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“Wake The (Expletive) Up!”: The Incredibly Bizarre Democrat Campaign Ad

(Content Warning: Language)

With what may be 2013′s most bizarre political ad, Jeff Wagner and his soaked compression shorts have let the world know he wants to be Minneapolis’ next mayor. After emerging from a lake, the Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party candidate gives a colorful delivery of his pitch, exclaiming that he is “cool” with making $100,000 per year, he will not take money from the developers, nor will he take money from “the political angle.” Oh, and, by the way, he won’t even go to the strip clubs anymore. Because that’s how committed he is to doing this job. “Wake the f*** up!” he shouts at the camera before being handed a cup of coffee and disappearing back into the lake from which he emerged. All while wearing nothing but skin-tight shorts.

We’re not even sure how to react to this, what are your thoughts?

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