Watch Open-Carry Gun Owner’s Response To Police Requesting His Permit While He’s Trying To Order Food

An open-carry gun owner reportedly in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Tuesday recorded video of police confronting him in a restaurant and asking for his permit — and him continually refusing to show it. The man then recorded a second video in a second store after being confronted by police. Open carry is legal in Connecticut with a permit. The unnamed man began recording video of police questioning him in a Subway restaurant where he said he wanted to order food. “Why are you requesting my permit?” the man asked the officer in front of him. “Because you’re armed in a public place,” the officer replied. “Is that illegal?” the man asked. “It’s not,” the officer replied, repeating his request to see the man’s permit. The man continued to refuse to show a permit. When the man again asked the officer if it was illegal for him to open carry, the officer replied, “It depends on the situation. If you have a legal license, then it’s not.”

via TheBlaze

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