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Watch How Bill Clinton Counters When Confronted By Pro-Trump Protester at Rally

While campaigning for his wife Hillary Clinton in Riviera Beach, Florida, Monday, former President Bill Clinton was confronted by a heckler who appeared to be a supporter of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. “You took his money!” the heckler, dressed in a Trump t-shirt, shouted at the former president while waving a Trump sign. “I certainly did,” Clinton replied. “I took his money for my foundation, where I used it better than he’s using it now, I’ll guarantee you.” According to ABC News, Trump “has been a regular annual donor” to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Trump donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the foundation in 2014. Clinton then responded to the heckler by sharing an anecdote about Trump. “And here’s what I want to say to you about this,” Clinton continued. “I remember when he called me to say how terrible the Republicans had been to Hillary and me and how unfair they were and what a brilliant job Hillary did as a senator.” “By the way, a lot of them called me about that, which is why they spent the last three years trying to tear her down, because they know if they nominate her they are going to have to eat the words they said,” he added.

via TheBlaze

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