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Watch Her Body Language When He Says ‘I Think Gun-Free Zones Are The Stupidest Idea’

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called the concept of gun-free zones “the stupidest idea” Friday on Morning Joe. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said he opposed the idea during a rally Thursday in Burlington, Vermont, and Scarborough, a former GOP congressman who generally bucks the party orthodoxy on gun rights, smiled after a clip played of Trump saying, “No more gun-free zones.” “I think gun-free zones are the stupidest idea, and here I’m the guy that the NRA in Washington supposedly hates,” Scarborough said. “Why don’t you, on college campuses, where you put gun-free zones, why don’t you just put up a sign that says, ‘Free to shoot?’” Liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski sighed throughout his remarks. “I mean, seriously, a guy that’s going to come and do harm at a college is going to say, ‘Oh, it’s a gun-free zone? I need to take my Bushmaster back. Hey! The pipe bombs, we can’t bring them on campus!’ That’s stupid,” Scarborough said.

via FreeBeacon

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