Video Shows Stark Contrast Between Hillary and Trump After Orlando Massacre

Quite a contrast. Most of America realizes this is not a gun problem it is an ideology of radicals belonging to the Islamic religion. Sadly the only one speaking out is Donald Trump. He is also the only one facing backlash. What do you think?

By Karen Tumulty for The Washington Post:

Donald Trump:

Immediately after Obama left the White House briefing room, however, GOP nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump tweeted: “Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!”

Hillary Clinton:

“For now, we can say for certain that we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad,” she said. “That means defeating international terror groups, working with allies and partners to go after them wherever they are, countering their attempts to recruit people here and everywhere, and hardening our defenses at home.”

She, too, gave a nod to the need for tighter gun control, saying Orlando “reminds us once more that weapons of war have no place on our streets.”

FULL STORY HERE: The Washington Post


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