What is Communism? Most Americans Don’t Know

What is communism? Most Americans don’t know. That’s the problem. The communist survivors, who came to the US to escape Communism, they know. They warned us not to vote Obama. No one listened. This communist propaganda media so powerfully controls our culture. In ten short years, TV shows made homosexuality socially acceptable. (Read David Kupelian’s book, The Marketing of Evil). Are you afraid to say certain things? Yes? Then, communism is here. If you own a gun, are you on a “watch list?” “No fly list?” Can the government take your passport away just for owning a gun? Are you strip searched by the TSA? Is your private property going to be seized by the government? (http://www.takingliberty.us)(http://www.agenda21today.com) Good news? We are America. We could eliminate communism if more Americans understood. But we have to move fast. Go to: http://www.rightmarch.com

via VictoriaJacksonShow.com

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