Watch What Happens When Two Men Confront A Cop About Littering on The Highway

(Content Warning: Language)

Two men passing through Concordia Parish confronted a Ferriday Police Officer about his passenger throwing a bit of trash out of the car window. The pair was surprised to find it would result in an eight minute long conversation filled with insults and profanity. “I saw your passenger roll down the window and throw out a piece of candy wrapper on the road back there, and I just wanted to let you know that’s not right,” says Marcus Smith to the officer in a grocery store parking lot. “Let me tell you what you do. You worry about you,” says the Officer who identified himself as Lee Williams. In the video Smith sent KNOE, he tells Williams, “It’s against the law. You are there to uphold the law.” Williams responded, “Well, go do something about it?” When the pair let Williams know they had called dispatch, he said it didn’t matter. The confrontation turned into an insult match at one point between the officer and Smith’s passenger Randall Garrett.

What do you think of this encounter? Did the officer behave inappropriately? Did the civilians?

via KNOE

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