Watch Chris Matthews EPIC SMACKDOWN of the Clintons!

This next MSNBC smackdown is brought to you by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Watch as he deliberately calls the Clinton’s thieves. Do you think Hardball with Chris will be around much longer after this?

Chris Matthews said, it’s the Clintons’ “pattern” to raise money “hand over fist” using the White House like a “Motel 6” and that will not change if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins in November.

A Huffington Post editorial director chimed in next and he wasn’t any better than Matthews!

The Chris Matthews continued, “It’s not about campaigning, but it’s about — maybe I’m being too generous here, but they spent their whole lives trying to get contributions from rich people. They’ve immersed themselves in that, going back to Renaissance weekend and that networking by the sea back in the ’80s and ’90s. The big donors, the soft money donors, these are the people they spent their lives around, they want to be like those people. They want to have money like those people, because it’s demeaning to do that all the time on that level. So they want to get the cash for themselves. More important, they’re going to get the cash for campaign contributions, for PAC contributions, for the foundation—that makes the Clintons feel good, like they’re doing good in the world. It’s like a continuously moving carousel of access and money. None of it specifically illegal, but if you look at the totality of it, it looks like they’ve spent their whole lives searching for cash, and using power to get it, to get more money, to get more power, to get more money. And they have not said they’re going to shut down The Clinton Foundation if Hillary becomes president. What they’ve said is, they will no longer take any foreign donations.”



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