‘We’re Done’: See Why CNN Host Cuts This Conservative Guest’s Mic & Ends Segment

CNN host Don Lemon cut a guest’s mic and ended a news segment Tuesday after the conservative commentator refused to stop bringing up former President Bill Clinton’s sex life. Columnist Kurt Schlichter was invited on Lemon’s program to discuss Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Hillary Clinton’s brief disappearance from Saturday night’s debate. Trump said Monday the reason for Clinton’s brief absence was too “disgusting” to talk about. But Schlichter, who said he doesn’t support Trump’s candidacy, refused to condemn the Republican frontrunner. Instead, he repeatedly contended the billionaire’s brash rhetoric pales in comparison to Bill Clinton, who “turned the Oval Office into a frat house and used his intern as a humidor.” Lemon rejected Schlichter argument and asked him to stay on topic and discuss Hillary Clinton, not the actions of her husband. “I’d like to bring Hillary Clinton’s actions into it. When she was given the choice of standing with a serial sexual abuser—” Schlichter shot back. Lemon interjected, “Stop, stop, stop, stop! That’s not fair. That’s not fair. Can we stop that please?” “It is not fair. It is a low blow,” Lemon added.

via TheBlaze

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