Watch As ‘Students For Trump’ Meeting Erupts Into Chaos When “Tolerant” Liberals Show Up

(Content Warning: Language)

Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Trump events and rallies have frequently been crashed by anti-Trump protesters and dissidents. In recent weeks, however, these “protests” have escalated in scale and scope and have resulted in canceled events, obstruction of traffic, violence, and volatile scenarios. The latest example of this occurred Thursday evening at Portland State University, where a group of student protesters joined members of the Black Lives Matter movement crashed a “Students for Trump” meeting. Carrying banners and signs reading “red power” as well as waving Mexican flags, the protesters attempted to disrupt the pro-Trump meeting through what many would call harassment. Dissident students stood on tables, shouted at pro-Trump students calling them “white supremacists,” “fascists,” and a wide variety of other profanities, slurs and insults. There also appeared to be cases of assault, where anti-Trump students clearly hit and pushed members of the pro-Trump crowd. At one point, a black woman stood on a table and shouted, “If you don’t let her talk, I will f–k s–t up” in an attempt to silence Trump supporters and give the floor to one of her fellow activists. By comparison, the “Students for Trump” were relatively benign, attempting to explain why they support Trump, while occasionally chanting, “You can’t stump the Trump.”

via WesternJournalism

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