Watch Hillary’s Response to Carly’s ‘Dare’ to View Planned Parenthood Videos

Hillary Clinton dodged a question during a live interview on CNN Thursday, declining to say whether she has watched the undercover Planned Parenthood videos that purport to show the abortion-provider selling fetal tissue. “Have you seen those very, very controversial videos?” host Wolf Blitzer asked the Democratic frontrunner, referencing a “dare” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina issued to her during Wednesday night’s debate. Clinton never directly answered the question. “Well, Wolf, let’s break down what’s happening here. Because I think it’s important. I know that there is a move on by some of the Republicans in Congress to actually shut down the United States government over their demand that we no longer give federal funding to Planned Parenthood to perform the really necessary health services that they do for women,” Clinton replied.

via TheBlaze

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