Watch Activist’s Reaction When She’s Told $15 Minimum Wage Could Actually Hurt Low-Income Workers

California just this past week signed into law a minimum wage increase that would raise the statewide rate to $15 an hour — two times the federal minimum wage. The decision received overwhelming praise from Democrats, who hailed it as an important precedent in the effort to lessen the gap between rich and poor. Fox’s Neil Cavuto asked guest Naquasia Legrand Monday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” whether the unprecedented hike is “too much, too fast.” “Everything else is going up but our pay. And that’s why 64 million workers who are living in poverty decided to stand together to make a difference,” Legrand, one of the founders of the “Fight for $15” movement, said. “For me to put back into my economy, I need more money in my pockets,” she added. Cavuto then raised the issue of companies who have been forced to downsize due to economic struggles, noting that an increase in the wage they must pay workers might lead to even more layoffs. “Don’t you think an environment like this might push them to do more of that? It could be so dramatic, so fast, that you won’t know what hit you,” he pressed. “And a lot of your colleagues you’re fighting hard to support, and get them higher wages, could find themselves out on the unemployment line.” “Let’s just say this, Neil,” Legrand responded. “These corporations…know for a fact that they can pay us more than what they’re paying us now. They can afford it.” The wage hike, approved Thursday, will go into effect by 2022.

via TheBlaze

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