Watch Pastor Rip Imam’s Defense Of Islam To Shreds: ‘Muhammad Was A Bloodthirsty Warlord!’

Sean Hannity and Pastor Robert Jeffress both confronted an imam tonight over radical Islam as Hannity repeatedly demanded to know if he thinks radical Islam is evil. Jeffress mocked President Obama as a “defender-in-chief of Islam” before Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi asked him and Hannity to “stop saying radical Islam” because “it is either radical or Islam, but it can’t be both.” He told Hannity, “ISIS is evil, Islam is not evil. Evil is ignorance.” He pointed out to Hannity and Jeffress that he would never blame all Christians for the acts of the KKK. Jeffress really got worked up and said Christians aren’t told in the Bible to kill unbelievers, but that is in the Qu’ran. He told Elahi that Donald Trump is right to say “there is something within Islam itself that causes its followers to hate us!”

via Mediaite


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