Valor Thief Caught Red-Handed At Airport Posing As Army EOD Specialist

On Monday, former combat engineer Christian Palmer caught a valor thief red-handed at the Fresno airport trying to pass as for an Army EOD Specialist. Before Palmer started to record his conversation with the valor thief, he said that he was making claims he was in the EOD. Palmer and a cop both questioned the man. Palmer said: “If you’re EOD, what’s R.E. factor of C4? What’s your MOS?” The poser isn’t able to answer the question off the bat. However, he then explains that he knows that EOD stands for ‘explosive ordinance disposal.’ After further pressure, the man confesses that the uniform isn’t his and belongs to his step son. In addition, the man explains the reason he is in the uniform is because he didn’t have anything to wear.

via ijreview

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