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Trey Gowdy Grills Secret Service Director When He Refuses To Provide Evidence Of Drunken Agents

Rep. Trey Gowdy really goes after this Secret Service Director on getting the video tapes of the recent Secret Service officer’s wreck so that Congress can have oversight. But the Director isn’t willing to give Congress a copy and Gowdy wants to know why.

Secret Service agents allegedly driving drunk in their government SUV hit a barricade near the White House, within a few feet of a suspected bomb, as you can now see in the newly released video below. The police surveillance footage, revealed for the first time Tuesday, shows the two high-ranking agents driving through the secured area and nudging a temporary barrier at low speed as it drove toward a checkpoint. The off-duty agents were “both extremely intoxicated” and were returning from a retirement party for a colleague, according to the House Oversight Committee, which watched the video during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

via TheRightScoop and NYDailyNews

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