Did Trump Just Find the Perfect Attack to Use Against Hillary Clinton?

Is Trump watching and listening on this subject? If he [Trump] could harness this and stay the course, he could make this one of the most important targets of his campaign. Hillary’s health.

Is it all fair game to discuss health and health records of presidential candidates? Of course it is. Why are we even asking this question? Putting that aside, Hillary’s health should be the focal point and main driving force when out on the campaign trail.

Trump has said Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina” to deal with ISIS; that she “gives a short speech, then she goes home, goes to sleep”; and that she “takes a lot of weekends off.” He needs to stay on this message.

Why was former presidential nominee John McCain put through the ringer over his ten year old past health issues and Hillary is not fair game? How about Bob Dole, George W. Bush? It seems that the democrats want to scrutinize but do not want to allow their candidates to be put under the same microscope.

Watch the video below for the discussion between Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly and Mo Elleithee former traveling press secretary for Hillary in 2008.



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