Watch What Happens as Defiant Trump Spokeswoman Turns 9/11 Question on CNN Host

As the media speculation continues surrounding Donald Trump‘s claims that he supposedly saw “thousands” of Muslim Americans cheering in New Jersey streets, CNN’s Carol Costello welcomed Katrina Pierson to discuss the GOP frontrunner’s statements. Pierson, who currently serves as the campaign spokeswoman for Trump’s candidacy, did not take to CNN’s reporting very well; she criticized the network while sitting for her interview live on the air with Costello. “I would like to do a little fact-check for CNN,” Pierson told Costello before the two disagreed over a Tuesday night poll revealing Trump’s numbers over Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton. Pierson accused the network of using incorrect data to support their coverage. After playing back an interview with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani questioning Trump’s veracity, Pierson willingly offered the most contentious media point of Trump’s recent headlines: that he witnessed thousands of Muslim Americans celebrating in Jersey City on September 11, 2001. “I’d just like to point out,” said Pierson, “we have since flipped the script on that topic.” She proceeded to argue although “every anchor on CNN” rebuked the claim originally, Trump now has support from those who have since backed up his claim.

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