Trey Gowdy Grills Secret Service Director Over White House Security Breaches

There are few pure pleasures in life. Taking a long stroll down the beach at sunset, the waves lapping at your toes while little squiggles of seaweed massage your tired feet. Downing a tall frosty mug of tap beer after a full work-day spent pounding the pavement on a road construction site. Listening to Trey Gowdy simply grill some hapless bureaucrat who just had a really bad day and somehow found herself in the crosshairs of Congressional testimony. Ahhh, it doesn’t get much better than this. Such was the case on Tuesday when Congressman Gowdy confronted Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, whose unenviable task it was to inform the nation that an attack on the White House in 2011 was only discovered three-to-four days later… by a housekeeper. Congressman Gowdy just goes ahead and puts the Secret Service Director on the spot:

Is that true, did a housekeeper find evidence of the shooting and your agents did not?

UPDATE: The announcement just came over the wire that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned.

From CNBC (via Associated Press):

Pierson has been under pressure since it came to light that a fence-jumper had made it further into the White House than previously reported. At a congressional hearing on Tuesday, she admitted that there had been mistakes in the execution of the agency’s “security plan.”
After the testimony, High-ranking lawmakers from both parties urged Pierson to resign.

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