Watch A Frustrated Obama Flounder When Mainstream Media Finds The Courage To Challenge Him

President Obama was thrown on the defensive on 60 Minutes this Sunday night, as interviewer Steve Kroft pressed Obama for answers on foreign policy. Kroft labeled one key part of the administration’s efforts in Syria “an embarrassment.” From the beginning, when Obama bristled at being tied to a timeline for the results of his air strike policy against ISIS, Kroft interrupted the president and challenged Obama’s broad, hazy statements. Citing Obama’s own words that America is the leader, Kroft asked Obama about Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s recent military escalation in Syria, in which he said Russia is, “bombing the people that we are supporting.” Obama and Kroft also sparred over a U.S. program in Syria to train 5,000 moderate Syrian rebels. A top U.S. general has said barely a handful of fighters actually took up arms. The program was discontinued last week. Kroft asked why Obama moved ahead with the program even though the president thought it would not succeed. “Well, because part of what we have to do here, Steve, is to try different things,” Obama said. “If you expect 5,000 and you get five, it shows that somebody someplace along the line did not — made — you know, some sort of a serious miscalculation,” Kroft said, later adding, “It’s an embarrassment.” Obama replied by saying his priority was to “support moderate opposition that can help convince the Russians and Iranians to put pressure on Assad for a transition.” He said that we will not reinsert ourselves in a military campaign in Syria. “I feel like I’m being filibustered, Mr. President,” Kroft retorted.

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