Watch This Line From Hillary Clinton That Elicited Boos From Town Hall Audience

During MSNBC’s Thursday Democratic town hall, moderator José Díaz-Balart asked Hall if Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for what her husband President Bill Clinton did during his administration. Her answer got a negative response from the crowd. He asked, “on his plane ride or flight here, Senator Sanders attacked your husband’s legacy. And I have a quote. He said, ‘Bill Clinton was the president who led the effort to deregulate wall street, was the president who fought for the disastrous NAFTA trade agreement, was the president who pushed this so-called welfare reform, which was absolutely disastrous for low-income people. ’ Should you be held accountable for your husband’s–” Clinton’s response prompted the crowd to boo, and her only defense to this was to repeatedly state, “it’s true.”

via FreeBeacon

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