Watch DHS Secretary Get Grilled Over Obama’s Refusal to Say ‘Islamic Extremism’

Why won’t President Barack Obama call this a battle against “Islamic extremism”? That was the question opening for a Fox News Sunday interview this week with Department of Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson. “From my perspective, whether referred to as Islamic extremism or violent extremism, ISIL is a terrorist organization that represents a serious potential threat to our homeland which has to be addressed through a whole approach,” Johnson told fill-in host John Roberts. “In our engagements around the country — I do a lot of these myself in Muslim communities, Islamic cultural centers — the thing I hear from leaders in the Muslim community in this country is ‘ISIL is attempting to hijack my religion. Our religion is about peace and brotherhood. ISIL is attempting to hijack that from us.’ They resent that. Most victims of ISIL are muslim.”

via Mediaite

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