Watch This Fantastic Response To A Gay Man Who Wants to Redefine Marriage

“Why should I, as a gay man, be denied the same right to file a joint tax return with my potential husband that a straight couple has?” The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson answers by explaining the differences between the law’s interest and civil rights as a basis for marriage.

In other words: If ‘civil rights’ are the basis for gay marriage, would it not also be discrimination to deny “marriages” to pedophiles, thruples & polygamists? As the law is concerned, none of these relationships are to be defined as marriages.

Do you agree?

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  • a_goodtarheel1

    He was about to float right outta there, LOL!

    • Tony

      I liked the expression on the guy in the foreground. It looked like he was thinking, “this guy is a flaming fairy, but I have to look nonchalant.”

    • Рон Джамин

      I often observe that people who are threatened by, or who deride gay people often have a secret gay life, or at least fantasize in private about being gay and use derision to try to prove to everyone that they are not.

      • a_goodtarheel1

        You often observe huh?! How stupid!

      • DebbyX

        How on earth could you possible know what people are fantasizing about? That’s ridiculous.

        • DaveM

          Undoubtedly a sick mind in need of help which justifies a lot of different 3% actions.

      • Sugar sugar

        You often observe wrongly. :/ That is the most ridiculous and disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. You people are the ones who fantasize about a whole world that is gay so what you do is to try and use any excuse to make that happen in your own twisted mind.

      • DaveM

        Your very statement proves you need psychological help! According to the laws of reproduction in nature and the laws of biology….same gender sex will not result in an offspring! Therefore…it is self gratification! Go figure the rest!

        Any attempt to fight nature an biology will demonstrate to all readers the need for self gratification and sexual abnormality!

        • Рон Джамин

          So what? Better than being a lier like you. Closet fag.

          • Earlybird

            Note the childish name calling is now his defense.

          • DaveM

            Live your life in your make believe world little
            le one. Maybe reality will be known with rectal prolapse!

      • otoman

        Are these “observations” in your dreams? You have no talent as an “observer”.

        • Рон Джамин

          You must be a closet homo. You like sitting on d icks?

          • Earlybird

            Note the childish name calling is now his defense. Always the same from a liberal with no argument.

          • Рон Джамин

            Another closet case missing the weekly blessings by Father John. Open your mouth and swallow.

          • otoman

            Only in your dreams! Hopefully there will be a time when you wake up and realize the fantasy that you are living in.

          • Рон Джамин

            Then you must be a hateful racist. Pick one. Fag or racist? Which is it?

          • otoman

            You pick for me since your perception of others is racist and hateful in and of itself. I will allow you to feed your anger since nothing I can say will help you. Why won’t anything I say help you? Because you don’t want help! You just want others to be as miserable as you are. So sad.

          • Рон Джамин

            Jesus loves everyone. You don’t. Because you are a confused closet fag. C’mon, you can come out now and sit on a dick.

          • otoman

            You certainly are a sick puppy. I very much feel sorry for you. Though Jesus may love everyone, He will not allow everyone into heaven. The bible is clear as to what God has proclaimed as sin. The bible is clear that those who refuse to repent from that sin and believe on Christ will end up in hell. It is your choice. God does not send anyone to hell. But He does allow everyone to make their choice. Sounds to me like you have chosen hell. Man is known by his words and actions. Sounds to me like you have chosen hell. So sad.

          • Рон Джамин

            You forget that JESUS didn’t write the bible. MAN did. And man is fallible. Like you. I forgive you for being a closeted fag. Suck as much dick as you like, swallow, and get on all fours and take it up the ass. I still love you just as jesus does.

          • otoman

            Another sick comment from a sick puppy. You error in your comment that Jesus did not write the bible. The bible itself is very clear that God himself is the author. (1 Timothy 3:16) He used man to write down His words just as man uses a typewriter to write down his thoughts. It is clearly your choosing to set aside truth. If you knew anything at all about the bible and it’s true nature you would understand the errors of your ways. But you chose to reject truth and continue to live in sin. The fact that you acknowledge the existence of God and Jesus as the Christ condemns you to a greater punishment than those of ignorance. As said, I truly feel sorry for you. Someday your ways will condemn you and you will wish you would have embraced the truth instead of knowingly rejecting what God has to offer you.

          • Рон Джамин

            The last time I heard that God was speaking through someone was when Jim Jones gave the command to drink the Koolaid. MAN wrote every word of the old and new testaments, and every other gospel that exists. Maybe God wrote the 10 commandments, but no one but Moses saw it, certainly not a reliable chain of evidence. And you should be ashamed of yourself invoking any judgement or punishment in the name of God. Hypocrite.

          • otoman

            “The last time I heard…”
            That is your problem. You hear very little and know even less. It is not I that invokes judgement on any man. God said it, therefore I believe it and am commanded to pass it along. Take it up with Him!

      • Earlybird

        What I observed was a flaming faggot.

        • Рон Джамин

          Thats the Love Jesus spoke of, huh? Go sit on a dick closet fag.

        • Рон Джамин

          Signs of attraction, want some of it I think.

          • Eugene Koshanof

            If the Bible just a word of man, then How do you explain the fact that thousands of ex-hays forsake homosexuality and start living a normal life when Jesus comes into their lives?

          • Рон Джамин

            Who knows, ask them. I’m not concerned what consenting adults do. You are also offensive when you say “start living a normal life”. What is that? Can you enlighten me?

          • Рон Джамин

            I don’t. Would normally attribute it to two things: the power of the human mind, and brainwashing..

          • Eugene Koshanof

            The truth remains: family = one man+ one woman. But I agree with you: some people are brainwashed into thinking that living a life of sin and perversity is normal. And since they have no power in themselves to overcome homosexuality, they assume that they can attack and re-define marriage structure

          • Рон Джамин

            There is no truth to condemning the consensual actions of adults.

          • Eugene Koshanof

            Well, like the majority of people I have no business meddling into the affairs of consensual adults, even when we all hear about gays making a ‘family’ consisting of 3 and more consensual adults. And It they want to live that way, it is up to them. BUT it goes both ways: I stay out of their business, and they have no business to persecute bakers, florists and try to re-define everyone else’s marriage.
            Sonds fair, right?

          • Рон Джамин

            No. If you engage in business that offers services/products to the public, you are compelled to serve everyone without discrimination. When the gay couple wants a simple wedding cake, bake it. The cake or their marriage has no bearing on your spirituality, religion, or personal rights. Otherwise, we would still be sending blackie to the back of the bus.

            The real issue here is how the LEFT has manipulated the social conservatives into appearing, rightly so, as intolerant prejudicial tyrants. You fell right into their trap. Instead of taking the high ground. Instead of doing what Jesus taught. You fall into the trap and are advocating that discrimination is acceptable. Yes, some militant gays manipulated you. How do you feel being made into a tool for something as despicable as the lefts political agenda?

            Wise up. Defend your fellow man. Gay people are all around us. Millions of them. Your brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. This world is a varied place. There are no two people anywhere that agree 100% on anything. When it comes to things that hurt no one, you really have no choice other than tolerance. The alternative is hatred, the antithesis of what Jesus taught us.

          • Рон Джамин

            I’m completely comfortable with my sexuality and idenity. Gay people do not threaten me in any way, nor have I ever felt that I was subject of some kind of gay conversion by association. Gay people are gay from birth. I follow Jesus and love thy neighbor.

            What I find interesting here is that you are so concerned about what two consenting adults do that you are willing to put your neck out and make an issue out of it as if it has ANY impact on you whatsoever. How do gay people affect you? How do gay people getting married affect you or your spirituality or stability of faith?

          • Рон Джамин

            Well, I’ve never heard of a gay person suddenly becoming “straight”. Ever. Now I’ve heard of gay people being bullied by family, parents, and so-on, to get stuffed back in the closet. But then, what do I know. Sexuality isn’t black and white. There are all shades. Some people even don’t like sex. Can you imagine? BTW, what is all this fascination with sex anyway. Its not bad. Why are orgasms or love bad?

      • suzyshopper

        You wish!

  • Casey Dial

    Great answer but the queer was not interested in hearing it or understanding it. Very typical behavior of a homosexual.

    • Taking care of business!

      …and a liberal.

  • mlimberg

    Very well said!

  • The Truth

    Just like Liberalism….Homosexually IS a MENTAL DISORDER…..PERIOD.

    • Incredulous_one

      As it was once understood to be and as it will again once mental disorders are properly recognized and not misdiagnosed due to political correctness.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      A programmed mental disorder to be exact.

  • The Bobster

    The fruit needs to be tossed back into the closet with a Louisville Slugger up his tuchus.

    • Daniel Gray

      No please, he may enjoy that

      • raynbene

        And you might damage the bat . . .

        • jdangiel

          Or kill the gerbil.

          • eman

            Now “THAT”, was REALLY funny!!!!

    • Рон Джамин

      Bobster, you have to deride people, you must have closeted homosexual tendencies.

      • DaveM

        Your statement is an attempt to belittle someone to prove your superiority over another. You, from this statement, have told every one that you are lonely and need the same gender contact to be fulfilled in you physiologically depressed and obscene mind. No one here has spoken of closet tendencies except you! Therefore; you have a mental problem of insecurity and want desperately to hav a “normal life” based upon you biologically obscene lifestyle which will never produce a child through reproduction (oh…sorry…part of the definition of marriage).

        • Рон Джамин

          DaveM=closeted repressed fag

  • Daniel Gray

    How many times did he have to repeate himself? Someone was only interested in hearing the answer that he wanted to hear, not the real truthful answer

    • Рон Джамин

      Why didn’t the homophobe answer the question instead of trying to be clever?

      • Daniel Gray

        Typical, when a homosexual cannot get the answer they want they start calling names like a spoiled 5 year old child.

        So I will ask you a question. The homosexual WAS answered at least 6 times and he refused to accept it. So the question should not be why the speaker didnt answer the question as the homosexual wanted, but why when he was answered six times he kept right on asking the same question that had been answered already. I guess you need to go see an audiologist as your ears are clearly malfunctioning.

      • DaveM

        He did answer the question.However….you must have intelligence to understand!

        Homophone you say! Two of the same gender out for purely self gratification without the possibility of biologically producing a child! NOPE! Just is not normal in nature! Get help before you have rectal prolapse please!

        • Рон Джамин

          You definitely have repressed gay feelings, otherwise you wouldn’t feel so threatened. What’s the matter, you afraid you really want to sit on a dick, but you’re embarrassed what mommy and daddy might say? Or is it that some priest already gave you your first communion? Me, well, I don’t feel threatened by anyone. I am completely secure in my sexuality, which, by the way, your wife or girlfriend would appreciate after so many terrible nights with a closet fag like yourself.

          • DaveM


          • Earlybird

            That (Poh with the queer symbols after it) dude doesn’t even notice he is the odd one out. Call it ” queer” behavior on his part.

          • Рон Джамин

            I suspect that you were anal raped by your coach, or maybe a priest. These anti-gay feelings are really repressed feelings that you are, in fact, a lover of cock. Go suck a dick fag boy.

          • DaveM

            YOu are surely fascinated by c**k ! You need to hold onto someones because yours is to small to find apparently. You are a communist puke bag!

          • Рон Джамин

            Quite the opposite. I don’t stick my nose in other peoples bedrooms and believe as Jesus does…to unconditionally love my neighbor. Whereas you have this obsession with other peoples cocks and what they do with them as consenting adults all the while hijacking the good work of Jesus for your own cock-hungry agenda.

          • DaveM

            OK…..your a Gothamite!



    • John H. Kohlenberg

      You don’t compromise with these pagans. This is how they got into our true religion. The Catholics allowed it to increase their church attendance.

      • Рон Джамин

        What about the Anglicans? Or the Lutherans? Or the Eastern Orthodox?

        • Earlybird

          No same sex. No sheep, dogs, horses or livestock ether. Regardless of faith. Sounds like you are asking permission or something.

    • Рон Джамин

      It’s not “by nature’. IF that was true, we would see animals getting married. Marriage is a social construct created by men to cement and bind families for procreation.

      • DaveM

        “Go forth and multiply” hmmm….in the Bible…but….
        Let me guess you do not believe in GOD and you do not read the Bible….That’s OK!

        God still loves you!

        • Рон Джамин

          The Bible, a document codified by a Roman Emperor and his Aristocrats comprised of 7% of the known Gospels.

      • otoman

        I understand your point and agree is essence. But the fact is, many animals do, in essence, marry. They maintain the same mate for life, with faithfulness. But to my knowledge, those animals that do perform acts of homosexuality, do not “marry” for life.

      • Earlybird

        EXACTLY You need one of each!

  • Lisa

    Good answer and another good reason to eliminate the income tax. Let’s get rid of the income tax and replace it with the FairTax.

  • Cachebah

    In some financial situations, it is not advantageous to file a joint return; in other words, a married couple would pay more in taxes than if each was filing as single individuals. Thus many people live together without marrying to avoid the higher taxes.

    My guess is he only wants it one way; i.e., special rights.

    • Metalsmith75

      Absolutely ! I have talked to couples in or near poverty, even people with disabilities that put off getting married. They know that they will be taxed more, and even lose all of their benefits (entitlements) with the increase in combined income. The argument is made PURELY to bring an emotional reaction of sympathy or empathy, no matter how devoid of logic it is ! ALL LIBERAL ARGUMENTS do this !

  • darylj46

    He said it so correct and to the exact purpose of marriage and the reason of marriage. I give this man a lot of respect. To bad 100% of Americans don’t get this in their head as it has been this way from the beginning of time.

  • fcar

    He will really end up paying more depending on their combined salary. So that doesn’t make sense. When I got married – we ended paying more as taxes

  • Tony

    Poor guy. He’s a woman trapped in a man’s body. Now if he would just decide that he really is a woman, he could declare himself a lesbian, find a woman to marry (as the law defines marriage), and live happily every after. Problem solved.

    • raynbene

      Or he can get an obumacare-funded sex/plumbing change, then marry a transgender ‘man’, that should help straighten him out . . .
      We can come up with some good solutions, we straight white guys ! Makes as much d*mn sense as anything they say -

      • Tony

        Even better!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Well Moochelle thinks she is a woman trapped in body of a man. Sick people.

  • pupster40

    That answer floated right over his head at light speed. This is what happens when you use progressive tactics on a progressive,their tongue turns nto a square knot. Along with their brain cavity.
    Really great answer it will take him weeks if not months to unwind that one.

  • Tim Casey

    Marriage is NOT just a union between two or three people who decide they want to be joined together in a public or private ceremony. Marriage is a union and a covenant between a man and a woman who will consummate their union with a sexual relationship to produce children. Since two men or two women cannot by conjugation produce offspring then they are not and can never be realistically be called married even though is satisfies the law or public opinion.

    Genesis 2:23-24
    23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
    24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.(meaning sexual relationship)

    anything else is considered to be an abomination by the God who made everything.

    • Guest2

      What this froot-loop needs is a ‘new’ description/title for what they want to call ‘marriage’. How about “Gay Union” – they would have ‘civil’ recognition, i.e. tax returns, joint financial accounts, BUT NO RECOGNITION of marriage. Somehow, in my gut, I have the feeling this won’t appeal to them; they are just that dumb.

  • Ednar

    Where would these “rights” begin or end?
    When pioneers settled in the west … There were no same sex couples propagating children of their own. What NASA director is going to send same sex couples to colonize new planets?
    Homosexual have NO original rights as they assume they have.

  • Pat Alexander

    That gay fellow is a mess do deal with! I think he is not comfortable with himself.

    • DaveM

      None of the “girly men” are!

  • Annymous Patriot

    Um, did no one think to point out to him that he pays LESS taxes filing singularly? Filing separately they BOTH get to ignore the first whatever amount it is, $18k or so I think, of their income. Filing as a couple you only get ONE amount ignored. So a couple making $120k a year gets to pay taxes on only $102k of that, two single people living together making $60k each ($120k total) only pay taxes on $84k income. So this idiot basically is arguing he wants to pay roughly $4k MORE in taxes every year.

  • WardMD

    Great answer!

    If I could, I’d like to take a stab at explaining to that gay man WHY society has (and SHOULD have) a preference for opposite sex (married) couple relationships:

    As Mr. Anderson eluded to, the TRADITIONAL definition of Marriage (that of ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN) is based on the understanding that MOST (not all) marriages involve creating and raising CHILDREN (the perpetuation of the species)…

    Is it POSSIBLE for opposite sex couples to marry and NOT have children? Of course, but that is NOT the norm, NOR is it in society’s best interest to PROMOTE such unions.

    Likewise, it is NOT in Society’s best interest to promote same-sex relationships (which, by their very nature do NOT result in children). Again, can same-sex couples adopt children and/or could a woman be artificially fertilized? Of course – but, again, THAT IS NOT THE NORM!

    The role of Government IS NOT to make EQUAL all persons (or all relationships) – there is a VERY NARROW focus of promoting what is in Society’s BEST INTEREST.

    With respect to MARRIAGE that is CHILDREN, and to that end, MARRIAGE is between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN.

    As to your “Equal Protection” argument, let us be clear: Two opposite-sex people merely LIVING TOGETHER do NOT reap the benefits of filing a JOINT Tax Return any more than two same-sex people living together (those TWO “households” are EQUAL under the law).

    Secondly, there is not a SINGLE straight male, who is permitted to marry ANY WOMAN, that a GAY MALE is not permitted to marry (incest and age restrictions notwithstanding). There is, therefore, NO “Equal Protection” violation (unless, of course, you REDEFINE MARRIAGE).

  • charles17121

    My question for this young gay male would be can he and his partner create life without a female of our sociality . After all the hole idea of marriage is procreation IE to create life . Without the creation of life our sociality would cease to exist . It is the law of nature they can not ignore .

    • eman

      the “hole” idea or the “whole” idea? Or was that a pun?

  • Combatvet52

    Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN …….. PERIOD
    They can’t produce THANK GOD but they want equal rights.

    • tennessee

      hopefully you can’t reproduce, it would be a shame.

  • eman

    The USA can pass all the gay marriage laws in the world, but normal people will NEVER in their hearts of hearts consider gays married. (normal means ‘non liberals’)

  • charles17121

    You do realize if it weren’t for the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama pushing gay rights this young gay male would not be going public with his sexual preference . I personally don’t care who he sleeps with but I don’t want it shoved in my face .

    • eman

      Great point

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Suppose being a homosexual was acceptable. He might change his thoughts if a baby came out his ass.

  • TB

    I believe in gay marriage the same way I believe gay couples can make babies and, therefore, a family. I have some questions, tough. 1). If homosexuality isn’t a deviant human behavior, how come only 3.5% of the population engage in it? and 2). If marriage is NOT an exclusive contract between a man and woman, then why do gays care? 3). The atheist argument for homosexuality is that religion condemns such behavior and we have to separate church and state. This leads to the belief in evolution as the “scientific” explanation for creation, which begs the question: why have humans, like all other mammals, developed two sexes?

    • tennessee

      how do you know only 3.5% engage in it. with people like you, who is going too be up front about who they sleep with. also remember anyone can make a baby, that does not mean they should. your also wright why do gays care it’s only a piece of paper, hopefully my relationship is more than that.

      • TB

        Can you give me a better percentage figure? The point is, it is a very small portion of the total population regardless of how the LBGT shouters would like the rest of the world to think; hence, by mathematical analysis, it is a DEVIATIOIN FROM THE NORM, no matter how much YOU want it to be. Face it, homosexuality is an oxymoron; there is no sex (as a means of reproduction) in same sex relationships, so there is no family formation. The formation of families is the reason societies have for centuries encouraged heterosexual marriage. I don’t care who you live with or sleep with; but as a societal issue, I do care what direction we go and children are the future, which is why I support marriage as ONLY between one man and one woman.

  • SamuelAdams

    This speaker was so articulate-bravo!! Finally someone explained that marriage is inherently man and woman. A man and man is something else and whatever that is, it’s not a marriage.

  • 1catfish

    Queers want family insurance. Survivor benefits as the spouse of a working individual. They can have the survivor benefit in a private IRA but not a benefit such as Social Security or Civil Service.Same sex unions lend themselves to outright fraud. Most of all they are mentally and morally deficient.

  • monacall

    They look at marriage as tax deductions special reductions because they’re are two. But it’s not a marriage if you can not be co together as in a man and a woman if you can not make a child. Be a mom and dad.

  • tennessee

    now that is a stupid statement, if not being able too make babies is the only reason against gay marriage, then your argument is weak. it should be against the law for just anyone too make babies because not just anyone can be a mom and a dad.

  • homer1057

    LOOK you stupid DUMB ASS: Two men or two women do not constitute a marriage! NO homosexual couples can or are able to produce children, ONLY a man/woman are able to do such things! NO plumber puts two male or two female fittings together, and you can not put two negatives on a battery etc Why even animal are smart enough to KNOW that to male elephants ot tigers etc do NOT belong together! YOU are not “GAY” (see the definition in a 1836 WEBSTERS Dictionary) You are “Unseemly” and perverse and “Abominable” I do NOT give you any creedance to what you want this nation to accept! Romans 1:26-27/Leviticus 18:22 KJV!!! IF Homosexulaity were accepted by God then He would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, and that is NOT going to happen!

  • shtwv_lstnr

    Absolutely fantastic answer. He said exactly what I would have said if I would have had his knowledge and expertise on the subject.

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    I know how to make him into a woman. A sharp knife.

  • homer1057

    Right over the plate and a strike! They just want the Major majority to accept the wicked minority and
    “redifine” marriage, and GOD has already said..”BE YE fruitful and Multiply” and that can’t happen w/a Homosexual couple!

  • Ltp

    c’MON people… the tax code has nothing to do with ten thousand years of marriage and judeo christrian law…. so make a rule that fags.. i mean homo couples can file jointly.. end of discussion and preserves the sanctity of marriage… better yet … adopt FAIRTAX.ORG and stop letting the tax code run us ragged with the millions of lines of arcane rules. CMON people … think clearly. Ltp

  • bobmann101

    If it is OK for same sex couples to get married then it would be OK for family members to get married. Brother marry brother or marry sister, Visa versa and so on.

  • Rick Garlock

    Our society today claims the greater quantity of people doing something that is “generally ” considered out of the norm, the more proper it becomes! 100 years ago we had less murder than now, therefore it is more acceptable because more people are doing it! Marriage IS a defined word. A nut and a bolt can be married by putting them together, conversely, two bolts cannot be married together as they do not blend together, and in this case, the “nuts don’t blend either”!

  • wisdomcries

    WOW, the stammering point for the sodomite was “what principle do you stand on”


  • Brickshooter

    This homosexual drone reminds me of the episode on Star Trek where a compound full of androids where they are duplicates of a few males and a few females. When they are asked a question or given a response that is not on their Liberal Progressive Cheat Sheet, they go into the ‘This does not compute’ mode.

    • wisdomcries

      Yeah I remember that one, then Kirk turned one into a almost human with his heavenly kiss ;)

      Then she committed suicide…it was a great episode

  • kenny desee

    Why is it o.k. for Obama to tax people who tan an additional 10 percent on top of the rest of the regular taxes? How about couples who cannot marry because of the tax system!

  • Oleo Ranch

    No one is discriminated against with the way marriage was for the first 200 years of this country and before. When people got a marriage application, no one asked if they were gay, they just looked to see if it appeared to be a male and a female of appropriate age. Homos have been getting married in this country since about 1492. They just did like everyone else, and married someone of the opposite sex. Sometimes gay people married someone straight (maybe knowingly for convenience – maybe they hid their preference), sometimes they were both gay, but always two people of the opposite sex. Two straight guys can’t do a marriage of convenience in order to save money, just like two gay guys.
    SEE, NO ONE is being singled out – same rules for everyone, gay, straight or whatever. The only requirement is one of each, male and female. (Just pretend you are trying to get on Noah’s Ark)

  • The Brigadier

    Marriage has been between a man and a woman for two fundamental reasons. First, it gives legitimacy to offspring who must be reared. Legal fathers have a legal obligation to help pay for for their legal children. DNA can certainly settle this, but if a child has reached majority, there is nothing a mother or her grown child can do to compel a man to get a DNA test. The father on the other hand has the legal right to compel a DNA test of an offspring who the mother gave birth to in a state of matrimony if he chooses to determine whether or not the child is his blood offspring. Rearing a child is a costly enterprise from birth to majority.

    Secondly, all of this DNA testing also ensures who is eligible for inheritance. Legal children inherit and illegitimate children do not, unless the father includes his illegitimate children in his will. The whole concept of marriage is to legitimize offspring for both rearing and for inheritance. Since homosexuals cannot have offspring together within their marriage, either male/male or female/female there is no legitimate reason for anyone to recognize their marriage as legal.

    We give preferential tax breaks as head of family, day care credits, school credits and so forth that is a tremendous cost to our society, not to mention compelling all citizens to pay for schools, from kindergarten to universities. Again billions and billions more in taxation to pay for it all. Yet homosexuals of both genders want to include themselves, fully 5% of our population to get the same tax treatment when there is no compelling reason for society to pay for non-producing parents. Fundamentally any heterosexual couple of child bearing age, and for males that it up to 89, the oldest male to impregnate a female, and 60 years old for females the last time I checked that was the oldest for both genders to have given birth. We give all heterosexual couples legitimacy of marriage and the related financial benefits for actual and ‘potentially possible’ children because society has deemed children as the most important thing for the future of our nation. Homosexuals cannot do this within their marriages so they shouldn’t get the financial benefits that marriage provides. This is what this homosexual in this clip is demanding and you now know the reasons why he should be denied the financial benefits.

  • Taking care of business!

    Marriage ain’t gonna save you; you’re still mental, wedding ring or no.

  • Edward Ebersole

    Wow, lol.

  • Tim Casey

    What this man needs is salvation through Jesus Christ and his present dilemma will disappear.

  • walterc

    So the solution to this guys problem is to eliminate the IRS and enact the FAIR tax. Then he will be able to file the same kind of tax return as a hetro couple, none.

  • el_loco_jp

    “He” can “marry” any woman he wishes.

    • Earlybird

      I don’t agree. I don’t think she would allow that to happen if she was of a stable mind.

  • Рон Джамин

    Firstly, this isn’t a “civil rights” issue. Its a response to the general acceptance of gay people in our society and a demand for an extension of the legal rights, protections, and monetary advantages afforded to “straight” couples. Seems reasonable.

    Secondly, the speaker tried to be clever by dodging the gay mans question. The speaker attempted to tie the illegal and socially unacceptable acts of polygamy and pedophilia with that of something that is generally socially acceptable and legal, namely that of homosexual relationships.

    Third, the speaker believes that marriage is a “natural” thing, that “by nature, it is a man and a woman”. This completely false. If it were “natural” we would see animals getting married….but that doesn’t happen. Marriage is not “a natural thing” but a historical social construct designed by man designed to bond families together through a legal process and to provide a framework to raise children. This bond has certain monetary advantages created by the Government, specifically to encourage procreation. Tax benefits are there for that purpose alone. In todays society, it is perfectly acceptable and legal for a gay couple to raise children, either through adoption, surrogacy, or artificial means, but without the institutional advantages of “marriage”, they are, indeed, discriminated against. This could have been avoided if the tax advantages were tied to “dependents” instead of “marriage”. Frankly, I would get government out of the bedroom and let it remain in the bailiwick of the church. The government should only be concerned about “legal unions”, whether gay, straight, or whatever.

    We are at war with the LEFT. Tacticians agree that a distracted-enemy cannot be effective. Bottom line is that this issue used by the Left as a diversionary distraction designed to prey on our emotions. Here we are debating this issue that has absolutely no impact on your life or my life whatsoever. If some gay person gets “married”, I don’t care. In fact, I don’t care who gets married. The real issues destroying this country get minimized with these diversionary tactics.

    • mreichard7

      Fourth: You, a liberal “gay” person, are wrong on all counts.
      If the gay friendly prez had stayed out of the bedroom, this would not be a discussion.

    • Steven DePriest

      Just because something is “socially acceptable” now, certainly doesn’t make it moral or legal. The speaker was trying to say to the gay man, that if he believes that marriage between 2 men can be a “marriage”, what happens if in 20 years, pedophiles become “socially acceptable”? Are they also to be considered to be in a marriage relationship? And please don’t use the argument that pedophilia can never be considered “acceptable”. The laws against “carnal knowledge”, “sodomy” and “bestiality” have been around since the beginning of mankind but that hasn’t stopped the “social acceptance” of some of those acts.

      A federal judge ruled late Friday that a key section of Utah law criminalizing polygamy is unconstitutional, granting multi-spouse families the right to live together without facing arrest, so long as they do not acquire multiple marriage licenses.

      U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups ruled Utah’s criminalization of cohabitation violated the due process and First Amendment religious freedom rights of the Brown family, which includes husband Kody Brown and his four wives.

      What happens if in the future, the part of the ruling that forbids the multi-spouse family from acquiring multiple marriage licenses becomes “socially acceptable”? You have one man filing four or more tax returns as a married spouse?

      • Рон Джамин

        Who cares? Its not like someone is forcing you to suck a dick. Or is that really what you’re fantasizing about?

  • Рон Джамин

    Look at all the so-called conservatives here making fun of gay people. Be ashamed of yourselves. You are no better than the racist scum in the Democrat party (often blue-collar types) that hate ni gge rs. If you were truly people of God, you would let him judge the sinner, and follow the example of Jesus. Bunch of fu cking hypocrites.

    • mreichard7

      Boy, that last sentence discredits your post.

      • Рон Джамин

        Jesus loves….except fags, right?

    • Earlybird

      Such a foul mouth sounds like a child is in the discussion.

      • Рон Джамин

        A little bit of colorful language is justified when you condemn other human beings. Shame on you

        • Earlybird

          Try to justify fouled mouth childish language by calling it “colorful”?

          • Рон Джамин

            Don’t try to hide behind manners when you’re a hateful judgmental person. And a closeted fag too. Miss your weekly sunday feedings huh?

    • a_goodtarheel1

      You are a hateful racist. There is no excuse for using that word to describe blacks. Shame on you!

    • suzyshopper

      Christians are following the example of Jesus, that’s why were hated for it. The Jesus u speak of must not be the Jesus of the Christians Bible!!!Sorry but u can’t fool true Christians, they already know what the Bible says, apparently u don’t!!

      • Рон Джамин

        Do you know that the so-called “word of god” is actually a book containing ONLY 7% of the known Gospels of the times?

        Did you know that a Roman Emperor and his Aristocrats decided in cutting-out and attempted to destroy over 93% of all the other Gospels (the gnostic gospels, if you really need to know)?

        Can you imagine for one instance United States history being reduced by 93%? What would be kept in? What would be kept out?

        What would you think of an official policy of forcibly arresting and jailing people who kept records of the other 93% of our history deemed unofficial?

        How do you feel now? Duped?

        Jesus loves everyone. He is the Lord. I do not take it upon myself to condemn a man because he also loves another man. That judgement is reserved exclusively for God. You, on the other hand, take it upon yourself to blaspheme God. It is you that will face God and will have to justify your evil ways.

  • Adam L.

    He does have the right to get married. He just have to marry a complimentary spouse. It’s very interested.

    • Earlybird

      I can’t imagine him finding a willing partner, female that is.

  • victoria sellers

    GOD bless you Ryan T. Anderson .

  • willhen50

    That speaker at the podium said exactly what I have been saying all along the gays just want the tax breaks and other benefits that heterosexual married couples have. The gay “marriage” cannot be consummated and therefore incomplete or annullable.

  • Paladin67

    Well played! Just remember, if you want to piss off a liberal homosexeal, use facts and logic. Any questions regarding the definition of “Marriage”, look in any non liberal dictionary.

  • Little Bright Feather

    Marriage’s idea is for pro-creation and homo’s cannot pro-create. God made marriage, not man so man has no right to change what God has established. IT’s that simple ! It matters not what man decides or what laws they make – God’s law is what will judge the world, God says it same sex “marriage” cannot be done and God holds all accountable for it when HIS laws are broken.God warned that in the last days man would live for their own desires. That those desires would be evil !

  • finishstrongdoc

    The audience didn’t boo down the man at the podium at the “appropriate places,” so the gay man had to listen to the answer. For once. Mostly, this hasn’t happened in the last 50 years. This should be pointed out as a historical breakthrough as well as well-presented answers (which have been the answers all along, but hadn’t been heard in a public forum over the boos from the audience.)

  • Barbaracvm

    Which is the a flat tax would eliminate this excuse of homo sexual marriage. There is discrimination where a single person pays a high rate than married people.

  • DaveM

    Laws are passed by a majority! Now by those who are gay they stte the ppopulation of “alternative life styles” doe not exceed 3% of the total poplulation. How then can such a small number gain the majority of opinions if indead the concept of mairraige is to bear young? It is impossible for a biological child to be born totally of that which has been described as a gay marriage.

    Argue with Biology people….reproduction is the purpose brought upon by sex of different genders! Two of the same gender can be described as lust, obscene, vulgar and purely self gratification! No need to argue with me….prove how gay couple can biologically conceive a child (the same gender). If this can not be done it is a violation of natural laws and definitely a sinful act in the eyes of GOD!

  • James St John

    Of course children are not allowed to consent to marriage. Conservative don’t understand the consenting part of “consenting adults” the same way liberals don’t understand the illegal part of “illegal immigrant”. It is not of your business if 2 guys, or 3 guy, or 1 woman and 2 guys want to get married.

  • fxr60

    The bible says “A man shall leave his mother and father and take a WIFE” Not another man!!!

  • alex

    Lots of narrow minded folks on here.

  • Lucas McCain

    FACT: Nobody has ever been born gay. It’s been proven over and over again by identical twins with identical DNA whereby one is normal and the other is a deviant-gay-phagg. Homosexuality is a choice made be deviants. My suggestion… go see a psychiatrist immediately and stay away from our children.

  • Eugene Koshanof

    completely agree! Great response

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