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Ukrainians Protest Communism By Tearing Down Statues of Lenin

Ukrainian protesters tore through towns all over their nation, ripping down statues of Vladimir Lenin, the communist dictator who had forced the Ukrainians under the Russian yoke after the Bolshevik revolution. The Ukrainians drove their corrupt, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich from the capitol of Kiev, while the opposition leader former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison. Amazing images of protesters tearing down the iconic face of socialism V.I. Lenin (also known as Vladimir Ulyanov) erupted into a fury on social media last night.

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  • dibob

    Ukrainians Protest Communism By
    Tearing Down Statues of obama

    • vega388

      Yeah no kidding

  • Foxmuldar

    Are there any statues of Comrad Obama that we can tear down? I do expect at some point all hell is going to break lose if this Socialist is allowed to continue to trample on the Constitution. Somebody got a rope ready?

    • bob machaffy

      yes there is in chicago, a plaque where he met what’s her name, who ever heard of erecting a monument for something that stupid, only someone who thinks his stuff don’t stink

      • suzeeqbl

        Where in Chicago? How disgusting.

        • Josie

          In there neighborhood. Sickening. I only hope taxpayers didn’t pay for it.

      • Carla Rogers Williams

        the sycophants think of everything :/

    • OldRockerguy

      It only took a few days of protesting by the Ukrainian citizens to get their pro-communist president removed from office. We should do the same here very soon. Dictators should be removed before they have the power to have statues of themselves erected.

      • Foxmuldar

        Amen to that.

      • ELKI

        That’s what he is waiting for. To set up Marshall law. Its his dream. We did not push the ineligible issue enough. That’s when we should have protested.

        • raffaelecafagna


        • Josie

          May 16th in DC. Time to do something instead of complaining among ourselves. Be there if you can. We need everyone – hopefully millions to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • ELKI

      There is a live one in the White House

  • HappyG

    If we had an Obama statue, we’d do the same…

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Birds would not even “go” on it. More important matters to handle.

    • Josie

      But first I want to train as many pigeons as possible to crap and pee all over it.

    • ELKI

      obama statue will be in a coffin

  • dibob

    this is what we should to obama in the USA

    • Chardonite

      Our chance is coming in May!

  • HappyG

    I believe the Kenyans already tore down their native son Obama’s…

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Lenin was the initial cause of millions dying and millions in prison camps as the disease of communism grew for the next seventy years. But the seeds are sprouting and freedom is being re-born.

    • DSmith6605

      While our freedom in America is being taken away by the liberal communist rats what are we waiting for.

      • Josie

        May 16th in DC. Be there if you can and tell your friends, family and post it on as many message boards as possible. We need millions to stand and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We don’t wan’t a government take over by Communist thugs. Leave or suffer a citizens arrest!

  • pineapple

    Freedom is deserved by those who are willing to fight and die for it.

    • Josie

      May 16th in DC. Either they leave office or we do a citizens arrests.

  • Dead_Right

    Just think in a few decades we will be knocking down obama statues everywhere!

    • Chardonite

      Don’t even give Obama any more opportunity.
      Join the march on Washington on MAY 16.

  • artarlo1


  • WhiteFalcon

    Those people are doing their best to throw off the tyranny of comminism while our great “leaders” are doing their best to force the same tyranny on us. It doesn’t seem far off that we should be doing the same as they are. We need to clean house in DC and get rid of unions and a large part of the Government. I would hate to see it come to that, but I can see it in the not to distant future if things don’t start turning back into the right direction.

    • Josie

      May 16th in DC. Either they leave office or we do citizen arrests.

  • UpLateAgain

    They’re just NOW getting around to tear down Lenin statues? That should have been done 20 years ago!

    • ELKI

      So how long will it take Americans to wake up

  • UpLateAgain

    So far I’m not yet aware of anyone erecting any statues of Obama for us to tear down. But if they do…. it won’t take twenty years ( like it has been since the end of Communism in eastern Europe) of sitting around for it happen.

  • jerimiah69

    They should have sent the statue of Lenin to Ocrapa and his liberal friends. I am sure they would appreciate having it..


    Why did they destroy statues of Lenin? Many U.S. politicians and others would have paid top hryvna.

  • jerimiah69

    Chicago would be a good location to place the statue.

  • agbjr

    When in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was read to the citizens of New York City they toppled the bronze and lead statue of King George in Bowling Green, cut off the gilded crowns topping the fence around it, and melted both statue and crowns into musket balls for the Continental Army. I sincerely hope the citizens of Ukraine do the same with the cast metal statues they’re pulling down. Send Lenin back to the communists as Americans sent King George back to British troops: as bullets for freedom!

  • The_American_Way

    Unfortunately the liberal progressives here in this country are too STUPID to get the fact that socialism/communism does not work. Obama was raised by a couple o communists and it was drummed into his head. While Obama will not admit it, he is pushing the country more and more away from the free enterprise capitalistic economic system and toward socialism. Obamacare is exhibit “A”.

    Winston Churchill was exactly right when he said; ” Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    • ELKI

      You are absolutely right. But why on earth could we not find a real American. His ID and character were hidden from us by the media, and people in washington. The man has never ever denied he was Born in Kenya, he NEVER Said or Spoke the words that he was born in Hawaii. He let the paper and the media do his lying. I did not fall for it. But my vote did not count.

  • beeonebob

    I’d like to see a statue of Comrade O’Bozo… covered in pigeon poop…

    • Chardonite

      Why Pigeon,let it be human.

  • suzeeqbl

    Are we seeing a preview of what our country is coming too? Dumb people are inviting this in because they think they are getting a freebee. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You always pay in the end.

  • Macjamm

    Pretty soon our Commie-Lib-Demoncrats will be erecting statues of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Obama, all together holding hands, And then they will make Laws that you must show reverence when passing by or viewing them.. Just wait you will see,, That is unless we get together and stop this Globalist Commie movement thing before its to late… By we i mean real Conservatives, Real Republicans, Conservative Libertarians, The Tea Party and Conservative Independents, then we have a really good chance at beating the Moron Liberal hoards…

  • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

    Good for them!. Lenin brought only pain, misery, hardships and subbjugation to the Russians. And now, we’ve got Obama to deal with! A never ending plight, ain’t it?
    DOWN with him too!!!!!!

  • Tonto

    At least we ain’t been Obamanated enough to have statues to our soviet fake. That pig, Obama, has another 3 years to try to do at least ONE THING that is successful. So far, he’s been an unmitigated failure….unless, of course, all his failures were planned to be failures, expensive ones at that, and in that case, Obama has been a stunning success. Let’s get rid of these commie pukes anyway.

    • Frank Zappa

      The only thing Obonzo has done that has been a success is bringing Billions of dollars to the gun manufactures in this country because people are waking up and realizing that we are in “Deep Shift.” Otherwise he is a failure first class and 1 star, likely less…..Ya PIG Slop would be better than this ASSH*LE.

  • Luke

    Why are there any statues to that monster still in existence? He was responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people. We can only hope that he is roasting nicely for all eternity.

  • SpecialOperationsExecutive

    Why not give the FULL story? These thugs also tore down statues of WW2 soldiers who fought against the Nazis!
    What business does US have with Ukraine?
    6 months ago nobody heard of Ukraine, let alone even knew the capital city Kiev.
    And then all of a sudden the duly elected President is a dictator?
    He only became a dictator when he signed up with Russia’s power grid & not EU.
    There is hardly any difference between Russian & Ukrainian language – mutually intelligible. Only difference is alphabet – Russian has 24 characters, Ukrainian 36.
    Ukraine has closer historical, cultural, religious & language ties with Russia than with EU.
    This was a coup engineered by the EU with complicity from Obama.
    If Ukraine becomes a member of the bankrupt EU they will then have to adopt all its’ laws – they can expect to be over-run by Moslem invaders.
    USA – BUTT OUT of Ukraine – it has nothing to do with you and never did!

    • agbjr

      Anyone over forty with a high school diploma learned about Ukraine and knows the capital city is Kiev. The proximity to Russia does not automatically make the Ukrainian people sympathetic to Moscow and a government that starved millions of Ukrainians between 1920 and 1940, forced millions of Ukrainians into slave labor, and branded criminal any person displaying nationalist pride of Ukraine. The Cyrillic alphabet is not particular only to Russia and Ukraine; it is the official alphabet of nearly a dozen countries and languages. As for Orthodox Christianity it, too, is widespread beyond Russia and Ukraine.

      Currently the United States has a supposedly “duly elected” president but he is fast proving himself a dictator-in-training.

      • G W

        Good post. During WW2 Ukraine suffered as much as any country losing 25% of their population to the Nazis and Stalin. In fact had Hitler not been so brutal with the Ukrainians, they would have fought against the USSR but this was not the case. Furthermore Kiev was founded by Swedish Vikings not Russians, and Ukraine was once part of Greater Poland. All of Europe is a mixed bag of nationalities but Ukrainians are definitely not Russians any more than Poles or Lithuanians are.

    • Frank Zappa

      Unfortunately we have a “Dictator N’ Chief who is by no means a warrior nor is he a General, but he IS a Saber rattling “Paper Tiger.” This is nothing short a “Syria” Re Run with No substance. Obonzo is a failure in foreign policy, and besides “Vladimir Poontan6” would Nuke the liar n’ chief for being more of a Moron than he already is.

  • Reverend Joe Ruyle

    Meanwhile, In America, liberals protest the nations founding by tearing down the entire country!

  • David S. McQueen

    Good show, Ukrainians! Americans should wise up and protest Obama.

    • Frank Zappa

      Amen Brother……Amen

  • vega388

    I went to the Ukraine a few years back and talked to some of the people and they even hate having to live so close to Russia. Russia has been trying to get their hands back on the Ukraine for a long time but it’s not going to happen without a huge fight. See they got a taste of freedom and they are not going back.

  • Frank Zappa

    Like MOST Communist countries we have pictures of the Liar N’ Chief in ALL of our “Federal Building’s.” Comrade Obama Needs to go
    Like the commercial says: Where’s that fella from? New York City…..Get a rope!

  • Frank Zappa

    A Former Indonesian president did exactly what Obonzo is doing right now in this country. Indonesia a place where Muslims rule…..80 to 90 % of this country, so Obonzo learned well while growing up in Indonesia….or was that Hawaii….Kenya…Oh it was Hawaii Kenya a new country. This was the 60th Sate in the Union he was referring to. Now I get it.

  • MC

    The Ukraine has the right idea. Too bad our country is going toward being governed by the present Administration police state. It’s not far from the federal govt. changing our flag from the stars & stripes to the hammer-cycle & stripes. Our president seems to support a system of Fascism.
    I pray that things are not so bad to restore liberty & freedom. Too much federal regulation and control has stifled our country’s once booming economy. The feds controlling our healthcare nails maximum control over our lives.
    I wouldn’t be surprised that the govt. replaces the statue of liberty’s torch with the icon of the hammer & cycle. Suppression & repression in this once great country is gaining momentum daily. This is what happens to a country in decline. Goodbye Americas’ Liberty!

  • Josie

    This reminds of the early videos that came out of the Iraq war when they toppled statues of Sadam H. Let’s hope the Ukranians have a much better story to tell in future years. Good luck Ukrainians we praying for you.

  • Ksusha Murina

    если бы энергия была направлена на созидание, а не на разрушение, было бы больше толку.

  • G W

    The socialist-democratic party here in the USA should take notice to what is happening to communism around the world instead of attempting to “socialize America” under the banner of Progressive. The American people need to wake up and rise up against our own communist czars.

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