Watch the Moment This Baby With Severely Impaired Vision Sees His Mom for the First Time

The precious moment when a baby boy with severely impaired vision saw his mother for the first time with the aid of special glasses has gone viral since it was posted to Facebook Friday. The video, which originally appeared on YouTube on April 2, is titled, “Baby Leo sees Mommy for the first time!” and was posted by David Reppond with the description, “Our son Leopold was recently diagnosed with a rare disorder called Oculocutaneous Albinism (OCA). This affects the coloring of his skin, hair, and eyes and leaves him with extremely impaired vision. But today he received his glasses….and can now see the world clearly for the very first time.” Little Leo can be seen in the video as his mother places the wee pair of wrap-around blue glasses over his eyes. When his mother cheerfully says, “Hi, honey!” Leo immediately focuses on the face in front of him and offers her a small smile. After his mom adjusts his glasses some more and continues to speak to him, Leo slowly looks upward once again as his eyes focus on her face. Then his face breaks out into a huge grin for several more seconds.

via TheBlaze


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