for protection against their still armed street thugs. Now the Police are banning kitchen knives in homes ! Chefs will most likely have to keep their tools of trade locked up and serial numbered and licensed of course – see where this going folks ?

  • JC

    Wow! For me to detest Liberals, especially Micheal Moore any more than I do…I’d have to be bigger!

  • Jerry Casey

    I fully understand the functional difference of these two separate weapons. Do you think there is any chance in hell that the electorate will get it?

  • chetohimler

    The bottom line is…coat hanger’s. Planned Parenthood and Obamacare kill more children than guns do, and that’s a fact jack.

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