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Viral Video Points Out Media Discrepancies in Sandy Hook Shooting

With over 8 million views on YouTube, this video points out the conflicting media reports about the details of the Sandy Hook Shooting.

What do you think? Is the confusion surrounding the reporting just that? Or is there something bigger at work here?

  • gbandy

    Is there something sinister going on with the reporting of this tragedy? Of course there is it is the disarming of America starting with the law abiding. The gangbangers, drug dealers and crooks will never give up theirs

  • John Brashear

    gbandy, what would you say if I told you that Somalian Gangs are Alive and well in Minnesota, and other cities in America?, Somalians, the same bunch that were pirating Ships off the Somalian coast of Africa……yep thats the same bunch, and guess who’s behind getting them here in America?…..LIBERALS…

    • boccagalupe

      Sure hope you’re wrong. But what to do if you’re correct??

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      I would agree with you as I have witnessed their presence! I, as a Navspecwarcom veteran however, have a very different view as most people do of the somali’s. My view is through a scope!

  • John Sweet

    perhaps we should be asking what happened to the Obama civilian army and all the fire arms released through the three fast and furious programs and especially the one that released weapons inside the USA

  • Buck

    Remember , there was a “disappeared ” 2nd shooter at Aurora Colorado as well , It ALL strikes me as part of the same CIA conspirators that put the fraudulent president in office . The entire conspiracy is is designed to eliminate the United States as a constitutional republic ( in other words , trash the constitution ) to open up the country as a communist country so that we can be ruled by the United Nations under the auspices of the new world order . If you don’t believe in conspiracies , you are more naive than chicken little . I don’t doubt that people , including the kids , were killed , but don’t think for a minute our benevolent government would balk at killing anyone in their way , including kids or yourself for that matter .

  • seektruth

    They (media and officials) are trying to make this out to be “complicated”. This type of event (if real) is NOT complicated at all. A nut runs into school and shoots people and then kills himself. That is very easy to determine what occurred and by who and what what used. It would all be right there for investigators to provide accurate information on. It IS NOT complicated. Weapons and bullet holes are very easy to identify, even I can do it with limited experience.
    But the narrative keeps changing because people along the way keep messing up the script and there’s confusion on what their part is. Much of it not making any sense whatsoever. Reason being – the script writers are not as smart as they think they are and not everyone knows the whole story. The pieces just don’t fit as intended.
    These clowns are taking America to be a bunch of foolish sheep. Not all of us are. In the end, those that are involved are the true foolish sheep, doing the bidding of the evil one.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    I knew that one woman on the phone was a actress cause that was all wrong, l know because l lost a child years agao and l know what l acted like. And that person on the people is not acting as she should be.

    • Doc

      I am sorry for your loss. I can not…no do not want to imagine that.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    We must not get angry right away over gun control let see where this goes for now, cause other wisw, they will even use germ warfare and let stay calm and wait.

    • Sasquatch

      Ease into the boiling water said the demon to the frog. It’s not so bad just give up your rights little bits at a time. Hitler loved to use the “children” to show what a sensitive person he was. Didn’t the Jews just adore Heimlich Himmler ? No one ever challenged him and the Jews had all their guns taken away. Who had the automatic weapons forcing families to be separated and tortured. ? Their government….the SS !

  • Carol

    I think this entire story of this horrible shooting is a complete and absolute fraud coming directly from the top Barry Soetoro and that is why he was so quick to go there and if I am correct I just want to vomit.

  • grumpy36251

    It was chilling to watch Robbie Parker. That’s when my jaw dropped. I thought that the scene looked too sanitized when the story first broke. Do the media cover the funeral services in any of these mass shootings? It is curious that we have actually not seen any genuine tears in this whole mess. Creepy.

  • Doc

    In your examination of the photo of the family, you may also have noticed that the lower part of Emily’s blouse has been either blurred, or smudged, along with the margin between her blouse and her father’s pant leg. Also, from the photo in your video, is it my imagination, or is she the only one with red-eye?

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Some of you may recall the mini-series from the late 1980’s titled “Amerika” written by Donald Wrye with a recognizable cast including Sam Neil, Kris Kristofferson, and Robert Ulrich. It predicted a near future where the US is occupied by UN forces (principally Soviets and East Germans who dominated the UN). One of the first acts of the occupiers was the confiscation of citizen weapons and the relocation of potential trouble makers to camps for “re-education” and torture.

    I recommend watching the entire program, but it is over 10 hours long. Here is a YouTube link covering the final segment of the mini-series.- just over 1 hour in length.

  • Average Joe

    As fire cheif in the local VFD Video on here s right The first thing you have to have is area controle. Look at the areal veiw just how is an ambulance supposed get thru that? And for that matter why is there only 1 ambulance. We had A major fire in town we call ambulance from 25 miles out and in the end we only needed 4. With more than 20 victems they only needed one and it was HOPELESSLY mired in traffic.

  • G I Granny

    I believe the massacre actually took place, unfortunately is the children who are the victims of this horrible tragedy. Yes, I smell a skunk/rat/weasel, all the way up to the WH!

  • Lorna Doone

    State of CT seals records on Sandy Hook shooting but why? What are they hiding from public?

  • Stealth

    About 16…17 hours AFTER the Sandy Hook ‘shootings’.. I noticed that the POLICE ‘found’ the Bushmaster locked in the trunk??! THAT told me….ahhh something NOT RIGHT here!

    • COTom

      Seeing the police clear the the firearm in the trunk, is the way to clear a shotgun – not a Bushmaster.

      • Stealth

        What your all forgetting…is that our local station here, showed a video of a cop LIFTING the Bushmaster out of the trunk and holding it aloft… By the way, I used M-15/16’s probably before you were born, am a Firearms Instructor and have been around firearms of every sort for nearly 6 decades…. DON’T fall for what the media shows ( you ) AFTER the fact…

  • Frank J. Austin

    we will NEVER know the truth.

  • JUDI

    What a lot of RW conspiracy BS!!!!!

    • eddie sessum

      Your a LW sheeple. Go get another cup of Kool Aid. I will question the government until im satisfied!

  • tod

    More New World Order false flag tactics !!! There just not good at it. Until we demand fair and unbiased Media ,were just going lead to slaughter .

  • Paul Metcalf

    Does anybody find it odd the way the officer is working the action of the so called Bushmaster AR-15, this is not how the action works on an AR-15, what he is working or ejecting is an AK-47 it is not an AR.
    Look real hard at the video and you can see that it is an AK-47.

    • tod

      Wrong it was a shotgun !

  • Paul Metcalf

    Am I the only one that sees this, the gun that the offcer is working the action on is a AK-47 not an AR-15. Just look at the video, if you know how to work an AR-15 you would know that you don’t work an AR the way is working the action on this gun………. look real hard and you will see what I am talking about.

  • Richard Aggen

    Yep, there definitely needs to be an investigation into this! It all seems really fishy to me also.

  • yardbird1947

    Is there any proof that “spin meisters” from Bloomberg”s Mayors Against Gun Violence were on the ground promptly after Sandy Hook?

  • Colin Basye

    Would you please turn the music OFF or way down? I can’t hear half of what is being said on this video. The music is irrelevant to the content or message of the video. Thanks

  • Iain

    You people are all mental! Conspiracy theories, erosion of your rights and precious 2nd ammendment. Twisting the truth dooes not detract from the fact that 26 innocents …children were slaughtered with an army weapon that has nothing to do with ‘home defence’. Shame on you!


    If the leftist can fix the past 2 elections and nobody in the media even mentions it, why not this. When “fast and furious” failed they needed a back up plan. The one person wounded won’t remember a thing. This whole thing is about taking guns away so they can take the next step in controlling Americans. It’s not safe in America for Americans anymore. When a government disarms it’s people, it’s because the government is overthrown. If you know any useful idiots (liberals)………….get rid of them.
    We need to go after the phony elections the same way they are going after guns.
    Don’t be angry with Americans for voting for Obama, they didn’t. He lost the election, big time.

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