Watch GOP Rep. Destroy Obama’s Defense Sec. For Not Presenting A Plan to Defeat ISIS

Defense Secretary Ash Carter was relentlessly grilled Tuesday by a Republican congressman who demanded to know why a plan had not been presented to Congress outlining America’s strategy to defeat the Islamic State. At the Housed Armed Services Committee hearing, which took place in the wake of the deadly terror attacks in Brussels, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) noted to Carter that the Defense Department was in violation of a law mandating a plan be submitted before Congress Feb. 15. “We have a law that we passed called the National Defense Authorization Act. It required you to submit to the Congress by Feb. 15 a plan for defeating these people. I know you told the chairman that it was imminent. The statute says you shall do it by Feb. 15. You are in violation of the law,” Byrne said. He continued, “When an average American is in violation of the law, there are consequences. Would you care to explain to the committee why there shouldn’t be consequences for your failure to follow a law that was signed by your president?”

via TheBlaze


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