WH Gets Tongue-Tied Trying To Explain If Climate Change Is A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

During his interview with Vox, published online Monday, President Barack Obama said he believes the media “absolutely” overstates the threat of terrorism compared to longer-term problems like climate change and used the word “random” to describe last month’s attack on a kosher deli in Paris. At today’s White House press briefing, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl pressed Press Secretary Josh Earnest to explain what exactly the president was trying to say. Earnest began by describing how the threat of terrorism for ordinary Americans has changed since 9/11 (though, for some reason, he referred to it as September 1, 2011). “Because of actions that have been taken by the previous administration and this administration, terrorist organizations no longer have that same capacity and that means that the risk that is facing the American people is different,” he said. “Is the president saying, as he seems to be implying here, that the threat of climate change is greater than the threat of terrorism?” an incredulous Karl asked. “The point that president is making is that there are many more people on an annual basis who have to confront the impact, the direct impact on their lives of climate change or on the spread of a disease than on terrorism,” Earnest replied, repeating some variation of that statement four times as Karl continued to demand a yes or no answer on whether Obama believes climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism for Americans.

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