Watch Fast Food Worker’s Response When Told Paramedics Don’t Even Make $15 An Hour

Morning commuters looking to pick up an Egg McMuffin or some McGriddles Tuesday may have had to go to work hungry, as fast food workers in hundreds of cities across the U.S. walked out in protest for the “Fight for 15” campaign. In the Detriot area, Fox 2 interviewed members of one group that chanted and held signs in front of Southfield City Hall, petitioning both for union rights and for their hourly rate to be raised to $15. When asked by Fox 2 reporter Roop Raj why fast food workers deserve $15 an hour when paramedics — whom, he points out, save lives — receive less than that, protester Lakecha Jackson replied: “Because we do too much. We do more than we get paid.” Paramedics, who are authorized to provide medication and specialized care in life or death situations, reportedly earn a median rate of $14.77 per hour.

via ijreview

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